To Rise Again and Be Reborn, Take a Private Tour to Phoenix

To Rise Again and Be Reborn, Take a Private Tour to Phoenix, Arizona. It is here you will find the sunshine nearly 300 days of the year and to see the sun any day, rejuvenates most of us!

To describe Phoenix City, you would say it is red from the magnificent red rock mountains, blue from the azure clear skies and gold from the golden sun and desert.

In the southwestern U.S. state of Arizona, Phoenix is the capital and thanks to the amount of sunshine; it is also known as the ‘Valley of the Sun’. 

There are lots of towns in the centre of Phoenix with the desert surrounding them.  To go on a sightseeing tour of Phoenix city to visit all the interesting places, you will need to put aside more than one day. 

If you love museums, you will not be disappointed here because they have a museum to suit almost everyone's taste.

To be fair to Phoenix, it is a city that will cater for all types of people, the luxury resort to spoiling yourself, the outdoor adventures for the thrill seekers, lots of museums and art galleries for the inquisitive and a great nightlife for the young and young at heart!

Let the activities begin!
Desert Botanical Gardens
1 When you go on a guided tour of the Desert Botanical Gardens, be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable as there is a lot to see in these gardens. There are a number of different trails to go on to see and learn about the plant and people of the Sonoran Desert or sit and be entertained in the music garden with live music everyday. A visit to the family playtime will excite every child. The lovely staff in the gardens are eager to teach
Heard Museum
2 A private tour of Heard Museum is a must to learn and see everything about American Indian Art and History. There are 12 exhibition galleries to visit, outdoor sculpture gardens that are amazing, a contemporary art gallery and then to top off the tour a well-known cafe to rest your weary legs after walking so much. Before you finish your tour, make a quick stop at the museum gift shop for great souvenirs
Arizona Science Center
3 For the curious minds, why not take a guided tour to the Arizona Science Center. The mission of this centre is to inspire, educate the engage people through science. By using informal and a hands-on approach to science this centre lets visitors be inspired. The type of exhibitions to see are ‘Forces of Nature’, ‘My Digital World’ and ‘Solarville’ to name just a few. They have the best technology and creativity in this centre
Camelback Mountain
4 For the energetic adventurer take a guided tour to Camelback Mountain. Given its name, because it looks like the two humps on a camel, this mountain is 2704 feet high. The trek can be a bit challenging at times but doesn’t take long and the excellent guides make sure you are not in any danger. When you reach the peak, you are met with the most fantastic views, so be sure to have your camera or phone with you to take those photos!
Rosson House
5 On a sightseeing tour, you can go into the stunning Rosson House which was built in 1895 and is still standing in all its splendour. It was erected in the architectural style of Victorian and American Queen Anne. There is a museum inside that interprets the history of Phoenix and as you walk through the living areas, you get to have an idea of the lifestyle of the early Phoenix families who once lived here. It is a beautiful house to vi
Mystery Castle
6 Not only to see a beautiful building but also for the tale that goes with it, take a guided tour of Mystery Castle. Built in the 1930’s by one man, Boyce Luther Gulley, after he left his life, wife and daughter without any explanation or obvious reason. It took him 15 years to build and has 18 rooms, 13 fireplaces and lots of parapets. His family knew nothing of this castle or Boyce until a lawyer contacted them after he died in 1945.
Phoenix Sonoran Preserve
7 Take a guided tour to see the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve which is found north of the city. It is a place full of trails that cover 36 miles through the wild and undisturbed desert. There are relaxed and leisurely trails to stroll along, or there are the more difficult ones, for the energetic, to the summit of Dixie Mountain. If walking or hiking is not your thing, you can always go on biking trails through the lush green plains of cactu
Wells Fargo History Museum
8 A guided tour of the museum is very interesting and well recommended. The exhibits in the museum explains and celebrates Wells Fargo’s role in Arizona’s history. You get to see an authentic 19th Century stagecoach that was used to transfer money and there is a replica one that you are allowed to climb on to. The art gallery is the largest display of N.C Wyeth’s western themed work open to the public. It is such an educational and worthw
Papago Park
9 For the most scenic guided tour, visit Papago Park. It is found where Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix meet in the heart of the city. There are 1,200 acres of walking, hiking and biking trails, rolling hills, lagoons and picnic areas. The iconic landmark Hunt’s Tomb is here and you must take the quick hike up to the ’Hole’ in the Rock’ natural geological landmark, this is such a brilliant place to watch a sunrise and a sunset.
Musical Instrument Museum
10 For another type of museum found in Phoenix, take a guided tour of the Musical Instrument Museum. As you walk around this museum, you will see instruments from 200 countries and territories that range from the most bazaar to the normal. In the Experience Gallery you are allowed to try out individual instruments and in the Artist Gallery, you can listen to your favourite musician from any era and any genre. A fantastic tour!

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