'Aloha' From Paradise, 'Hula' and Be Happy on a Private Tour of Hawaii

Aloha from paradise, hula dance and be very happy on a private tour of Hawaii, a state in the United States of America that is completely made up of Islands.

Described by many people as paradise, it is hard to argue when you see some of the fabulous sights and beaches that can be best viewed on Hawaii guided tours or private boat tours.   Read More...

Take a Sightseeing Tour of Volcanoes National Park for a Unique View of Lava Flowing from Mountain to Water

'Aloha' From Paradise, 'Hula' and Be Happy on a Private Tour of Hawaii

Hawaii is a collection of 8 major islands and few tiny ones; 

Kauai: amazing natural wonders and a tropical paradise

Oahu: home to Honolulu, Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbour

Molokai: steeped in Hawaii tradition and unspoilt natural beauty

Lanai: paradise island, romantic and exotic with unique attractions of intrigue

Maui: home to Haleakala volcano, refreshing pools and spectacular waterfalls

Niihau: the forbidden private island, no paved roads, no cars and no stores just private tours by helicopter

Kahoolawe: smallest of the eight major islands, no permanent residents, picturesque and colourful

Hawaii Island: largest island known as ‘big island’, most varied landscape and temperatures and Volcanoes National Park

There are many ethnic groups all over the Islands, so there is a lot of different cultures mixed together which you will observe when on guided tours. Hawaiian culture is made up of fascinating traditions, values, music, customs and legends.

The custom that is known about worldwide, is the gift of a flower lei. It is most commonly given to those arriving to the Island by boat or plane as a gesture of welcome. It is offered with a kiss and should be removed in private.

There is so much to see on sightseeing tours, but there is also the most fantastic beaches and activities, you will be torn many times with the choice to what to do!

The exceptional nightlife is just another reason as to way Hawaii is a very popular place to visit.

Top 10 Things to Do in Hawaii

1 A very popular tourist attraction in Hawaii is Waikiki. A stretch of oceanfront beach that is stunning, especially with Diamond Head Crater, an extinct volcano situated at the end of it. It is not all beach; there are many things to see on a sightseeing tour of this suburb of Honolulu. There are great activities, a lot of which are water orientated and excellent venues to keep everyone entertained at night time.
Pearl Harbour and USS Arizona Memorial
2 A guided tour that is highly recommended is the one to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. Above what is left of the sunken USS Arizona there is a memorial to all those who died there. In the visitors centre, you get to learn the history of the Japanese attack and the harbour. It is also possible to walk the deck of the battleship USS Missouri which is docked here. This is an interesting tour.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
3 It would be a mistake to visit Hawaii and not take a guided tour to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It is due to the volcanoes here that have created the Hawaiian Island chain. The active volcanoes are still changing the landscape on a daily basis. The most active volcanoes in the world are Kilauea and Mauna Loa. This park is also a refuge for the native plants and animals and set up primarily to preserve the natural setting.
Polynesian Cultural Centre
4 Take a guided tour to the Polynesian Culture Centre and learn about traditional Hawaii, the natives, royalty and culture. There are villages you can tour and exhibits that explain the cultures of not only the Hawaiian Islands but also other islands such as Fiji and Samoa. There is the Hukilau Marketplace selling handmade crafts, jewellery, clothes and more. Enjoy a traditional Hawaiian meal and entertainment.
Waimea Canyon State Park
5 Take a sightseeing tour to Waimea Canyon which is also called the 'Grand Canyon of the Pacific'. Located on the west side of the island Kauai, it is over 3,000 feet deep and around 10 miles long. A very colourful area with red, green and brown the major colours and has stunning waterfalls that look even more spectacular with the frequent rainbows. There are great trails for hiking and hunting through the canyon.
Iolani Palace
6 On a guided tour of Iolani Palace, you are in a place of royalty that tells the fascinating story of Hawaii and her people. This Palace has been many things; home to a royal family, prison to an overthrown Queen, headquarters for martial law, the treasure to Hawaii’s first governor, nowadays it is a Cultural icon and National Historic Landmark. A grand museum with many original fixtures and fittings. A stunning regal mansion to visit.
Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
7 Take a sightseeing tour of Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden on Onomea Bay. It is a garden situated in a valley on the ocean in’ Big Island’ of Hawaii. Visit this museum of living plants with over 2,000 species that are protected from winds and lucky to have the fertile volcanic soil. On a nature trail through the tropical forest, you will come across bubbling streams, waterfalls and exceptional vistas.
Hulihee Palace
8 On a guided tour of this palace, you will see the summer holiday home for the Hawaiian royalty, built in 1838. With the way this palace, now museum, is done, you feel you are walking back in time to when the Royals were here. It features many artefacts relating to the royals and history to do with the historic village Kailua-Kona where the palace is located. It was restored in 2009 after being damaged by an earthquake in 2006.
Banzai Pipeline
9 It would be a mistake not to put The Banzai Pipeline Hawaii into the top ten. Not necessarily a place to see or take guided tours, it is known worldwide by surfers. The Banzai Pipeline is perfect barreling waves that surfers surf through the centre. One of the best places in Hawaii for these is at Ehukai Beach Park on North Shore Oahu. For any surfer, it is a unique experience and once you have done it, you will want to do it again.
Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park
10 Take a guided tour to Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park located in Kona. It is a national historic park of 180 acres that was once home of royal grounds and a place where ancient Hawaiian lawbreakers took refuge. If you broke kapa or sacred laws the only way to escape the punishment of death was to each a Puuhonua or sacred place where an absolution ceremony would take place and the person was able to return to society.

Travel Tips for Hawaii

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