On a Private Tour of Venice, Sail the Velvety Venetian Canals by Gondola

On a private tour of Venice, sailing the velvety Venetian canals by Gondola is the obvious and 'must' thing to do in this fantastic city.

Located on the northeastern coast of Italy, Venice is one of the top cities in Italy chosen by those seeking to experience all the beauty and history of Italy.

Imagine going on a romantic gondola ride through the winding canals of this unique city. Or walking through the catacombs of mysterious alleyways discovering the secrets of the city.
Venice has 118 islands of land that are connected by over 400 footbridges over the city’s 150 canals, a magical sight.

To find a non-tourist area, in a place like Venice may seem like a mission impossible since it is invaded daily by tourists who visit appreciating the charm and character found here. However, if you look hard enough, there are great places that the residents go to, probably to get a little break from tourists! It is here you get to enjoy food and laughter with the very friendly locals.   Read More...

Perfect Private Gondola Tours on the Grand Canal in Venice

On a Private Tour of Venice, Sail the Velvety Venetian Canals by Gondola

While most of the visitors concentrate on classic things to do such as Piazza San Marco and its Basilica, Doge's Palace, the Rialto Bridge, there are other extraordinary places to visit and no more unique way than on the water by taking a Gondola tour on the Grand Canal. 

On sightseeing walking and water tours you will visit places such as the Gallerie dell'Accademia, Scuola Grande di San Rocco or the Chiesa Dei Frari where you discover magnificent works of art and fine buildings, that tell the true story of Venice. You can take custom designed private Venice Tours to enjoy the many attractions in this great city also.

Regarded as the most romantic city in the world, it is not surprising when you are here, with fantastic restaurants for candlelit dinners and then ending the night on a Gondola sailing under the bright stars and glowing moon.

Top Ten Must Do Tours in Venice

Venice Gondola Ride
1 Italy’s famous Floating City Venice sits on a network of 26 beautifully situated canals. There are no cars allowed on the winding, Renaissance-era streets, so exploring the city by the water is the best and unique way to tour and explore the city. The mythic cobbled Old City viewed from the water on a gondola ride is unforgettable, and a must do when visiting Venice.   
Venice Walking Tours
2 Venice Walking Tours will take you to explore the hidden corners of the city with a local guide and have the benefit of their local knowledge. Strolling along with a small group or on a private tour to the city square of Campo Santa Margherita and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco is fantastic. Walk over the famous Rialto Bridge as you make your way to  St. Marc's Square a must do tour.
The Grand Canal Venice City Tour
3 The Grand Canal City tour runs through central Venice for over four kilometres by dividing into two parts. If you want to look and admire the city from a different point of view, take a custom private Venice tour of the Grand Canal. As the boat moves slowly towards Piazza San Marco, passing beautiful historic buildings and going under creative bridges, you can understand why Venice has always been one of the most favourite cities in the world.

Saint Mark’s Basilica Tour
4 Take a guided tour to see St. Mark’s Basilica which is the most famous of Venice’s churches. It is a fine example of Byzantine architecture and situated off the Grand Canal and overlooks Piazza San Marco. See the oldest exterior mosaic in the world, whose subject is ‘ The Translation of the Body of St. Mark’ or the free-standing columns finely carved in Byzantine style and many other magnificent treasures. It is a great place to visit.
Private Boat Tour of Murano, Burano & Torcello Islands
5 Journey around the Venetian lagoon, enjoying breathtaking views over the St. Mark's Basin to the Burano and Torcello Islands. The first stop of the tour will be Murano Island the island of Burano, famous for its colourful houses and peaceful atmospheres. The last stop of the tour will be the quiet and green island of Torcello, a little island suspended between mystical tales and the ruins of a glorious past not many people are aware of.    
Venice Afternoon Tour & Gondola Ride
6 This tour will take you to the Calli region with a professional tour guide around the heart of Venice City. Then as you travel through Venice, it's onto St. Mark’s Square and visits the Doge’s Palace. Then enter the majestic Golden Basilica and admire the beautiful golden mosaics and the marble inlay floor and artworks. End your private afternoon day tour with a beautiful and charming shared Gondola ride through the Venetian Canals.
Bridge of Sighs Group Venice Walking Tour
7 Another impressive bridge in the city of Venice that is very popular especially on Venice Walking Tours. Its curved structure is suspended over the Rio di Palazzo and a notorious trademark in the city. It is a symbol of romance with many couples taking a private tour by gondola down the narrow canal looking up at this beautiful covered bridge. The emblem on the bridge shows it was built between the 16th and 17th century.
Ghosts & Legends of Venice on an Evening Walking Tour
8 This evening Venice tour will take you along an unusual walk after dark. Off the beaten track and delve into some of the most suggestive corners of Venice, listening to tales and legends about its present and past. See how a city completely changes from day and night. This tour is the right opportunity to explore Venice as you would never expect to, discovering its beauty and charm and secrets on this Venice City night Legends tour.
Venice National Archaeological Museum Tour
9 Take a guided tour of the National Archaeological Museum which was established in 1523 and located on the Piazzo San Marco. It is not surprising that since 1523 it has gathered a number objects with many things being donated by wealthy Venetian families. There are displays of marbles, ceramics, coins and loads more from Neolithic to Roan age with rooms that are dedicated to Roman portraits in marble.
Venice Rialto Bridge Walking Tour
10 While on a Venice city tour, stroll over Rialto Bridge which is the most famous and oldest of all bridges in Venice. It spans across the Grand Canal and was originally a simple bridge of boats, then a wooden bridge before becoming the stone arch bridge that took three years to contract and finally finished in 1591, It is one the most visited tourist attractions in Venice and a must see on all City tours.

