The Bohemian, Medieval Czech Republic THE Gothic Private Tour

The bohemian, medieval Czech republic the gothic private tour!

The Czech Republic is the fifth most visited country in London, Rome, Istanbul, and Paris and is very bohemian and medieval country and it has several centres for tourist activities such the architectural heritage sites.

The cathedrals, the many beer festivals, and the fantastic museums are brilliant to see on a private sightseeing tour of Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a nation steeped in history, it has been occupied for thousands of years now and is a land rich in medieval towns, castles, ancient ruins, beautiful mountains, and world-class wineries.

Once you leave that beautiful and yet crowded town, you will find an inexpensive state with a few of the most rugged and beautiful landscape in Europe.

When you visit, you will probably be coming to Prague but ensure to leave the city so you can see what the rest of the country has for you.

Prague, being the capital city, as well as a famous city, has become one of the busiest holiday destinations in Europe.

Visit here and stroll through the medieval streets, ensure you look out for the original structures that survived WWII. Climb the hill and visit Prague Castle, look at the Astronomical Clock and be ready for an exciting nightlife that is beyond compare.

Christmas in the Czech Republic is fantastic!  

The Bohemian, Medieval Czech Republic THE Gothic Private Tour

The birthplace of the Pilsner and home of the unique Pilsner Urquell Czech beer.

During your visit, ensure to not only visit the Pilsner factory but see the beer spas where you can soak in a tub of beer. Amazing!!

You can also use the historic underground tunnel which is 20km. other sights include the Dohany Street Synagogue, St. Barthalomew’s cathedral, the Reniassance town hall and the Plzensky Prazdroj brewery.

Even though you may only think of beer as you head to the Czech Republic, this Moravian Region is very famous for their fine wine.

They are also associated with music, folklore, traditions and costumes. Many tours provide options for tastings during visits to the area.

It’s a perfect experience to wander, drive, or bike through the beautiful vineyards here.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Czech Republic

Historic Center of Cesky Krumlov
1  UNESCO Cesky Krumlov castle is beautiful. Oh, my, beautiful! Before you read the bridge can see the city from the top, it's a breathtaking fairytale looking, quaint little town. The houses are from varies stages from Art Nuevo, Gothic and Baroque era. The tour guide can take you on a walk around the town, which is steeped in history. A lovely day spent wandering around and sitting at varies cafes.
Lobkowicz Palace
2 The palce private tour of the Canaletto and Breugel family art is amazing, and the music room is so understated and fascinating. This tour of their collection in Prague Castle is both exciting and intensely personal. Amongst the many interesting items on show is a set of Beethoven's original manuscripts. Beethoven enjoyed the company of the Lobkowicz family throughout his career which allowed him freedom to compose his music.
St. Nicholas Cathedral
3 This church has the Wow factor when you enter! This beautifully decorated church has Statues with gilded features, and the paintings are excellent! The climb the stairs to the balcony to look down within the church is worth it for the view. The architecture in the Baroque style is truly breathtaking. This church will leave you with fantastic memories of the stunning architecture. small fee for entry.
Prague Zoo
4 The Prague Zoo is an ideal family sightseeing day out. The animals are well cared for and have plenty of space for their size. So many different types of animals you wouldn't believe, the zoo is positioned on a hill so wear comfortable footwear! Lots of little cafes if you need to take a break and relax or have lunch. Great photo taking to be had with the lions and gorillas and the polar bear!! price for entry is very reasonable.
Dolni Vitkovice
5 Take a guided tour over to the old steel factory; it is very impressive, they ruins of an old coal mine has now been converted into a fabulous area of concert halls and attractions. The cultural centre and museum are fantastic for the children with lots of exciting and interesting and technical experiments. You can go straight to the top of bolt tower in an elevator and see the stunning views over the city.
Diana Lookout Tower
6 Grab the funicular and head to the top of the mountain, It can be walked depending on your fitness level !! It also depends on when you visit as the ground can be difficult terrain. Once at the top the views down are breathtaking. The lush green forests, a beautiful quaint cafe and some walking trails can be found. Once inside the tower, an elevator takes you to the top to see the 360-degree views below! Fabulous !    
The Vrtba Garden
7 An oasis in the middle of the city, these stunning gardens are mainly used by couples getting married as the gardens are unique and unusual. With views down over the city, it is a great place to go to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. Minuscule entrance fee and fantastic photograph opportunities. There are several levels to walk up but are very manageable.
Statue of Franz Kafka
8 A flash of silver sparkling away grabs your attention straight away, this stunning statue by David Cerny is one of many throughout the city of Prague. This one is certainly a head turner, and I mean that literally!! This mobile statue is mesmerising and a fantastic piece of engineering, if you watch change from the young Franz Kafka to the old Franz. So much detail in the sculpture, it is very impressive!!
Zizkov Televison Tower
9 The magic of Prague with its stunning and unique architecture amazing everyone. This place is no exception on a guided tour. It was built in the era of the cold war, and it just oozes style. The viewing tower is a great place to see the fabulous views over the whole city. One floor below this you will find the restaurant where you can have your meal overlooking the city below. 
Wenceslas Square
10 Where the Christmas tree and markets are held in December, it is famous for the shops and the close proximity to the old town and the astronomical clock. Walking along here in winter is the best time when all the Christmas lights and the smells and sounds from the amazing street vendors fill you with awe. Very cheap to eat and drink from the vendors but expensive to eat at the restaurants surrounding the square.
Let the activities begin!
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