Do a Private Tour in Massachusetts for a Mass of Fun Filled Experiences

When on a private tour in Massachusetts you are in for a mass of fun filled experiences with the many diverse places found in this State.

Located in New England the northeastern region of the United States, Massachusetts is made for history and culture lovers, nature lovers as well as sun worshippers and night owls.

Some of the best-known cities for one reason or another are to see on guided tours or sightseeing tours are;

Let the activities begin!
Freedom Trail
1 Take a walking tour and experience the Freedom Trail in Boston. It is a 2.5-mile route that leads to sixteen historically significant sites to the history of the United States pertaining to the Revolutionary War. The tours feature tales of mob riots, high treason, partisan fights and revolutionary actions. There are specialised costume tours and a costume pub crawls relating the Freedom Trail which are great fun and different.
Cape Cod Beaches
2 When in Massachusetts it is worth taking a sightseeing tour to Cape Cod, not just because it is where President John F. Kennedy and his family had a summer house but because it has a long shoreline of white sandy beaches with waving sea grass covered dunes. It is under the protection the Cape Cod National Seashore keeping thing unchanged since the 1800’s. There are hiking trails through the white cedar woodlands. 
Minute Man National Historical Park and Lexington Green
3 A guided tour of the Minute Man National Park and Lexington Green is a must, especially if you love history. Start in the Minute Man Visitor center and learn all about the battles and Paul Revere’s 'Ride' before taking the route the British regulars took as they marched from Boston which was to begin the American Revolution. Battle Road is part of Minute Man Park and Battle Green where the first shots were fired is in Lexington Green.
Faneuil Hall
4 Take a guided tour of Faneuil Hall, built in 1740-1742. It was given to the city as a market hall by a merchant Peter Faneuil. It also became a public meetings venue which was well used by colonists protesting. In the mid 19th century it was where anti-slavery meetings, rallies and speeches were held. The upper floor is The Ancient and Honourable Artillery Museum preserves paintings of battles, arms and uniforms. Still a Market today.
Plymouth Plantation and Mayflower II
5 In 1620 Pilgrims, landed in Plymouth accidentally and made it the first permanent European settlement in New England. Take a guided tour to Plymouth Plantation where you enter a living history museum. There are costumed staff recreating the experience of Pilgrims living in 17th century. Also, the lives and culture of Native Americans is recreated in Hobbamock’s Homesite. Visit the full-scale reproduction of the Mayflower II in the Pier.
Salem’s Historic Houses
6 Take a guided tour of Salem and its many historical houses. Salem, a former China Trade port has a broad range of history and culture, starting with the Witch House which was the home of Jude Jonathon Corwin who presided over the witchcraft trials. The House of Seven Gables was immortalised by Nathaniel Hawthorne in his book. Two homes of Merchants, Hawkes and Derby, are now part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site.
Stellwagan Bank National Sanctuary
7 Take a private cruise and go on a unique ocean safari to see some of the largest animals in the world. Whale watch in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary which is in the world’s top ten whale-watching sites. It is also possible for divers to explore the sanctuary or to go fishing. Due to the mix of plankton and small fish provided by the rich waters, there are great locations for bird watching too.
Old Sturbridge Village
8 A very popular place to take a guided tour in Massachusetts is Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge. It is a living museum where it recreates life as it was in the 1800’s. There are over 40 historic homes, stores, farm buildings, shops and mills on this 200-acre site. In traditional dress, demonstrators do daily tasks of farmers, housewives, blacksmiths and craftspeople. Children are offered the opportunity to do hands-on activities.
Martha’s Vineyard
9 Five miles off the the coast of Cape Cod, take a sightseeing tour of Martha’s Vineyard. This very laid back idyllic island is a great place to visit. There are six small towns here with miles of beaches, lighthouses, sand bluffs and weather shingle houses. There are protected waters where you can go kayaking or sailing. The local farmers readily sell their fresh produce such as eggs and strawberries from farm stands.
The Berkshires
10 At the far western end of Massachusetts you will find the Berkshires. This storybook picture of rural life is a great place to take a sightseeing tour. The wooded hills, winding narrow roads and quaint historic villages are a charm. There is skiing in the winter and sugar-maple sap runs in the spring. Great trails to follow especially in the fall when the leaves are golden. There is the Tanglewood classical music festival in the summer.

Travel Tips for Massachusetts