For a Revitalizing, Romantic Place to Roam Take a Private Tour of Rome

If you want a revitalizing and romantic Italian holiday, book a custom private Rome tour, and see 'The Eternal City' in all its splendid glory.  Guided tours of the Vatican City are a must as you will see the most famous Colosseum in the world located in St. Peter’s Square where the Holy Pontiff gives his weekly address to the people.  

While you are strolling around the city you will inevitably be overwhelmed by the richness of its arts, culture, and architecture, the nature reserves and public parks are lovingly cared for and perfect to visit while you are on a Rome walking tour.  

Attractions like the 'Mouth of Truth' made famous in the movie Roman Holiday, the Trevi Fountain the most romantic and famous fountains in the world, fascinating Art Galleries, Museums and so much more to see, Rome is a sightseeing tourist's dream.  

The elegant and chic style of the local people is a reflection of Rome being a fashion capital in Italy.  While you are enjoying the modern Rome city guided tours try some pizzas or pasta and have an espresso coffee followed by Italy's own fantastically famous gelato.   Read More...

Explore Rome's Greatest Highlights and Hidden Secrets on Sightseeing Tours of Rome

For a Revitalizing, Romantic Place to Roam Take a Private Tour of Rome

When we think of the most famous cities we would love to take guided tours of, in Europe, we think of Berlin, London, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, however, there is another city that consistently crops up on this list, Rome. No matter what age you are, Rome always seems to make it on the list of ‘places I want to visit’ and ‘cities to visit in Europe.'

There is an enjoyable social aspect to Rome; it is not all about sightseeing tours of cultural buildings or galleries. The residents of Rome make you feel very welcome and sitting in a corner cafe drinking expresso can lead to conversations with some fascinating people.

The restaurants with the most amazing mouth watering food or quaint wine bars are an excellent source of evening entertainment before heading to concerts or nightclubs to dance the night away!

