Guided Private Tours of the Wonderful Wilderness in Serengeti

A Guided Private Tours of the Wonderful Wilderness in Serengeti is a must. 

It is in Serengeti that you will find the largest mammal migration in the world with approximately 2 million wildlife creatures  and because of this, it has become one of the ‘seven natural wonders of all Africa’ and one of the ‘ten natural travel wonders of the world.’  

The migration is so enormous; it has been seen from space by astronauts, and satellite images prove this. There is, of course, the National Park but there are also several famous game reserves to see by guided tours.

Serengeti has lots of diverse habitats such as swamps, grasslands and woodland and this is the reason why it has so many different animals in the area. 

There are at least 70 large mammals, Buffalos, Gazelles, Zebras and Blue Wildebeests are just a few and over 500 bird species with some rare, exotic and almost distinct nature. This area is the best place or at least one of the best places to observe lion pride as it has the largest population of lions.    Read More...

Serengeti Night Time Game Drive by Private Tour

Guided Private Tours of the Wonderful Wilderness in Serengeti

With numerous Safari guided private tours going daily to Serengeti National Park, you are not restricted to any particular day to go on safari there. 

Nor are you limited to just safari as there are plenty of other places to go and see. 

You can go to visit the local people of the Maasai Culture in their village, travel to the Lakes or Hot Springs or visit the museums full of art and artefacts from Africa, all on a sightseeing tour. 

An excellent area of Tanzania to explore and learn, with the view of the largest mountain in Africa always there to be admired and looked at in awe.

Top 10 Things to Do in Serengeti

Travel Tips for Serengeti

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