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We at the private tour team are a happy bunch and we love to travel far and wide around the globe, therefore we have a wealth of experience regarding travel worldwide..

Are you Fed up of being one of the crowd ? Tired of sharing a tour with a bunch of people you don't know.....Why dont we take you away on a Private tour. Just Think you can plan your trip at your own pace with a lot more freedom and flexibility, you can then discuss with our various Tour agencies to design a tailor made tour just for you !

With a private tour this will allow you to see the country through the eyes of a local guide and experience the local culture and history with passion.

Come along with privatetour.com and discover the most amazing destinations that you have always dreamed of visiting..

@privatetour.com we can make your dreams come true..

All the tour companies that advertise with Private Tour have all been checked to ensure they are complying with that countries rules & regulations. At Private tour our website is very user friendly and easy to manoeuvre to give you the chance to design your holiday needs.

As a team we are committed to ensuring your Holiday goes to plan, whilst the tour agencies ensure your holiday is the best you will ever have !!

Professional Tour Guides

Connecting you to Guides Worldwide...

Private Tour gives you the flexibility to have your own itinerary with a local professional tour guide with a passion for the country you will be visiting. So why not book your own Private Tour Guide today !

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Travel is Priceless...

To Keep costs as low as possible We charge NO commission from our Tour agencies.. yes you read that correctly NO commission !! We want you to be able to afford the holiday of your dreams whatever your budget !

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All reviews are verified by us before being posted , no bogus reviews on Private Tour ! Our clients reviews are a fabulous way to see the country through others eyes and help you decide which destination to choose.

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Contact us anytime for a chat, or email us any queries you may have whether your a guest or a Tour agency we are always here for you.

Certified agencies

For your safety and our conscience

We take our job very seriously, and to be sure we always ask for the Tour agencies certificate of licences, to ensure the legal and operational stature of each of them to ensure your safety..

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Our website is very friendly to use , you have easy access to destinations world wide and direct links to all our tour agencies and private tour guides. come on in and start clicking.