Top Tours, Trips and Sightseeing Opportunities in Rome

1 What list of things to do in Rome would be complete without the Colosseum? Over the years, this has perhaps become the most important sight for Rome and most famous landmark in the city. Each and every year, millions of people flock to see the Colosseum and try to draw their minds back to Ancient Rome where the Colosseum was completed and held thousands of people. Colosseum is the must see first place in your private tours of Rome.
2 For many, this is one of the key reasons why they go to Rome. Of course, Rome is known for its historical buildings, but even amongst all of these, the Pantheon manages to stand out and look unique. Even though the building is 2,000 years old, it remains as strong as ever and has stood firm throughout the many years and you can still take a guided tour today because it breathes history and offers an unbelievable experience.
Vatican City
3 When visiting Rome, a common misconception is that a trip to the Vatican City is purely for Catholics. However, this is not the case because it offers a tremendous experience for all. To get the best out of a sightseeing visit to the Vatican City, it is advisable to go with a guided tour. Otherwise, it may be a case of looking at buildings, not knowing why they are important. It is a wonderful experience no matter your religious belief.
Trevi Fountain
4 When it comes to tourist activities in Rome, one of the most famous is the Trevi Fountain. If you manage to visit on your private tour of Rome you can fully appreciate the fountain and even try your luck at the ritual by throwing a coin into the water, make a wish for good luck. If you visit on a busy day you might get frustrated by the crowds, but it can be fun to watch people as they approach the fountain and complete the same ritual.
Roman Forum
5 Pantheon and the Colosseum tend to get most of the attention; the Roman Forum is yet another fantastic location full of history and stories to tell. Nowadays, the ruins are very much as the term describes so it can be hard to tell what everything used to look like but it can still be an experience to enjoy. If you manage to join a tour guide on this trip, you will start to build an image of what the location used to offer.
The Janiculum Hill
6 Even though Janiculum doesn’t count as one of them, Rome is known as the city of seven hills and they all afford a beautiful view. With this being said, no view in the city can compete with the one you can receive from Janiculum. As well as a spectacular view of the ancient landmarks that Rome has to offer, Janiculum also offers a fantastic modern history lesson all relating to the 19th-century wars brought modern Italy together as one.
Galleria Borghese
7 Rome offers a wealth of museums and many believe Galleria Borghese to be the best to visit on guided tour. Set in a beautiful 17th-century villa the location alone is enough to tell you all sorts of information regarding the classic Italian architecture. From 20 rooms see antiques and pieces of art when walking around. You feel as though you are lucky to be witnessing the Renaissance and the very early stages of baroque art.
Ponte Sisto
8 If you really want to soak up the atmosphere and the culture that Rome has to offer, a long walk or guided tour that incorporates the Ponte Sisto bridge could just be one of the best ways to do so. Not only will you receive a stunning view of the surrounding area once you reach the bridge. From the bridge itself, you will see St Peter’s Basilica to the north in addition to Gianicolo Hill in the west.
The Pope
9 Experiencing what the Pope has to say as well as how the locals react can be a once in a lifetime experience, and because both take place in the morning, you will be free to do whatever you wish in the afternoon; maybe you can tie the event in with your guided tour of the Vatican City? If the Pope is in town, he speaks from his window on a Sunday morning and you can get tickets for the weekly general audience on Wednesday.
Campo Dei Fiori Markets
10 Campo Dei Fiori is the most famous street markets in Rome. If you are planning to visit, you should be aware that they can only be found in the morning and you should probably brush up on the market rules. For example, vendors believe that all their food is of high-quality which means that it is considered a little rude for you to touch any of the merchandise. Other than that, the fun to be had in the market is brilliant.
The Spanish Steps
11 Take a break from all the sightseeing tours in Rome, buy yourself a gelato and watch the world go by while sitting on the iconic Spanish Steps.  The Scalinata Della Trinità Dei Monti are adorned with pots of scented flowers that have a calming influence on the thousands of tourists that visit every year.  At the base of the steps is the famed boat-shaped fountain, a perfect meeting place for locals and tourists alike.     
Piazza Navona
12 Rome's famous and most characteristic Baroque squares is the lovely Piazza Navona.  It was used for festivals during the Middle Ages and was rebuilt in the Baroque style by the architect Borromini, but it was his archrival, Bernini who created the centerpiece, the gorgeous Fontana Dei Fiumi.  Today, the square is full of street artists, cafés, souvenir shops, and during December the best Christmas market in Italy.  
Villa Borghese Gardens
13 If you want to see Rome's version of New York's central park; take a private guided tour to The Borghese Gardens.  The stunning Gardens come close in beauty and originality to The Vatican Gardens.  The pathways are lined with statues and stunning flower beds with secret gardens to explore.  There is a beautiful lake and island with a little surprise that is perfect for holiday snaps.  You can hire a boat and bob around the lake admiring the views.
Piazza di Spagna
14 All Rome City Tours will take you to the famous Piazza Di Spagna which is located at the bottom of the Spanish Steps.  This plaza is the perfect spot to take photo opportunities of the Steps and beautiful boat shaped Fountain located on the Plaza.  It is a meeting place for many locals and tourists as its the focal point of many tours.  There are lovely little bistros and bars around the plaza so you can take a break from sightseeing, relax and enjoy.
Capitoline Hill
15 The Capitoline Hill known as Piazza Del Campiogio is one of seven hills in Rome close to the Roman Forum.  Tour guide's in Rome have an in-depth knowledge of The Hill and its fascinating history.  Designed by Buonarroti and Michelangelo the artists surrounded the area with several decadent and beautiful buildings, but its the tunnels running under The Hill that is a highlight for most tourists.      
Palatine Hill
