Step Back in Time to Discover Ruins & Romance on Rome Private Tours

See haunting and historic ruins and step back in time to discover the romance and history on Rome private tours, explore and enjoy this stunning ancient city. Discover the mix of vibrant street life, antiques from the Christian Faith are at every turn on your guided private tours of Rome. Italy's capital is classed as one of the worlds most inspiring and popular destinations to visit.

 It was just a dream for me after finishing 39 Episodes of Spartacus in 3 weeks to find my self in Rome. Joining a big group to explore the city was a big mistake, I didn't actually know what I was expecting.

After making an on the spot decision in a short time to book and come to Rome, I was not planning to meet Spartacus and Crixus, but a girl can dream. I decided to stay an extra week in Rome and do everything recommended with a Rome private tour guide, all I can say If you really want to see the haunting ruins, vibrant street life and smell the 3000 years of history to you must definitely book private tours of Rome. Helena Tye   Read More...

Explore Greatest Highlights & Hidden Secrets on Guided Rome Private Tours

Step Back in Time to Discover Ruins & Romance on Rome Private Tours

When you are deciding where to go and what to see and do on any holiday, it can be challenging but with so many best private day tours from Rome available for you, make sure to try to see as much as possible in a short time. You can visit the ruins of Pompeii, or drive along The Amalfi Coast on a private tour. You may also want to see the ethereal light on the Tuscan hills on a day sightseeing tour from Rome and do not miss a visit to the magical and romantic island of Capri on a full day trip from Rome.

With so many sites to see in Italy's most famous city, the only effortless way to get a complete picture and experience of the Eternal City is to pick any one of the best private tours Rome has to offer. We definitely recommend you to choose the skip the line Rome private tours book early in the high season as it is guaranteed to be very crowded.

While enjoying your day tours in Rome try some of their famous food or book a gourmet tour and see the fun of Rome's modern yet classic dishes. Pizzas, Espresso Coffee and Gelato, are just some of the delights you can immerse yourself in a while admiring the historical splendour of Rome. Tours to the Colosseum one of the most fearful arenas in the world at the time of the Roman Empire are most popular with families so the kids can see where the Lions would come out to the stadium.

Of course, there is St. Peter’s Square where the Pope gives his weekly address is a top attraction for every Catholic Tourist. The Mouth of Truth where Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck had one of the most acclaimed and best movie scenes in history in the movie Roman Holiday. Through three coins in the Trevi Fountain make a wish and see if your dreams come true even for the short time you are there. The parks and nature reserves around the city are lovely and are a favourite stop off on most Rome city tours. Sometime during your holiday take a seat in a piazza, order a coffee and watch the world go by.

