Enjoy a Private Tour of Pasadena and Experience Picturesque Old Charm

Never pass up a delightful opportunity to experience a private tour of Pasadena, a city that has held on to its old time charm.

In the United States, Pasadena is best known for the hosting College Footballs Rose Bowl Game on the 1st January every year and the annual parade that goes along with it, but it is also a cultural gem and home to Arts and Crafts- style architecture that is some of the best found in America.

There are plenty of fantastic places to go and see in Pasadena on a city tour that is in complete contrast to anywhere else in Los Angeles. There are great museums on everything from great art, children orientated, historical or cultural. Theatres and stadiums for excellent entertainment. Canyons, Botanic gardens and parks are examples of some of the outdoor places to visit.

Let the activities begin!
The Rose Bowl
1 Take a guided tour of one of Pasadena’s National Historic built in 1922, the Rose Bowl Stadium. See not only the stadium and field but all the fascinating memorabilia in the museum and hanging on walls all over. Every year on new years day, it holds the Tournament of Roses Football Game. The Super Bowl has been held here a few times as has World Cup Soccer matches. Many top Artists perform concerts here too.
The Gamble House
2 On a sightseeing tour visit The Gamble House which is one of Pasadena’s architectural landmarks. In 1907 David B. and Mary Gamble of Procter & Gamble Company commissioned this building. The architects were Henry and Charles Greene known for their iconic Arts and Crafts style. This stunning building is a wonder to walk through with many details still original including the interior decor. The pristinely kept gardens are lovely too.
The Norton Simon Museum
3 On a guided tour of The Norton Simon Museum, you are in one of the Top Art Museums in Los Angeles. See the quality collection of impressionists from Van Gogh, Renoir and Picasso. Picasso’s ‘Woman in a  Book’ stands out on this tour. There are sculptures inside and outside from Degas and Rodin. There is also a collection of art from South-east Asian that is worth seeing especially if you are an Art enthusiast. 
Eaton Canyon Falls
4 Take a sightseeing tour to Eaton Canyon Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains. This forty foot tall canyon fall fills the amphitheatre at the top of the Canyon Trail. It is a perfect place to rest when on the trail with refreshing water that is waist deep. On the trail through the creek bed be prepared to get your feet wet as there is a good bit of rock hopping along the way. Visit the nature center while you are here too.
The Pasadena Playhouse
5 On a guided tour of the Pasadena Playhouse, you will learn that this is the Official State Theater of California and was established in 1917. For launching new works and landmarks revivals, the Playhouse is instrumental. It was a College of Theater Arts and produced great actors such as Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman and Raymond Burr. The Playhouse has performed over 1,200 productions so far and still going strong.
Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
6 Although technically in San Marino the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens borders Pasadena.On the 120-acre estate of railroad and utility magnate Henry E. Huntington, you will see an extensive research library on American and English Literature and Art as well as literature on the American West. The Botanical Gardens have many varied and beautiful plants, shrubs and flowers from the area and all over the world. 
Kidspace Children’s Museum
7 For a tour specifically aimed for children take a guided tour of Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena. The exhibits are educational and fun with many of them interactive. The children just play unbeknown to them that they are learning educational stuff. The aim of this museum is to inspire and educate children, which there certainly achieve. Parents and guardians are expected to supervise their children, but there are staff to help.
NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 For a new perspective on the night sky take a guided tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This is a branch of NASA that is responsible for creating and monitoring all satellites, unmanned robots and any other research vessel that is sent into outer space. You get to see replicas of robots in space, the model of the Voyager, a full-scale Mars Exploration Rover and much more. A fascinating place for both young and old.
Pasadena City Hall
9 Take a sightseeing tour to Pasadena City Hall at the center of Pasadena Civic Center. This building is an example of ‘City Beautiful’ style from the 1920’s with influences in the architecture from Italy and Spain. Originally opened in 1927, it was retrofitted for earthquakes from 2004-2007. You cannot climb to the top of the Dome, but you can climb the corner towers. The baroque fountain and courtyard are good to see too.
The Pacific Asia Museum
10 This museum was specially designed to look like a Chinese Villa built in 1929. Originally it was home and sales gallery for Grace Nicholson who dealt in oriental and western art. The museum is small with six galleries around the inner courtyard chinese garden that in itself is an exhibit. The garden has architectural elements, sculptures and plants that are significant to the look wanted here. There are many stunning items on show.

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