Lose Yourself in the Excitement Found on a Private Tour of Louisiana

To lose yourself, is very easy, in all the excitement, history and festivals that you can find on a private tour of Louisiana.

Louisiana is a state in the south-east of the United States of America on the Gulf of Mexico. It is a state that is known by a few names such as ‘Bayou State’, ‘Creole State’, ‘Sugar State’, ‘ Pelican State’, ‘Child of Mississippi’, ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’ and ‘The Boot’.

When you visit this State, you are met with a destination that is rich in French, African, French Canadian and American cultures. The history is fascinating in all these cultures and there are many places to learn all about them through museums, culture centres and by just being around the locals.

Interestingly the cities in Louisiana are not called cities but ‘Parishes’. The most popular ‘parishes’ to visit are New Orleans and Baton Rouge. New Orleans is the largest ‘parish’ and everyone in the world has heard of the famous Mardi Gras festival that is held here!  Read More...

Take the Most Amazing Guided Tour of New Orleans French Quarter in Louisiana

Lose Yourself in the Excitement Found on a Private Tour of Louisiana

A good time to visit this state is when the Mardi Gras is on and you can have an experience like no other and while you are there, take the most amazing guided tour of the French Quarter.

Baton Rouge is the capital ‘city’ of Louisiana. One of the popular sights is the Louisiana State Capitol as it is the tallest Capitol Building in the United States and has fantastic views from the observation deck.

We cannot talk about Louisiana and not mention Food. The mix of taste bud tingling cuisine is something else and did you know that it was in this state that Tabasco sauce was born.

So, in short, Louisiana has amazing sights, thrilling activities, shop till you drop shopping, mouthwatering restaurants and very entertaining nightlife.

Top 10 Things to Do in Louisiana

The French Quarter - New Orleans
1 Take a guided tour of  New Orleans the French Quarter which is also referred to as Vieux Carre. It is the oldest neighbourhood to be found in the city. See the lovely 300-year-old buildings that still have the iron balconies that hang out over the sidewalk. This quarter is also strongly associated with Jazz music and the best jazz festival in the world is held here every year. The restaurants are out of this world.
Old State Capitol - Baton Rouge
2 An absorbing place to visit on a guided tour is the Old State Capitol which is found in the city of Baton Rouge. The architecture is of the Gothic- Revival style and is stunning. It certainly is dramatic. There are two rather tall towers flanking the main entrance and the roof has the same look as a medieval castle. Inside you will find the political museums with all displays pertaining to Louisiana.
The National WWII Museum - New Orleans
3 On a guided tour visit the National WWII Museum, once known as the D-Day Museum, which is located in New Orleans. When you are here, you will learn the history of the American Experience in the war that effected the world. This museum is huge; there are five vast buildings that are home to historical exhibits, a period dinner theatre, an on-site restoration section and restaurants. This museum is very enjoyable.
USS Kidd and Veterans Memorial
4 For a guided tour of a museum that is a little different, visit the USS Kidd and Veterans Memorial that is found in Baton Rouge. The USS Kidd is a Fletcher-class destroyer and was the very first ship to be named after the Rear Admiral Isaac C Kidd in the US Navy. He died during the attack onPearl Harbour. There is lots of interesting memorabilia and nautical items to be seen when you climb aboard.  
Oak Alley Plantation - Vacherie
5 Enjoy a lovely sightseeing tour of Oak Alley Plantation which is located in the community of Vacherie. It is a historic plantation that is 175 years old and has been many things but is now dedicated to preserving its history. On the guided tour you will see exhibits that are reconstructions of the slave quarters, the original blacksmith shop or walk the 300-year-old oak tree lined walkway before dining on local Cajun or Creole food.  
Vermilionville - LaFayette
6 The best museum in our opinion are the living museums and the one founding LaFayette, Vermilionville, is an excellent one to go on a guided tour of. This living museum and folklife park is all about telling the history of the daily life of Acadian, Creole and Native Americans from the years 1765 to 1890. Visit the local artisans and you will see demonstrations on how craft making was done by early settlers.  
Louisiana State Capitol - Baton Rouge
7 The State Capitol building of Louisiana is located in Baton Rouge and is the tallest Capitol building in the U.S. The main tower part of the building has 34 floors and stands 450 feet high. There is an observation viewing deck on the 27th floor that offers fantastic views of Baton Rouge which is even lovelier at nighttime. The building was the dream of Governor Huey P. Long in 1932 and it was also the place of his assassination in 1935.  
Biedenharn Museum and Gardens - Monroe
8 On a sightseeing tour of Biedenham Museum and Gardens you will learn all about Coca-Cola because it was Joseph A Biedenham and his brother who had the idea to put coca cola into a bottle so everyone can enjoy it all over America. So the coke museum is fascinating with lots of memorabilia to see. The botanical gardens are exceptional too and you can spend a lot of time enjoying its peacefulness and tranquillity.
Jean Lafitte National Historic Park
9   Another exciting place to take a sightseeing tour is to Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. It is referred to as the treasure trove of southern Louisiana’s historical and cultural riches. You can learn Cajun traditions from people who live their lives by them or watch an alligator as it prowls the banks of the Bayou. There is a lot of interesting ways to learn the history and traditional of many cultures here.
St. Louis Cathedral - New Orleans
10 When you are on a city tour of New Orleans, take a look at the beautiful Cathedral-Basilica of Sanit Louis, King of France casually known as St Louis Cathedral. It is the oldest cathedral found in the United States and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans. The cathedral is of a very beautiful design and at night, under the floodlights, the statue of St. Anthony with his arms outstretched is an imposing sight.  

Travel Tips for Louisiana

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