Travel Tips for Venice

Let the activities begin!
Historical Heart of Venice Afternoon Tour with Gondola Ride
112 reviews

Enjoy an outdoor visit walking among the most important places in Venice. Enter the two city symbols: the Doge’s Palace and the Basilica. Then experience a gondola tour

659 customer recommendations
3 hours Venice
Half Day Private Boat Tour of the Islands Murano, Burano and Torcello
75 reviews

Enjoy a half-day private boat tour to discover the marvels of the lagoon surrounding Venice: Glass Island of Murano, Fishermen Island of Burano and Eternal Island of Torcello

334 customer recommendations
4 hours Venice
Morning Walking Tour of Venice
68 reviews

An unforgettable morning walk among history and beauty, the best way to discover Venice and its famous sites, as well its hidden gems

239 customer recommendations
1 to 2 hours Venice
Venice Grand Canal Private Boat Tour
66 reviews

Enjoy a private boat tour to discover Venice, admiring it from the Grand Canal, the most spectacular and main canal of Venice.

318 customer recommendations
1 hours Venice
Ghosts & Legends of Venice on an Evening Walking Tour
38 reviews

An unusual walk to delve into the secrets of Venice... after sunset. Listen to tales and legends about the present and past of Venice once the sun goes down!

96 customer recommendations
1 to 2 hours Venice
Venice Tour for Families with St. Mark’s Basilica
21 reviews

Venice Tour for Families: meet our kids-oriented guide for a 2 hours private tour of Venice the whole family will enjoy!

97 customer recommendations
2 hours Venice
Mysterious Night Time Tour, Venice
20 reviews

A qualified guide will take you around the hidden corners and mysterious places in Venice. This walk through the night learning the legends and stories of this magic town.

129 customer recommendations
2 to 3 hours Venice
Enjoy a 30 Minute Gondola Experience in Venice
20 reviews

Slide among centuries of history and picturesque views on a traditional Venetian gondola, an experience you are hardly going to forget

364 customer recommendations
30 minutes Venice
Doges Palace & St. Marks Skip the Line Venice Tour
16 reviews

A skip-the-line tour to enjoy to the full the grandeur of Venice still shining through its symbols: the Doge's Palace and the St. Mark's Basilica

101 customer recommendations
2 to 3 hours Venice
Tour of Venice and St Mark’s Church
11 reviews

Book your Tour of Venice and St Mark’s to visit the heart of Venice with its impressive St. Mark’s Square, Doge Palace, Bridge of Sighs and Basilica of St. Mark

18 customer recommendations
2 hours Venice
Absolute Venice Includes Skip the Line Walking Tours
10 reviews

A full immersion into Venice and its everlasting symbols: The Doge's Palace, the Basilica of St Mark and a beautiful walking tour

57 customer recommendations
4 hours Venice
The Venetian Aperitif - Traditional Food & Wine Experience in Venice
10 reviews

Get ready to lose yourself in unexpected delights and the real side of Venice, with a guided tour of Venice while tasting its traditional “cichetti” (snacks) and wine.

65 customer recommendations
1 to 2 hours Venice
Gems of the Lagoon: Murano & Burano Islands Boat Tour from Venice
9 reviews

A half day tour by motorboat to discover just some of the marvels of the lagoon surrounding Venice: Murano and Burano islands.

123 customer recommendations
4 hours Venice
Deep Into Venice Morning Walking Tour & Gondola Ride
8 reviews

A walking tour and gondola ride to get right to the deepest heart of Venice and admire it by foot and from the water all the spectacular sights and areas

60 customer recommendations
2 to 3 hours Venice
Relax on a Gondola Ride and a Walking Tour to Discover Venice
8 reviews

An unforgettable journey among history and beauty, the best way to discover Venice through a combination of walking tour and gondola ride

87 customer recommendations
2 hours Venice