Enjoy Private Tours of Denver and the Thrill of Undeniable Adventures

For the thrill of undeniable adventures, go on enjoyable private tours of Denver, the capital city of Colorada State.

Take a fascinating tour to a now modern city that dates back to the wild west era. See the significant landmarks or have it as your jumping-off point for ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains which are nearby.

The “mile high city” which is another name for Denver, got that name because of the city' height above sea level. The steps of the Denver Capital Building is one mile above sea level and you can see this fact acknowledged in the cement of the 13th step.

When you are in Denver, you realise that the residents have the right attitude to life and only work to afford to enjoy a great fun filled adventurous or cultural life here. The priorities are more about the happening art scene and the fabulous natural playground at their doorsteps which is not surprising with almost 300 days of glorious sunshine and small quantities of rainfall.

Let the activities begin!
Full Day Colorado Springs Private Tour From Denver
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Visit the gateway to Western America and see some of the best mountain scenery in the USA. Ghost Town Museum also included.

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6 to 7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Colorado
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
1 Take a guided tour of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Explore and experience many things in this top family attraction. There are ancient fossils, majestic wildlife dioramas, Egyptian mummies, the latest discoveries from outer space, exhibits about the human body, dazzling gems and minerals and believe it or not so much more. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating tour, very well arranged.
Molly Brown House
2 Enjoy a guided tour of Molly Brown House and the museum. The Unsinkable Molly Brown is a Titanic heroine, by surviving, and a woman of extraordinary courage. She was an American philanthropist, activist and socialite. Her house museum is an enduring symbol of the Victorian era. The house has been home to many and had quite a history itself, but in 1970 the Historic Denver Inc restored it back to its original state when Molly lived here.
Denver Botanic Gardens
3 Take a guided tour of Denver Botanic Gardens which is in the top ranking of Botanic Gardens in the United States. There are thousands of rare, weird and wonderful plants from all over the world. The guides will share their knowledge of living collections and history. Take a tour after dark and experience the Tropical Conservatory, walk along the path lined with lights and see what happens in a tropical forest when the sun goes down.
Mount Evans
4 On a sightseeing tour of areas surrounding Denver, one of the places you will be brought to is the alpine pastures on Mount Evans. It is the highest summit of the Chicago Peaks in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. From the top, there are the most breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains and valley below. Watch out for a variety of wildlife that is usually found roaming in this area such as mountain goats and bighorn sheep.
Dinosaur Ridge
5 If not just out of curiosity, take a guided tour to Dinosaur Ridge, located just outside Denver city. At Dinosaur Ridge and Triceratops Trail, you learn how the exhibits and trails were created for people to explore ancient Colorado and the creatures that once lived here. There is a ‘trek through time’ indoor exhibit with actual fossils and full-size replicas. On the trails, see footprints made by dinosaurs.
Denver Firefighters Museum
6 There are not many cities where you can visit a Firefighters Museum but in Denver, you can. Take a guided tour of this extraordinary museum, learn the history of firefighting in Denver and see the innovative and exciting hands-on activities for you to interact with the traditional exhibits. It helps that this museum is housed in the original Firehouse Number 1 since 1909. It is a fun and interesting tour for all the family to enjoy.
Larimer Square
7 There is no way, on a city tour, that you will not be shown Larimer Square. This is Denver's first historic district with well-restored buildings dating back to the Civil War period. Its other claim to fame is that Buffalo Bill once lived here. In complete contrast, it is a major entertainment district. Art galleries, shops, cheery restaurants, gas lamps, live entertainment make this an interesting place to be day or night.
Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys
8 Take a guided tour of Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys and bring out the inner child in you or see the reactions of your children on toys from olden days. There are exhibits that include Japanese Dolls, Miniature trains, planes and cars, full furnished miniature houses, giant teddy bears, antique dolls, a miniature circus,  and so much more. The miniatures are fantastic, so perfect yet so small.
Four Mile House Museum
9 On a guided tour of the Four Mile House Museum, you learn all about the oldest standing structure in Denver and see the surrounding 12-acre history park. Situated on the banks of Cherry Creek it was a welcome site to travellers coming west to Denver on the Cherokee Trail. The Denver landmark, Four Mile House is the centrepiece of the Park and can be toured inside along with the barns and outbuildings.
Downtown Aquarium
10 Take a guided tour of an Underground Adventure in Downtown Aquarium. This complete complex comes with over a million gallons of underwater exhibits. Some 500 species of animals, a dive lounge, an interactive Stingray Reef touch tank as well as an aquarium restaurant, upscale bar, equipped ballroom and aquatic and geographic exhibits. They also have their very own mermaids who put on spectacular shows!

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