There's Lots to Gain on Maine Adventure Tours and its Rocky coastline

Maine adventure tours include hiking along the rocky coastline to the top of one of the highest mountains in the United States of America and visiting Kennebec Valley where you will find the world-class rapids of the Dead River and some of the best fishing to be had.

Enjoy an early morning on one of Maine's hot air balloon tours, catching the sun rising and flying high over the stunning scenery of the highlands. If you are lucky enough to have binoculars, observe the fish swimming and jumping up in the lakes and waterfalls

Take one of the walking tours Maine offers through the quaint town of Kennebunkport or visit the Seashore Trolley Museum. The town's streets has many shops, galleries and historic buildings.

Enjoy fascinating Maine guided tours of the Estate of Captain Tate, formally from London, who was a senior agent for the British Royal Navy or Maines heritage and shipbuilding tours of the fisherman's shanty house, to sailing the coast on a vessel sightseeing the 64 lighthouses.

Let the activities begin!
Cadillac Mountain , Acadia National Park
1 Take Maine adventure tours to the mountain that stands at 470m(1.528ft) high and is one of the highest on the United States eastern seaboard. From the top of the mountain, you will get a glimpse in the distance of Canada's Nova Scotia on a clear day.The mountaintop is a place to catch the beautiful sunrise. Follow on to the Acadia National park where you can hike or bike viewing the stunning scenery.
Fort Knox Historic
2 Enjoy Maine walking tours of the best-preserved Fort on the New England seacoast, Fort Knox Historic Fort. A place rich in history with walls of unique military architecture. It was constructed from 1844 to 1864 by master craftsmen but never fully completed. An excellent specimen of military architecture of its era. The fort located on the narrows of the Penobscot River was to protect the valley from attacks but never saw combat.
Tate House Museum
3 Visit the Tate House Museum on Maine guided tours. It was built in 1755 for Captain Tate and his family after they had moved from London in 1751. Tate served as senior mast agent for the British Royal Navy.Tate held a significant position in the industry. This museum reflects Tate's status and wealth. On display in the house is memorabilia and furniture of the 18th-century. Learn about mast trade industry on a visit here.
Maritime Heritage Site and Shipbuilding
4 Maines guided tours of the Maritime Heritage Site is very interesting. You will find life-stations and fish processing plants. The fisherman's shanties houses are now chic boutiques and the antique shops are filled with maritime-related treasures found at sea. Many of the old fishermen houses are now historic house museums. Sail along the cost on a vessel of the Maine Windjammer Fleet observing the 64 lighthouses and signal towers.
Native American Heritage
5 Private Maine tours are a great way to visit Native American Heritage which in Maine consist of four tribes.With cultural tours of the many museums, fairs and festivals you will get to meet members of the tribal community. You can see the historical collections of the different tribes in the museums that are dedicated to their own heritage.The Wabanaki are renowned for their crafts of baskets canoes and handmade jewellery.
The Kennebec Valley
6 Experience Maine adventure tours in The Kennebec Valley and on the magical 170 miles of the Kennebec River with the world-class rapids of the Dead River and great big poplar falls. The many lakes running throughout the valley makes it exceptional for some of the best fishing around. There are plenty of camping sites and bird watching posts. The Whatever Family Festival takes place in August with a bit of everything happening.
The MaineĀ  Highlands
7 More Maine adventure tours will take you to the spectacular highland. Mount Katahdin is Maine's highest peak and attracts artists because of its stunning view over the lakes and highlands. The highlands are home to more than 200 waterfalls with great hiking trails and some of the best snowmobiling trails.The hundred mile wilderness has the best sightseeing place for Moose. Take the Katahdin steamboat that tours the Moosehead Lake.
Maine Wildlife Park
8 Take Maine guided tours of the Wildlife Park where you will come across more animals then you would spot in the wild. This park serves as a permanent home for some wildlife that cannot be returned to the wild because some of the animals have been injured or orphaned. Visit the Bald Eagle or the Wild Turkey that has a bourbon named after it. There are even beautiful peacocks wandering around the park and much to see in one day.
Maine Hot Air Balloon Tours
9 Taking one of Maines hot air balloon tours means you will enjoy a gentle and slow way of flying with 360- degree views of Maine. The best times are the early mornings when you can catch the stunning and memorable sun rising but also the late sunsets are lovely too. You will be flying high over the dense forest of Maine to the highlands observing the wildlife running free. Get a birds-eye view of the many waterfalls and valleys.
10 A little coastal town of Kennebunkport is located 12.5 miles south of Portland. Take Maine walking tours of this quaint town visiting the Seashore Trolley Museum, the largest and oldest museum of mass transit. In the town square visit the townhouse that displays the local history of the area. The dock square has many shops, galleries and historic buildings. You can travel from the square out to walkers point.

Travel Tips for Maine