Best Recommended Attractions and Top 12 Private Tours of Rome

Ancient Rome & Skip-the-Line Colosseum Tours
1 Draw your mind back to Ancient Rome visualise the Colosseum in all its splendour filled with an encaustic audience of supporters waiting and watching out for their favourite Gladiators to do battle against each other. Listen for the hushed voices and anticipation of the crowd, let your Rome private tour guide show you the way on any one of the best ancient Rome & skip the line colosseum tours.  
Early Access Skip-the-line Vatican Private Tours
2 If you want the VIP treatment then this is the tour for you, with early access and skip the line tickets this Luxury trip around the Vatican is the tour you want to book. Be mesmerised as you stroll through the Vatican Museums, Raphael Rooms and the highlight is, of course, The Sistine Chapel. As you stand and look up you will marvel at the sheer size and scope of the work Michelangelo did. 
Rome Catacombs Tour with Bone Crypt
3 Scary but thrilling customise your Roman holiday to include a haunting tour to the Catacombs, and the Bone Crypt. As you are escorted around the underground maze and tombs you will see the many cave rooms with the remains of the many monks. The frescos are in unbelievably great condition considering where they are situated but it is thought that the buried monks stand as protection for the catacombs.
Guided Papal Audience with The Pope
4 The highlight for many Catholics is a Guided Papal Audience with the Pope watch the Sea of people come to respect and pay homage to the Holy Father. If the Pope is in town, he speaks from his window on a Sunday morning and you can get tickets for the weekly general audience on Wednesdays. This is a unique once in a lifetime experience for many people visiting Rome and it is not to be missed.  
Private Guided Rome Walking Tour
5 Pantheon and the Colosseum tend to get most of the attention; the Roman Forum is yet another fantastic location full of history and stories to tell. Nowadays, the ruins are very much as the term describes so it can be hard to tell what everything used to look like but it can still be an experience to enjoy. If you manage to join a tour guide on this trip, you will start to build an image of what the location used to offer.
Rome Hop On Hop Off Panoramic Tour
6 These Rome Hop On Hop Off Panoramic Tours are an excellent way to see the City at your pace.  You can book these fun Rome packages if you want to know the history of the city, visit where the ancient Romans lived then Rome bus tours are for you.  This is one of the best ticks, it has it all the monuments, churches, palaces, famous squares and historic sights on a jump on and off system.     
Skip the Line - Borghese Gardens & Gallery Tour
7 Skip the Line at the Borghese Gardens & Gallery Tour and see one of the most famous galleries and gardens in Italy. If you customise your Roman Holiday to include this tour you will not be disappointed you will see the walkway up to the great house will show you how they spared no expense building and decorating this mini-palace. You won't be bored when you go inside and see the series of frescos and paintings around the house/palace.
Capri Private Day Tour From Rome
8 This Capri private day tour from Rome will show you the chic and unique island at its best. Chaperoned by your Capri and Rome private tour guide you can take a rowboat over to the see the lovely Blue Grotto and start your tour in style. Then it's onto Capri town where you can enjoy a relaxing lunch and visit some sights when your there. Explore the stunning and quaint hilltop village of Anacapri.  
Florence tour by High-speed Train from Rome
9 All aboard the high-speed train from Rome to Florence for a day tour you won’t forget. You can visit some of the most important and enjoyable places in Florence like The Baptistery, The Cathedral, the Uffizi and the Bargello.  Sightseeing tours in Florence to the church of Santa Maria Novella are a must or you can sit back relax and watch the world go by while you are sipping an apéritif.
Wonderful Tuscany! Food & Wine Tour in Chianti
10 Campo Dei Fiori is the most famous street markets in Rome. If you are planning to visit, you should be aware that they can only be found in the morning and you should probably brush up on the market rules. For example, vendors believe that all their food is of high-quality which means that it is considered a little rude for you to touch any of the merchandise. Other than that, the fun to be had in the market is brilliant.
Day Trip to Pompeii from Rome
11 Apart from The Vatican escorted Rome Guided excursions to Pompeii on a full day tour by speed train are one of the most popular tours in Italy. The fact that there were little or no survivors will not surprise you when you see the city covered in the volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii was decimated and time has stood still in the ancient city. Tour guides will escort you around to see how time stood still of this small nation.   
Cooking Class in the Roman Countryside
12 Live a gourmet experience far from the beaten path with a cooking class in the Roman Countryside. Private cooking tours and classes are available and you will visit one of the ancient villages like Mazzano Romano, where you will make your way to a lavish garden and farm abounding with fresh vegetables, spices and eggs. There, you will pick all of the ingredients necessary to create the menu you’ll be preparing in a cooking lesson. 

Travel Tips for Rome

Let the activities begin!
Colosseum and Vatican Private Tour
213 reviews

Choose our Colosseum and Vatican Private Tour to visit the two most popular highlights in Rome in just five hours with a local, private guide.

4241 customer recommendations
5 hours Vatican City
Group Cooking Day in Roman Countryside
130 reviews

Live a gourmet experience far from the beaten tracks! Visit the ancient village of Mazzano Romano, see a lavish garden and farm abounding with fresh vegetables!

1280 customer recommendations
5 hours Rome
Private Tour of the Vatican With Early Entrance
118 reviews

Book our private tour of the Vatican with Early Entrance. If you are looking to visit the Vatican ahead of the general public this is the tour for you.

