Go Wild in Sunflower City on Kansas Guided Tours of the Wild Wild West

Explore the Wild West with Kansas guided tours visiting The Cowboys at Boot Hill Museum. Take a stroll through the streets, mixing with the locals in their traditional costumes of the Wild West.

The sightseeing tours Kansas offer include the former home and resting place of the 34th president of the U.S.A., D. Eisenhower and the Kansas World War I museum, that displays many artifacts, found from the war.

Check out the salt museum with displays of crystal that are over 250 years old while taking in Kansas walking tours of the museum that is situated 65 stories below ground.

On Kansas city tours, see some of the 20 beautiful and stunning botanic garden, which are stretched over 20 acres. Visit the Kansas zoo, watching penguins swimming and sunbathing in the sun or the meerkats looking for your attention.

Take flight at the Kansas space museum.The only centre in the world, capturing the race to the moon, along with displays of Apollo 13.

Let the activities begin!
Boot Hill Museum
1 Kansas guided tours of Boot Hill Museum, Americans Wild West is a must. The name comes from the town's cemetery, for cowboys. As you walk along the recreated streets you come across people in western clothes. The museum has on display 60,000 items keeping within the time of the era including many black and white photos dating back 100s of years, firearms, clothing and personal items from past presidents.  
Dorothy’s House
2 Dorothy's the  Wizard of Oz house should be seen on sightseeing tours Kansas. Inside the house is the family chamber pot, Aunt Em's “hair jar” and Dorothy's bedroom where it all started. Skipping down the yellow brick road, come to a warehouse, inside the road continues with displays of key items from the film, the Emerald city, wizard chambers and the model house that was used in the tornado scene of the film
Salt Museum
3 Be intrigued on Kansas guided tours of the underground Salt Museum which is located 65 stories below ground in the city of Hutchinson. The massive salt mine has salt veins stretching from Kansas to New Mexico. This museum stores a salt crystal that is over 250 million years old, government records, some of Hollywood's masterpiece films and master prints of Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz.  
Sea Life Kansas
4 Sea Life Kansas offers fun for all the family when on Kansas city tours seeing more than 5,000 sea creatures such as sharks octopus and piranha. Walk through the underwater tunnels coming face to face with the Rays and sharks as they swim around you or interacting with crabs and touching starfishes in the interactive touching pool. All-night tours in the aquarium where you can sleep with the sharks in the tunnels.  
Kansas Space Centre Museum
5 The most surprising sight in Kansas is the fantastic Space Museum. It's the best museum on the planet for capturing the race to the moon, displaying many U.S. artefacts, including the command module of the Apollo 13. It has the most extensive collections of Russian artefacts that are outside of Moscow. The museum is regularly called on to build props for Hollywood movies portraying the space race.
The Big Well
6 Enjoy Kansas walking tours to the Big Well. It is the world's largest hand-dug well. The first spade hit the ground August 1887 and took almost two years to complete to the depth of 109 ft and 32 ft wide. In 1939 a new well was dug, and this well stopped running. Down the winding staircase is the museum, showcasing the space wanders weighing in at 1,000 pounds discovered in 1949.    
Dwight D Eisenhower Library and Museum
7 Take Kansas guided tours of the childhood home of the former 34th President, Eisenhower, and his final resting place. The Eisenhower home has been preserved since 1940 after the death of his mother with five galleries in the museum portraying Eisenhower's life from childhood through to his retirement years. One of the galleries is dedicated to the much loved First Ladies Mamie Eisenhower.
National World War Museum and Memorial
8 See Americas only National World War I Museum and Memorial on Kansas guided tours, This national museum is dedicated to understanding and interpreting the stories of the Great War as seen through the eyes of those who lived It. The National Museum has the most diverse collection of World War I artefacts and documents in the world. This is a very interesting tour.  
Botanic, Wichita Gardens
9 With over two dozen themed gardens spread over 20 acres. Enjoy Kansas walking tours of the stunning gardens holding over 3,600 different species of plants observing the many sculptures, fountains, streams and waterfalls dotted around the gardens. Explore the picturesque butterfly gardens containing a sizeable indoor butterfly house, a tropical greenhouse along with another 15 gardens.
Kansas City Zoo
10 Enjoy Kansas guided tours of the Kansas City Zoo. It houses over 1,700 animals like penguins never seen before. See the king penguins and Gentoo swimming in 100,000 gallons of water or sunbathing in the sun. Visit the polar bears, or interact with the orange apes. Walk with the mob of kangaroos and the meerkats. Take the train of the park to Africa for bird eye views of the rhinos, zebras and the giraffes.  

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