We do NOT retain or hold any customer credit card details. 

No our system only allows the use of one credit card per activity.

Send your requirements in a support ticket and customer care will be happy to help you. 

Yes, you just amend the details to includes the person's information on the tour. 

Your email address is NOT given to the tour operator. 

Unfortunately, if the minimum requirement is 2 there can be no change.

Refunds are automatically issued depending on the terms of the specific cancellation policy of the tour operator. 

Age restrictions will be shown clearly on the tour if you have any queries you can send a support ticket to our customer care department. 

Photo identification is required either a passport, drivers licence or country ID card.

When you log into the tour in question there is an option to see the availability times of the tour. 

In some cases and depending on the tour these details may be required by the tour operator and you will be notified of same when you are booking a specific tour. 

Please notify us through a support ticket or send us an email. 

You will receive e-mails with any promotions and codes automatically.

The privatetour.com team will notify you of any issues as to why your review is not published. 

There is an option to unsubscribe on all our promotional e-mails.

Log into your dashboard/account and click account settings and choose the change password option. 

You can make adjustments and edits in your account dashboard.

Should this occur please clickhere to submit a support ticket.

You will be notified to write a review, you can follow the link on your dashboard to upload your tour details, review and pictures (lots of pictures).

You can show both or use any one of them.

You can print your detailed voucher directly from your dashboard through the "my bookings section" or alternatively you can request a send my voucher SMS and your reference code will be sent to you.

In some cases, you will receive your tickets in the mail/post or can be collected in person.

You can request to receive an SMS at the time of booking which will be saved on your phone and accepted by the tour operator. 



Log onto your dashboard and cancel your tour through my bookings section, please check the cancellation policies prior to cancelling any booking. 

You can add the tour in question to your wishlist.

Yes standard tours provide for 16 or more guests, small group tours cater for 8 - 16 people and private tours includes a chauffeur and private tour guide for your group. 

There are many factors to take into account here, how many months pregnant the traveller is, they type of tour, the T&C of the tour operator, the discretion of the traveller. 

There are many factors but the tour operators will have any visa requirements and information on their tour page. Also the nationality of the traveller will be a factor.

Booster and baby seats are available on request from your tour operator, please indicate the age of the child and note same on your reservation. 

While we recommend that you purchase travel insurance it is not necessary or essential.

You will be notified in advance by the tour operator and adjustments, alternatives or a refund will be issued. 

On your voucher, there are contact details for your tour operator in order for you to contact them directly. 

Some tour operators will proceed with the tour, however, should this not be possible a full refund will be issued or an adjustment will be made on the tour and you will be notified of same. 

You will be sent notifications of any changes to your booking and unless the tour is cancelled your bookings are secure.  

The operator monitors the incoming flights and they will wait for your arrival. 

Once you notify the tour operator of your decision it will take approximately 2 - 3 weeks to issue the refund to your account depending on your country of origin and bank regulations.  

You will need to contact the Tour Operator (Their contact details are on your voucher) as soon as possible to inform them of the changes 

Contact your tour operator to see if it is possible to make the tour in time and note most tour operators have a "Ship to shore Stress-free tour guarantee" where you will get a full refund for non-docking ships or late port arrivals.

As per our Terms and Conditions with the supplier, once you book the tour the price is set so increases or decreases in the tour price will not affect you.

While your tour is booked the tour operator may not have confirmed it yet and you will receive notification of same or check your voucher for any non-refundable details.

You will receive final notification 48hrs prior to the tour commencement, however, in some circumstances cancellations may be issued (which are beyond our control) - notification will be sent to you with a full refund.

You will be contacted by the tour operators when your booking is confirmed, certain tours need a period of time before they can be confirmed.

Unless stated otherwise on the tour voucher there is normally no need to re-confirm your booking.

Unless stated on the tour there is normally no need to re-confirm however, should you need to you can re-confirm your booking via e-mail alternatively you can phone the tour operator (the number is provided on your voucher).

In many circumstances only service / guide animals are allowed to travel with their companions, however, contact the operator with any special details regarding animals / pets and they will verify same directly with you.

At the booking the stage, you can enter any special requests you may have. If you have a special request after booking, you can contact the Tour Operator directly as their contact number will be on the voucher.

You receive your voucher immediately via email unless there are specific details from the Tour Operator in which case you will receive the voucher within 48 hours of booking.

  •  Sign into your account on our website www.privatetour.com.

  •  Select a destination and check the activities.

  • Choose the date and number of people to go on the activity.

  • Enter your personal information and contact details.

  • Follow the payment instructions.

  • Once your transaction is completed you will receive your voucher and receipt via email or through your privatetour.com account.

If you make multiple purchases through our loyalty programme you will receive a discount and there is also a discount code when you sign up to our company newsletter.

You can book your tours with privatetour.com in US$ or Euro.

It is the responsibility of the Tour operators to email or call you with as much notice as possible prior to any cancellations.

Please email or call the operator directly at lease 24 hrs prior to your tour excursion.

Please view our cancellation policies under 'Terms" Section

Your booking can be edited up to a specific point prior to the tour please see the T&C of the operator for same.

We are sure we have an activity to suit everyone's needs which you can search through our destination page or even under the name of the attraction.

Joining privatetour.com is free of charge and we have no ongoing membership fees.

Please refresh your browser and re-enter your information, should you have any further issues please click here to email our Technical Department and they will assist you to finalise your payment.

You can pay via Visa Card, Master Card, American Express.

Information on your current bookings, saved tour or activity information and any items in your wish basket.

Your Tour Voucher is your receipt

Yes, you can. You will automatically get an email with a link to leave a comment or review on your experience alone. Please note: you can also include pictures be it a positive or negative review. Privatetour.com reserves the right to remove or unauthorised any reviews prior to launching them on our website should they contain any advertising, links, racism, profanity or discrimination of any kind.

You just go to the 'My Booking' section and select the criteria from the drop-down menu.

● A hard or digital copy of your ticket or voucher.
● Photo Identification.
● Some tours will identify if you need specific clothing etc

Yes all payment information is encrypted to protect against unauthorised transactions and fraud.