16 The Palatine Hill has tremendous amounts of history as archaeologists believe that settlers had lived in the area as far back as 1,000BC.  In ancient Rome, it was the most popular and prominent region in which to live.  Many upper-class members of the Senate and high-ranking officers such as Caesar held property in Palatine Hill.  Sightseeing Tours of the Circus Maximus, the Forum, and surrounding sites start at the Hill.    
Circus Maximus
17 The Circus Maximus was the most visited arena for chariot racing and gladiator battles in Italy and the world in Roman times.  With a capacity of up to 200,000 people, it was a large oblong shaped arena, which gave spectators a great vantage point to see the epic battles and races.  Guided tours of the now overgrown Arena are still exciting as you imagine the thousands of people cheering on their favorite competitors.    
Altare Della Patria
18 The Nazionale, a Vittorio Emanuele II monument at the Piazza Venezia, is visited by thousands of holidaymakers on guided tours every year. Famous for the eternal flame and the tomb of the unknown soldier, this building is so big it has an enormous bronze statue of Victor Emmanuel driving chariots on its top.  The design elements of the monument are over the top but are admired by tourists and locals alike.          
Guided Private Colosseum Night Tours
19 You will not be dissatisfied when you book a guided private Colosseum night tour.   See this unique structure that is spectacularly highlighted at night giving a rare prospectus of the old conditions to visitors.  Explore the tunnels and see where the gladiators and animals would wait for their moment to shine.  There is access to restricted area's as these tours only have a capacity of about 25 people, so you are guaranteed a great and unique tour.     
Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Tour
20 There are early morning VIP tours or day and half day tours that avoid lines and queuing, so groups will be the first to arrive at the many sites in the Vatican.  The tours involve seeing the full Vatican highlights including the Sistine Chapel, Raphaels Rooms and St. Peters Basilica. The specially registered Vatican tour guides are very informative and trained on every aspect of The Vatican.  Please dress appropriately on tours in the Holy City.  
Pompeii Day Tour From Rome
21 Pompeii day trips by speed train are one of the most popular tours apart from Vatican Tours in Italy.  Covered in the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii was decimated by the explosion of the Volcano. Time has stood still in the ancient city, and archaeologists still have not completed the excavations.  Tour guides will escort you around the city, and you will be blown away by the remains and history of this once great city.       
Capri Day Trip from Rome
22 On a day tour from Rome to the chic island of Capri you will be chaperoned for the day by and expert local guide.   By row boat, you will cross over to the see the lovely Blue Grotto and start your tour in style. Hop back on the boat to Capri town and enjoy a relaxing lunch and visit some sights.  Then take a walk around and explore the stunning and quaint hilltop village of Anacapri.
Tuscany Sightseeing Tour From Rome
23 Try a Tuscany sightseeing tour from the city of Rome and visit one of is Italy's most beautiful regions.  Many tourists visit Tuscany to go and admire the famous gravity-defying Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The tour also stops at the wine region of Chianti, so do some wine tasting and explore the lovely sites along the way with Renaissance Art and ancient relics.    
Rome City Sightseeing Bus Tour
24 These hop on hop off City Sightseeing Rome tours are an excellent way to see the City at your pace.  If you want to know the history of the city, visit where the ancient Romans lived and see the Holy City, then Rome bus tours are for you.  You will visit and see the many monuments, churches, palaces, famous squares and historic sights on a jump on an off system.   
Pisa Day Trips From Rome
25 As you travel through the lovely Tuscan countryside from Rome, you will pass along the Arno Valley and come to the city of Pisa.  Individual tour guides will take you around beautiful Pisa which is full of heritage and culture. You will visit the lovely Square of Miracles (Piazza Dei Miracoli) and then the highlight, the famous and unique Leaning Tower of Pisa.  
Florence Day Trip from Rome
26 Florence day tours visit some of the most important and enjoyable sites in the area including the Baptistery, the Cathedral, the Uffizi and the Bargello.  Sightseeing tours of the church of Santa Maria Novella, art galleries and the library of San Lorenzo with an exhibition of Michelangelo's architectural genius are also on the list.  Tour include breakfast/lunch and dinner and entry to the sites.
Private Crypts & Catacombs Tour Rome
27 On this tour, you will visit the underground Roman catacombs then onto the Basilica San Clemente and finish in the Capuchin Bone Crypt.  This tour is mainly underground and very highly rated by tourists.  The highlight is the Capuchin Bone Crypt where the underground rooms are adorned with the remains of the many monks as unbelievable wall and ceiling frescos; this is a very creepy but exciting tour.   
Guided Rome Walking Tour
28 Let the Ethereal City enchant you as you take a guided walking tour in beautiful Rome.  Stroll through cobblestone alleyways and discover some unique famous sights on these half day tours. Visit the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and the Pantheon.  Your expert will be on hand to assist you and give detailed information on the City and tour sites. Comfortable shoes are a must on this city tour.      
Guided Amalfi Coast Tour From Rome
29 Amalfi Coast day tours will take you firstly to Amalfi town which is nestled in the region of Campania.  Sightseeing tourists are then taken on tour along the Sorrento Peninsula which has a 30 mile coastline with the most scenic and beautiful views you will ever see.  Stops for refreshments and tastes of the local Amalfi cuisine coincide with many ancient sites along the route.   
Private Borghese Gallery & Gardens Tour
30 The Borgia family gallery and garden tours are enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year.  The walkway up to the great house will show you how they spared no expense building and decorating this mini palace. The gardens are lush and full of beautifully positioned statues and flowers.  Inside a series of frescos and paintings by Pinturicchio are dotted around the residence, an excellent and informative tour. 

Travel Tips for Rome

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