• Our statistics recognise's book now to be a genuine booking but it is beyond our control to know what action the client takes once they go into your website.
  • Once a client hits the book now button they go directly into your website with what we believe to be the intention to continue the booking.
  • This Procedure can work as an advantage to your company as it will send additional traffic and backlinks to your website.

  • The domain name privatetour.com is held by our company and on our last statistic report we currently have over 20 million hits and our company profile is Number 1 on google in the United States and top 3 worldwide.
  • We endeavour to keep our google hit rates high by constantly updating and refreshing our systems.
  • Privatetour.com push your services by keeping our website fresh, our traffic is true and our current clients are happy with their bookings and their company website hits.
  • We encourage client's to update their blogs and reviews consistently and rotate our top listed countries on an ongoing basis.
  • Our technical department will forward any adjustments or changes they feel necessary in order to raise the google profile and hits for client tours.

  • Our latest statistics show that 35% of our website activity is from the United States of America, 40% activity is European, and 25% is the rest of the World.
  • Our technical department updates these figures on a regular basis.
  • Please note these percentages are calculated on an average basis.

  • Once you have paid the flat fee there are no hidden or further charges.

  • Each service is charged on a yearly basis.
  • Should you wish to advertise 5 or more services contact our sales department directly and they will be happy to issues a % discount for you.

  • You can pay via Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Paypal, or Bank Transfer.

  • Should you wish to purchase 5 or more contact our sales department directly and they will be happy to issues a % discount for you.

  • A notification via e-mail and sms will be sent to you close to the end of your advertising term with us to renew or reactivate your account.

  • Our company is a NON-COMMISSION based platform, we charge a flat fee for advertising your services through our website.
  • Once a potential client views your service they can click directly into your website for bookings and payments.
  • You can upload photographs, reviews and blogs to our dashboard, however, please note all information must be pertaining to the tour advertised.
  • Our top 7 travel blogs are also published on our social media outlets which automatically forward another 7 complete and active backlinks to your website.
  • The backlinks our website provides are crucial to any form of internet based advertising and our backlinks are rated very high on google.
  • Our marketing department are updating all our company social media outlets with details of the services on offer.

  • Please click here to view our step by step guide on how to join privatetour.com

  • No, we do not accept payment plans or instalments the fee must be paid in full prior to you uploading your services.

  • We do not offer any free trials as we are a NON-COMMISSION based business and we charge only Flat Fee rates for advertising on our platform.

  • Please refresh your browser and re-enter your information, should you have any further issues please click here to email our Technical Department and they will assist you to finalise your payment.

  • While we do not guarantee any bookings we are confident that we can send high traffic to your website, it is in our interest to keep the country/city that your service is based in high on all search engines.
  • Our technical team are constantly updating and refreshing our site to achieve this.
  • Our marketing department are feeding all our company social media outlets on a regular basis.

  • It takes up to 24 hours after you have uploaded your information for our Technical Department to verify, process and activate your information on our platform.

  • Our Dashboard is very user-friendly and extremely easy to upload all your agency details, tour information and photographs.
  • Our Technical Department and Live Chat Team are available to help and support.

Questions and Answers

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