Take a Private Tour to Nevada for the Most Luxurious Sauna Ever

Take a private tour to Nevada for the most luxurious and best sauna you will ever have in the heat of this city.

It is not just the scorching hot weather that we are talking about here, it is the 'hot' cities to holiday in, with 24-hour casinos and entertainment.

There is a very good possibility you will lose track of, not only time in a day but, days when you are in Las Vegas especially.

Nevada, situated in the west of the United States, is defined by its vast landscape of desert and also by the goings on, attractions and lively entertainment in its largest city Las Vegas.

The State of Nevada is not all about casinos and night entertainment, it is also abundant in culture and history and there are loads of different sightseeing tours or guided tours to take you to places where you get to see and learn amazing things.

Such places to go and tour are Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Tahoe, and lots of different museums.

Safe to say your intellectual and wild side are both catered for in Nevada   Read More...

Take a City Tour of Nevada's Unique Las Vegas Strip or a Sightseeing Tour of the Raging Hot Red Rock Canyon

Take a Private Tour to Nevada for the Most Luxurious Sauna Ever

After you have finished your private tour or sightseeing tour, take a walk to do some shopping.

There are excellent prices for all ranges of clothes in the Outlets that are scattered around the outskirts of large cities.

Other alternatives for private tours in Nevada are the fishing or jet skiing excursions on the lakes, having guided tours of the many museums or seeing the famous landmarks that are found all over Nevada.

There are lots of exciting and entertaining places to bring the children; they will love Madame Tussauds, the huge circus, the Adventuredome and the Discovery Children's Museum, all of which are found in Las Vegas.

Top 10 Things to Do in Nevada

Las Vegas Strip
1 A guided tour of Las Vegas Strip is an absolute must when in Las Vegas, Nevada. You are brought along the most famous and stunning stretch of road. You will see the most amazing buildings with amazing architecture and design. The monuments, statues, fountains and other features along the strip are great photo opportunities too. Be sure to have comfortable shoes on as you do not want have to stop halfway!
Lake Tahoe
2 Located in the Sierra Nevada of the United States is the large freshwater lake called Lake Tahoe. A brilliant place to take a private tour for all the wonderful activities and beautiful scenery. In Northern America, it is the largest alpine lake and it straddles the borders of California and Nevada. During December and January, there is great skiing on the snowcapped mountains and water skiing in the summer months. Lots of great fun!
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
3 Take a sightseeing tour to the Red Rock Canyon to see the unique geologic features, plants and animals. The drive up to the Red Canyon is spectacular to see; you will be amazed. There are lots of things to do around the conservation area includes horse riding, mountain biking, rock climbing and nature observing. The visitors centre has indoor and outdoor exhibits to investigate and learn so much about the area, plant life and animals.  
National Automobile Museum
4 Take a guided tour of the National Automobile Museum which is found in Reno, Nevada. See the fantastic displays of historic automobiles for the late 19th century and all the way to the 20th century. This museum is reported to be so impressive that it set the standard for auto museums worldwide because it is so well set up, organised and has great exhibits. See the vintage, classic, weird and wonderful vehicles from all eras.
Mob Museum
5 Officially this museum is known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, the ‘Mob Museum’ is a fascinating guided tour. You are provided with a world-class and interactive journey through the organised crime world through true stories. Learn about the birth of the Mob all the way to today's headlines. The exhibits show articles about the mob and the items they used during their crime spree.  
Valley of Fire State Park
6 Another great sightseeing tour to take is the one to Valley of the Fire State Park. This is a public recreation and nature preservation area that covers almost 46,000 acres in the Mojave Desert. The impressive sight of the Arch Rock which was formed over many millennia by gale force winds and rain is wonderful to see. A great photo opportunity and look out for this rock is the western movies as it was a very popular location.  
Lake Mead
7 Take a private tour to the largest reservoir found in the United States that is measured by water capacity. It was formed by the Hoover Dam along the Colorado River. It is a popular place for tourists to come with lots of activities to do and fabulous sights to be seen. The wildlife to see around here consists of bighorn sheep and desert tortoise. The activities include jet skiing, swimming and much more.
Great Basin National Park
8 Found in the eastern part of Nevada and near the Utah border, why not take a sightseeing tour to here. It is in the Great Basin Desert and has the majority of the South Snake Mountains which have spectacular mountain hugging Wheeler peak scenic drives. There has marble cave called Lehman with distinctive stalactites to wander around. There is so much activity in the park that you will be worried you will not have enough time.
Fremont Street Experience
9 When on a city tour, you will experience Fremont Street. It is a five block district of entertainment in the historic downtown part of Las Vegas. At the centre is a ViVa Vision which is the largest video screen in the world. It is suspended90 feet above the pedestrian mall and looks like a colourful canopy. It truly is an experience to come here and see live concerts and entertainment on three stages. It is fun and lively place.
10 A trip to Nevada and Las Vegas can not be complete without a guided tour of the Bellagio. It is a famous casino and luxurious hotel of very impressive architecture and beautiful style. Many a movie has been filmed in this location over the years. The botanical gardens are as impressive as the hotel. It is also home to a wonderful art museum and live music entertainment by the top artists of the world. 

Travel Tips for Nevada

Let the activities begin!
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