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The home of the Grand Canyon can also be the land of ghost towns, spiritual vortexes and painted deserts. Really, the 48th state is more than desert and cacti: it is rivers, woods, mountains and such manmade extravagances as upscale nightlife, luxurious resorts and gold classes.

You additionally get a textured look at the distinct cultures that have shaped it over the countless years, from the Native Americans to the Spanish and the iconic cowboys of the Wild West days whenever you take private and guided Arizona tours.

Regardless if you travel to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, purchase artwork in Sedona, trek amid the ponderosa pines in Flagstaff, or chillax in a Scottsdale resort, you’ll find that the majesty of the terrain translates into an unabashed frontier vibe. There are great Arizona tours to and from Las Vegas too.

Let the activities begin!
Grand Canyon
1 The number one attraction in Arizona has to be the Grand Canyon. This Canyon stretches 277 miles long and 18 miles wide is one of the most famous national parks, not just in the USA but the world. It is a truly awesome natural wonder that is still being carved by the Colorado River since six million years ago. Take a sightseeing tour to see the stunningly unique panoramic view from the rim of the Canyon and rushing white water rapids.  
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
2 To experience a majestic and the most photographed place on earth when in Arizona, take a guided tour of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The spellbinding view of the sun angling the sandstone masterpieces is one of the best things to see and the vastness of the valley is overwhelming. From the visitor centre are the best views of the Mitten Buttes and Merrick Buttes. There are also great restaurants and shops there too.
Fort Bowie National Historic Site
3 To commemorate the conflict between the Chiricahua Apaches and the U.S. military, Fort Bowie National Historic Site was created. It is to remember the bravery of the U.S. soldiers trying to pave the way for settlement in the western frontier. There are fantastic Arizona guided tours here and a hike is the best way to see everything. The visitor centre gives you lots of information to take with you and lots of historical items to see.  
Desert Botanical Garden
4 When organising an Arizona private tour, be sure to add the Desert Botanical Garden as one of the destinations. It is fascinating to see this garden centre in the middle of the desert. The colourful Blue Bells and Mexican gold poppies are stunning when in bloom, March to May, but there are other great plants in bloom throughout the year. Learn about the plant life in the desert from the very knowledgeable people working in this garden.
Montezuma Castle National Monument
5 Described as a prehistoric ‘high-rise apartment building’, the Montezuma Castle National Monument is a 'must' by Arizona guided tour. Used by the Sinagua Indians over 600 years ago, it is a five storey cliff dwelling that is built in a limestone recess very high up, above Beaver Creek. The Montezuma Castle was once quoted as being ‘of the greatest ethnological and scientific interest’ and is among the best-preserved cliff dwellings.    
Kartchner Caverns State Park
6 If you wanted to see the longest stalactite formation in the world, then take a guided tour of Arizona's Kartchner Caverns. Here you will venture through an underground world of caves and see the still developing the stalactites and stalagmites. In the Discovery Centre, you learn about such things as the bat population and the fossils of animals that lived in the caves. The interactive exhibits are intriguing too.
Petrified Forest National Park
7 Take an Arizona sightseeing tour to see 200 million-year-old fossils at Petrified Forest National Park. This area was full of growing trees and vegetation but then over 200 million years ago volcanic lava destroyed the forest and what was left was embedded into the ground. Millions of years later due to erosion, petrified wood was revealed. There is also the remains of an 800-year person and prehistoric dwellings to see here.
8 One of the best Arizona sightseeing tours to take will be in Flagstaff. This small town is jam packed with charm, beauty, history and cultural diversity. It does not matter what time of the year it is there is always things to do here. Learn all the unique history of the American Indian culture from nearby reservations or see the world's largest Ponderosa Pine forest which has a 7000-foot elevation within it.  
Musical Instrument Museum
9 An entirely different type of museum to take a guided tour of in Arizona is the Musical Instrument Museum found in Greater Phoenix. There are instruments from 200 countries and territories represented in the museum from the most bazaar to the standard. There is an 'Experience Gallery' where you can try individual instruments; another gallery called the 'Artist Gallery' where you can listen to your favourite musician from any era.  
Red Rock Crossing Park and Crescent Moon Recreation Area
10 A great place to take an Arizona private tour of and to spend the day is Red Rock Crossing Park. Up until a major flood in the 70’s, there was a crossing called Red Rock over Oak Creek. The bridge was never rebuilt and instead the recreation area was formed and is one of many beautiful locations in Sedona to see. Take in the fabulous views of Cathedral Rock while hiking on trails through the woods or take a swim in the Creek.

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