Sensational Adventure Tours South Dakota Go Way Beyond the Normal Quota

For thrill seekers all over the world, the sensational adventure tours South Dakota offer go way beyond the normal quota thanks to the stunning diversity of landscape and attractions found here.

South Dakota is situated in the centre of the United States and offers rugged natural beauty, spectacular vistas, natural wonders and breathtaking monuments. Let's not forget either the friendly people who are only too happy to welcome you and help you out when on any of the South Dakota guided tours.

While Mount Rushmore National Monument is probably the main reason many people come to visit here, there is a variety of South Dakota culture tours to museums and pioneer villages that should not be missed. Having said that, the majestically carved heads of four former presidents of the United States on Mount Rushmore is the most impressive historical monument around and must have been an inspiration for the work in progress Crazy Horse Memorial, the carving in the mountain of Chief Standing Bear.

Now onto the adventures and challenges...

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Black Hills Greatest Hits Exceptional Private Full Day Tour
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Mount Rushmore National Monument
1 Possibly the number one place to visit on South Dakota Scenic Driving tours is Mount Rushmore National Monument. It is breathtaking to see the heads of four great former American presidents carved into the mountain. The presidents are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Designed by Gutzon, the carving began in 1927 and completed in 1991 with work stopping for a few decades in between.
Badlands National Park
2 Uniquely formed pinnacles and hills provide a dramatic and surprisingly beautiful landscape of Badlands National Park with a roaming free herd of Bison as an added attraction. The Loop road in the Badlands which is perfect for South Dakota scenic driving tours from the Pinnacles entrance in the northwest to the Ben Reifel Visitor Centre. Also found in the Badlands is North America’s last remaining intact prairie landscapes.
The Black Hills
3 Adventure tours South Dakota are in abundance wherever you visit in the Black Hills. Challenge yourself to some daring rock climbing in the summer and then ice climbing in the winter when the even the waterfall freezes. Due to the number of trails, there is a different hiking or walking tour for every day of your visit here, if you have the energy. This is a great place for amateur or professional photographers too.  
Custer State Park
4 Take South Dakota scenic driving tours through Custer State Park which is among the largest state parks in the United States. See the well known ’Needles’ which are granite spires as you travel along Needles Highway and the Iron Mountain Road. This is a place for great outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding and biking around the lakes, streams and forests. Watch out for the wide variety of wildlife on your trip.
Jewel Cave National Monument
5 Enjoy South Dakota guided tours to the world’s second longest cave, Jewel Cave not far from Rapid City. As you tour the Jewel Cave National Monuments, you will have lanterns to help you along the way. This cave has approximately 150 miles of passageways which are mapped and there are great spelunking tours offered through the passages which are not so well developed. A fascinating and must-see place for tourists.
Crazy Horse Memorial
6 Another fascinating sight to behold on South Dakota culture tours is Crazy Horse Memorial. Still a work in progress since 1947, this is another carving into a mountain but this time of Chief Standing Bear. So far the head has been carved with his upper body and horse still to come. There is a life-size statue of what the completed carving will look like and an on-site Indian Museum of North America to explore.
Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Legacy
7 The author of the Little House books which inspired the popular TV series from the 70’s and 80’s, The Little House of on the Prairie, homesteaded in the 1880’s with her parents in a rural spot near a small place called De Smet which is not far from Sioux Falls. There are many historic buildings to visit on South Dakota culture tours which include the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Homes or get hands-on in Ingalls Homestead.
Spearfish Canyon
8 Spearfish Canyon is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year with the Fall (Autumn) having the most vibrant colours with the changing colours of the foliage. This is a natural area well known for its dramatic cliff walls, spectacular waterfalls, ponderosa and spruce pine trees. Take part in adventure tours South Dakota have on offer here or just enjoy the nature and atmosphere while on leisurely walks.  
Mammoth Site
9 Take fascinating South Dakota guided tours of the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs. It is here you will find a large quantity of Columbian mammoth bones. On these guided tours, you will see mammoth bones which are partially uncovered shown as they were found. You will also get to know a bit about the whole excavation process. There is an on-site Ice Age Exhibit Hall which displays fossils that were found underground.
Corn Palace
10 In Mitchell, South Dakota, you will find the only Corn Palace in the World and a popular tourist attraction. Originally the palace was built to prove the everyone else that South Dakota had a very healthy agriculture climate. Nowadays it is a tourist attraction and home to many festivals. Every year the Palace is redecorated with native grasses and of course naturally coloured corn with other grains added too.

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