A Private tour Of The Majestic Splendour ,The Ruins of Angkor Wat

Breathe in on a private tour Majestic splendour, the ruins of Angkor Wat and its ancient carvings….take a private tour of Angkor Wat the jewel in the Khmer Crown and the home of the largest religious monument in the world…

A genuinely spiritual place that fills you with excitement and anticipation as soon as you arrive on your Angkor Wat guided tours…So iconic is this area and its magnificent Temple that it graces the National Flag of Cambodia and is a great source of pride to its people…

Let the activities begin!
Full-day Private Tour of Phnom Kulen
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North of Siem Reap, visit the holy Kulen Mountains, also referred to as Phnom Kulen (“Mountain of the Lychees”) and CNN HERO.

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Angkor Wat
Full Day Hidden Temples & Jungle Temple in Beng Melea Private Tour
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Today we have a long journey west to the Beng Melea and visit Peoung Komnu that lies at the foot of the southern cliff of Phnom Kulen.

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Scheduling Private Tour Angkor Wat
Guided Floating Village Tour
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We depart to Kampong Phluk. A great glimpse of traditional river-dwelling life, Kampong Phluk is a cluster of three villages featuring stilted houses!

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3 Scheduling Shared Tour Angkor Wat
Bike Tour: Angkor Wat Full Day Tour
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Pedal to several temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park on a bicycle tour that offers a different perspective on Siem Reap’s major attraction.

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8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Siem Reap
Discover Angkor Complex With a Full Day Private Tour
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Immerse yourself in the history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archaeological sites. Explore every corner of this UNESCO site.

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Siem Reap
Discover Angkor Complex in Siem Reap With a Joining Tour
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An amazing tour to Angkor Complex, while you are in Siem Reap is a must. Explore every corner of this UNESCO heritage site.

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8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Siem Reap
Angkor Photo Tour in Siem Reap
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Experience an Angkor photo tour in Siem Reap where you will not only get great photos but will be left with amazing memories from your day.

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12 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Siem Reap
Bayon Temple
1 Considered by Khmers to be the exact position between heaven and earth the Bayon Temple is the true highlight of Angkor Thom. Though lost in the jungle for many years it has emerged into the world again, and its spectacular carved stone faces said to depict the King himself smile down on the traveller. Private tour to Angkor Wat will show many temple carvings depicting everything from village life to mighty battles and are well preserved.
Angkor Wat
2 The magnificent Temple of Angkor Wat is quite simply the jewel in the Khmer crown and a truly wondrous archaeological feat. This is is one of the most well-preserved Temples of the region and is so iconic that the temple outline appears on the national flag of Cambodia. Neglected for many years although never completely abandoned it has been relatively saved from the invading jungle by its large moat still in use.
Neak Pean
3 Although relatively small compared to other Temples of the area Neak Pean has some unique features and is still worth a visit. A total of 5 pools make up the complex with the Buddhist Temple built on an artificial island at the centre. The surrounding lake was constructed as a replica of the lake on the top of the Himalayas where in ancient times it was thought to be the top of the universe. Take a custom tour and explore for yourself.
The Baphuon
4 In a poor state after being left neglected for years, this Temple eventually collapsed into the surrounding forest and disappeared into the undergrowth. In the 1970s archaeologists began the enormous headache of putting back together this huge rock jigsaw. After a brief hiccup during the war, renovation sped ahead and finally was completed in 2011. Guided tours of Angkor Wat will take you to the unmissable giant reclining Buddha.
Angkor Thom
5 Set over 10m2 and surrounded by a moat the last great capital of the Khmer Empire Angkor Whom or Great City could not be more aptly named. Built on the West Bank of the river and surrounded by high walls it is hard to imagine any potential invaders contemplating invasion. A sightseeing tour has so much to see here including the Terrace of the Elephants and Terrace Leper King as well as five colossal gates each with a causeway over the moat.
Siem Reap
6 Ancient gateway to the Temples of Angkor visitors flock to this region for its culture and varied cuisine. A tour of this now hip metropolis Siem Reap has emerged from its past and reinvented itself to be a hip and trendy place to stay. With its many chic hotels and world-renowned dining experiences, it has something for everyone from backpackers to honeymooners. A place to be enjoyed at leisure and not to be rushed.
7 Sitting in the centre of the first Angkorian capital Bakong this Temple is an early example of the use of stone instead of brick. Surrounded by an attractive moat, it still has some well-preserved carvings, and its design set the stage for construction for the next 400 years. Take a private tour of Angkor Wat and see the step pyramid in the inner enclosure and is said to be modelled on the sacred mountain of Meru in Hindu mythology.
Banteay Kdei
8 Banteay Kdei or Citadel Of Monks is a ramshackle Buddhist Monastic Complex fallen into disrepair due to its poor construction of sandstone. This once impressive sprawling complex was occupied at different periods by various Monk Orders until late 1960 and is perfect for getting off the beaten track and exploring for yourself. Not much is left of its former glory, but there is still an abundance of rock to be climbed.
Preah Khan
9 At the far northern edge of the Archaeological Park is one of the most significant Temples built by the Khmer empire. The Preah Khan or Sacred Sword compound is defined by its impenetrable walls and huge moat and is still protected by the dense jungle. While the wooden huts and the hospital for the commoners have long ago been destroyed its many well-preserved shrines, towers and a Hall of Dancers remain intact.
Terrace of Elephants
10 Facing the parade and procession grounds the Terrace of Elephants is part of the Royal Terraces and was built in the 12th century. The King was said to stand on this terrace to address the citizens of Angkor and listen to their complaints. Take an Angkor Wat guided tours and look up high on this terrace.  Here you can see the elephant heads that give it its name with some of their long trunks forming the original pillars of the walkway.

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