The Mummy Returned and So Will You on a Private Tour of Egypt

The mummy returned and so will you on a Private Tour of Egypt.  This history steeped country will conjure images of Sphinxes, Pyramids, Temples and beautiful desert Oasis.  

From the Pyramids at Giza to the Valley of the Kings, you will be captivated from the start of your Egypt private tour to the very end. These ancient lands of men's dreams can still cast a spell on all visitors today.  

Book guided private tours of all the major sightseeing attractions here from Luxor, Sharm El Shiek, Cairo and Karnak but don't forget an escorted cruise on the Nile.  Old Arabic Proverbs say that "The Nile is Egypt" as you will see how true that is on your cruise.  

As you travel on tour, you will come across camels and donkey-carts alongside tram-lines and high modern buildings, and Bedouin tents pitched against a background of city walls.  

Built in the Middle Ages of Pharaonic stone the city walls are graffitied with carved names of the ancient Mamelukes, Bonaparte's Grenadiers and the Globetrotters of the twentieth century.   Read More...

The Mummy Returned and So Will You on a Private Tour of Egypt

Egypt guided private tours visit all the major attractions including the famous Valley of The Kings. For over 500 years in the 11th to the 16th-century tombs were built for nobles and kings.

On the west bank of the Nile near Thebes, the two valleys are spectacular and breathtaking. Archaeologists are still exploring the area and are continually finding new tunnels and treasures.

Home to the tomb of one of the most famous Pharos in Egyptian history Tutankhamun; this should be on your tour list.

Let the guides entrance you with the many informative seminars and guided walks.


Egypt Exciting Top 10 Things to See and Do

Cairo City
1 Cairo primarily know for its attachment to history it is much more; with it's vibrant modern locals and a city that has burst into society so quickly. Modern suburbs like Midan Tahrir, Heliopolis and Maadi or as the locals call them Paris on the Nile host upmarket shopping areas and vibrant nightlife. The centre of Egypt many private tours start from Cairo, so many travellers make it their hub.     
Sphinx of Giza
2 The Sphinx of Giza is the most instantly recognisable and probably one the most famous statues in the world. Associated with ancient Egypt, it is unique in that it has the body of a lion but the head of a King. Carved directly from limestone in the time of the old kingdom of Egypt it is quite spectacular, and a must see on any private tour.     
Egyptian Museum
3 Egyptian holidays are not complete without a Cairo Museum private tour. Established in the 19th century, this was the first purpose built museum in the world. On your guided private tour around the 107 halls, you will see the most magnificent artefacts covering five thousands years of Egypt's colourful past. Starting in chronological order through the collections and ending in the Tomb room this tour is unreal.     
Karnak Temple
4 Ipet-isu, The Temple of Karnak, is a city of temples built over two thousand years dedicated to the triad of Mut, Khonsu and Amun. The biggest religious building every built on over 200 acres it was a place for people to worship the Gods. The great temple is at the heart of Karnak and is quite a sight to see. On an escorted private tour you will see in awe the magnificent construction and wonder how did they do it?    
City of Alexandria
5 "The pearl of the Mediterranean" Alexandria Egypt has the same atmosphere as any European city with a middle eastern touch. On your private tour you will see the Pharos, legendary lighthouse; one of the seven wonders of the world and the setting for the dramatic relationship between Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. The centre of learning in the ancient world Alexandria will not let you down in it culture and history.     
Luxor Temple
6 The modern town of Luxor is the site of the famous city of Thebes (Waset, in ancient Egyptian), the City of a Hundred Gates. Take a guided private tour and see why many archaeologists believe Luxor temple to be one of the most valuable monuments of antiquities in the world. From the Luxor Temple to the Valley of the Queens this is a vast tourist attraction so take some time and plan your tour well.    
Temple of Medinat Habu
7 "Medinet Habu" The Temple of Medinat Habu is believed to be the place where Amun appeared for the first time. A place of worship dedicated to the Gods this is a must see guided tour. Home to the burial site of Ramesses 111 it is the best preserved mortuary temple in Thebes. The decorated walls and entrances to the tombs are spectacular, and again this is quite a feat of engineering and apparent backbreaking workmanship.  
Pyramids at Giza
8 One of the eight wonders of the world the Pyramid at Giza is a masterpiece and was built with such precision that even with the technology of today, it can not be replicated. Estimated that 2,300,000 stones weighing between 2-50 tonnes went into its construction, this is just something else and quite a site for you to see. While you cannot enter the Pyramid on your guided tour your informative guide will tell you of the history of this fantastic place.   
Valley of the Kings
9 Egypt guided private tours visit all the major attractions including the famous Valley of The Kings. For over 500 years in the 11th to the 16th-century tombs were built for nobles and kings. On the west bank of the Nile near Thebes, the two valleys are spectacular and breathtaking. Home to the tomb of one of the most famous Pharos in Egyptian history Tutankhamun; this should be on your tour list.  
Abu Simbel Temples
10 The Abu Simbel Temples were built into the solid rock cliff in the southern region of Egypt. The great and small temples were assembled during the reign of King Ramesses II. With your private guided tour, you will stand at the bottom of the colossi and see the amazing carved rock face and bas=reliefs. See the beautiful dedication to Queen Nefertari just amazing!   
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