Sail down the Seine on a Fabulous Private Tour in France

Described as a chic and romantic city, France is the world’s top tourist destination in the World, every region in the country boasts its own major tourist attractions.  Sail down the Seine on a Fabulous Private Tour in France.

The 'must' visit town of Paris is known as the "City of Light" because it was one of the first European cities to have gas street lighting.

The French Riviera (the Mediterranean coastline in the south-east of France with many seaside resorts, yachts and golf courses), Bordeaux (city of wine and traditional stone mansions) and Disneyland Paris (one of the most visited attraction in Europe for a perfect family outing) are just the names of a few great destinations to visit in France.

Both the day and nighttime tours promise its own magnificent sights that will delight and intrigue all visitors.

For those who love to relax and take in the view without having to walk, don't forget to take a river cruise of the famous Seine River. Alternatively, paint the town red in one of the many nightlife entertainment locations after a long day of sightseeing. 

Custom Tours to France have something for everyone; for the young and old.   Read More...

Sail down the Seine on a Fabulous Private Tour in France

France is renowned for its cuisine (in particular for its wines and cheeses) and its international reputation for fine dining. The traditional French culture places a high value on the enjoyment of food.

Finding the right restaurant is, therefore, very important. The better way is to ask the locals, hotel staff or even using the internet to browse for restaurant guides for recommendations or simply walking down the street to see which place is full of diners. 

There are many places to try French food in France, from three-star brassieres which are large, busy places with traditional menus and where the food is good, to bistros; small personal restaurants to cafes that you can find at almost every corner in the major cities.

Undoubtedly, France is one of the oldest and well-known wine-producing regions of Europe. Almost all French champagne is produced in the Champagne region in France. 

Are you surprised that French is spoken by more people in Africa than in France? Action has been taken by the government to promote the French culture and to set an official standard of language purity for the French language. 



Top 10 Things to Do in France

1 Paris – the magnificent Louvre, the impressionist and impressive museums, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, amusement parks, clubs, tradition, as well as superb cuisine, this list goes on and on for things to see and enjoy. Paris is principally beneficial to individuals who cherish art and eating because the city possesses a long, rich record with both. Ensure that you try the beautiful pastries as you embark on private tours of France!
2 The space around Lyon provides great castles as well as modest villages. It’s ideal for those seeking to take a look at the French countryside. Should you need a glance at medieval France, this is where you ought to go. The whole spot is a UNESCO World Heritage place and also really feels as though you have moved back into the past. Pre-book your sightseeing tour you will not be disappointed.
3 This little kingdom is residence to very small streets, beautiful architectural structures, a globally famous casino, as well as huge contemporary yachts. Spend time with society’s well-heeled, individuals on private tour who head to the Cote D’Azur from other areas of France all through the summer season. Fabulous place to sightsee. Also famous for the Grand Prix !
French Alps
4 The French Alps provide you with some of the most active ski slopes in European countries. In case you’re in Europe in the winter season and thus at a loss on what to do, you will want a group together as well as hiring a ski chalet in your private tours of France, or perhaps staying in one of the slope-side resorts or maybe hostels. Get lots of beer as well as wine to warm you up!
5 People say Nice is nice. However, you’ll need to discover precisely how Nice it really is on your own. This destination beach city in the southern part is a popular location for spending budget tourists who would like to soak up the sun in the south part of France, but may not be in a position to afford Cannes or simply Monaco. So head here to explore the simple parts of the glorious coastline.
6 Bordeaux is stunning and well worth all the Euros you are going to spend! Bordeaux bears one among the longest and finest shopping roads in Europe, awesome seafood (consume at Le Petit Commerce), beach front access, indeed, wine. It’s an excellent destination to diverge from your backpacking mindset. In proximity to Paris, it’s my personal favourite place in France.Great guided wine tasting tours available !
St. Tropez
7 If you are a bit bored and want a bit of relaxation and a bit of luxury head to St. Tropez hire yourself a motorboat and head around the stunning islands while sunbathing, and see the beautiful hillside areas, swim in azure blue colour water, and who knows maybe see a few famous people doing the same ! Guided yacht tours are available !
PARC DE LE Villette
8 This recreational area is host to a scientific research museum while some other strange points of interest. There is certainly a large selection of architectural follies, motif gardens, as well as an open area for action and then exploration. It had been created for youngsters, including adults as well as being an adventure sightseeing tour.
Vimy Ridge
9 France was ground zero through the Very first World War, and also you can still find a lot of signs of the ruin caused in those years around the nation. As an example, two important fights occurred at Vimy Ridge (which labelled significant achievements for Canadian forces) as well as Verdun. The two sites have established leading Tourer centres and then visiting amenities. Book a guided tour and experience the war first hand.
Medieval city of Carcassonne
10 Carcassonne is an old walled location but still stands in the southern region of France. This city maintains lots of old nature and history and also provides a good amount of fascinating outlets and alleys to discover in private tours of France. Plenty of Photos opportunities to be had around this old town.
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Paris By Day in a Vintage car - Unsuspected Tour (2 hours)
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Nice City Discovery Segway tour - 1 hour
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Enjoy the pleasure of an unforgettable one hour trip on the Segway gyropod by exploring the most beautiful sites of the Old City of Nice.

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Paris By Day in a Vintage car - Mythic Tour Tour (3 hours)
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Nice Grand Segway tour - 2 hours
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Discover the most beautiful sites of the Old Town of Nice on your Segway, then, climb the hill of the castle to discover the beautiful views of the Bay of Angels!

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2 hours Nice
Nice - Villefranche-sur-Mer - 3 hours by Segway
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Glide along the seafront from Nice to Villefranche-sur-Mer on a 3-hour Segway tour. A ride where the panoramic views succeed each other for your pleasure, and for your eyes!

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Paris By Night in a Vintage car - Classic Tour (2 hours)
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What a better way to see Paris by night than in a Vintage car ? Be picked up at the hotel, ride in the City of Lights with no trafic !

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Paris By Day in a Vintage car - Classic Tour (2 hours)
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 With Paris Authentic meet a true Parisian who relates to you the city a ride in a Vintage Car !

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