2036 customer recommendations
3 hours Vatican City
3 Day Group Excursion: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento & Capri
117 reviews

See the best of Italy on this 3-day trip from Rome to the Campania region and enjoy traditional cuisine, a UNESCO site, and the Sorrento Coast!

2266 customer recommendations
3 days Rome
Vatican Museums VIP Entrance & Audioguide
101 reviews

An exclusive audio-guided tour in Rome allows for early access to the Vatican Museums and is available in 10 languages!

1 days Vatican City
Early Access Vatican Museums Small Group Tour
96 reviews

Join our Early Access Vatican Museums Small Group Tour and enjoy the famous Vatican galleries before they open to the crowd in order to appreciate them as they surely deserve

884 customer recommendations
3 hours Vatican City
2 Day Group Tour to Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento & Capri
95 reviews

See the best of Italy on this 2-day trip from Rome to the Campania region and enjoy traditional cuisine, a UNESCO site, and the Sorrento Coast!

489 customer recommendations
2 days Rome
Skip the Line Afternoon Group Tour: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St.peter's Basilica
71 reviews

On this guided afternoon tour of Rome explore the history and skip-the-line of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica!

4 hours Vatican City
Private Guided Tour to the Vatican Museum
65 reviews

Take a tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel and skip the lines! Tour includes hotel transfer to and from your hotel.

213 customer recommendations
6 hours Vatican City
Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and Basilica of St. Peter Small Group Tour in Rome
60 reviews

Book our Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and Basilica of St. Peter Small Group Tour to discover the Vatican wonders touring in a small intimate group of maximum 26 people.

296 customer recommendations
3 hours Vatican City
Rome Segway Panoramic Night Group Tour
58 reviews

IT'S FUN, SAFE AND EASY! We are young, experienced local staff that shows the most iconic sights in a unique way. Want to explore more? Have a ride with us!

$80.00 Save €12.00
1025 customer recommendations
3 hours Rome
Vatican and Sistine Chapel Private Tour for Families
57 reviews

This Vatican and Sistine Chapel for families is perfect for parents with kids to discover Vatican treasures and Michelangelo’s masterpieces with a family-oriented guide

987 customer recommendations
3 hours Vatican City
Enjoy a Vatican and Sistine Chapel Private Tour in Rome
56 reviews

No waiting in line, priority entrance with private dedicated guide that will show you the Vatican wonders. She will maximize your time and personalize the tour for you.

407 customer recommendations
3 hours Vatican City
I Love Rome Panoramic Tour With Vatican Tour
56 reviews

Explore at your own pace with this hop-on-hop-off tour of Rome and visit 9 stops that showcase Rome including The Vatican, Colosseum and more!

247 customer recommendations
3-hour VIP Private Early Access Vatican & Sistine Chapel Tour
55 reviews

On our Early access Vatican & Sistine Chapel Tour, through the words of one of our top guides you will be provided with, Vatican wonders will be brought to life.

266 customer recommendations
3 hours Vatican City
Exclusive Friday Night Group tour in the Vatican Museums With Dinner
55 reviews

This may be the best way to visit the Vatican Museums. An amazing guided tour at night and an exclusive Dinner in a beguiling location. Don't miss it!

3 hours Vatican City
Private 3-hour Tour of the Vatican, Rome
54 reviews

Our V.I.P private tour of the Vatican is perfect for families; you get early entrance into the Vatican, take the stress out of visiting during high season.

520 customer recommendations
3 hours Vatican City
Semi Private Vatican Museums Tour Early Bird Entrance
52 reviews

Join our Semi-Private Vatican Museums Tour Early Bird Entrance and enter the Vatican Galleries before anyone else! You will enter the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

1040 customer recommendations
3 hours Vatican City
Rome in One Day: Colosseum & Vatican Group Tour
52 reviews

Enjoy skip-the-line access to the Colosseum and the Archaeological Wonders of Rome & the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica!

273 customer recommendations
8 hours Vatican City
Combo Saver Rome in One Day Vatican and Colosseum
52 reviews

Choose a combination of tours for a full-day visit to Rome and its main highlights, lunch included. Led by our professional guides, you’ll visit the best of Rome!

1 days Vatican City