With Fantastic Adventures to Enjoy, Take a Private Tour of Illinois

With fantastic adventures to enjoy and thrill take a private tour of Illinois. This midwestern state borders Indiana in the East and has the Mississippi River to the west.

Illinois has the nickname “the Prairie State” since 1842 when the State was covered with prairie grasses. To this day it is farmland, rolling hills, forests and wetlands.

You would never think it is or was a prairie when you visit the fast and furious city of Chicago or Illinois’s capital city, Springfield. On a city tour you will see a place full of skyscraper skylines or fantastic architecture from years gone by.

There is much to do when you take a sightseeing tour or private boat tour in Illinois and its cities. For instance, you can sail on Lake Michigan, one of the five great lakes in North America.

It happens to be the only one whereby it is entirely in the United States all the other borders Canada.

Visit the multitude of historical and cultural sites and be awakened to the fascinating history of this marvellous state.

Let the activities begin!
Magnificent Mile in Chicago
1 When on a sightseeing tour of Chicago, Illinois, a walk down Magnificent Mile is a must do. There are museums, restaurants, hotels, lots of entertainment hangouts and of course ‘the Shopping’. There are everyday stores and then high-end boutiques for you to linger through. Other well-known buildings, you may recognise the names, on the mile, are the John Hancock Building, Tribune Tower, Trump Tower and The Wrigley Building.
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield
2 Take a guided tour of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and you are entering the first major Experience Museum. There are priceless historical artefacts combined with BRC innovation which offers you an engaging, educational and emotional experience. This is the best attended Presidential Library and Museum with collections on Abraham Lincoln, the American Civil War and many other things to do with his era. 
Navy Pier in Chicago
3 Take a sightseeing tour of this Chicago landmark, the Navy Pier which is the People’s Pier and Chicago’s lakefront treasure. It is an architecturally stunning are that offers extraordinary views of the lake, land and skyline. Its motto is to offer dynamic and varied experiences through programs that inspire wonder and discovery and to celebrate the deep-rooted history. It is the authentic Chicago experience you want when visiting here.
Starved Rock State Park
4 Take a sightseeing tour of Starved Rock State Park which is a wilderness area on the Illinois River. A popular tourist attraction with steep sandstone canyons that were formed by glacial meltwater. Several of the canyons have incredible waterfalls and the Lover’s Leap Overlook wooden trail has spectacular views of the Starved Rock Dam and river. You may be lucky to see such wildlife as white-tailed deer and bald eagles.  
Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford
5 Take a soul invigorating guided tour of Anderson Japanese Gardens. The gardens were constructed in 1978 after John Anderson was inspired by a visit to another Japanese garden. Its designer and master craftsman is Hoichi Kurisu is still overseeing the placement of every rock, tree and layout of paths. When here you surround with nature outdoors in a setting that inspires the mind and energises the soul.
Cahokia Mounds in Collinsville
6 Take a sightseeing tour to the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site which is the site of a pre- Columbian Native American city. It is situated directly across from the Mississippi River. Regarded as America’s Lost City, Cahokia was born with a bang and died of unknown causes. This largest archaeological site in North America is preserving the remains of the large man-made earthen structures spread over 2000 acres.
Lake Michigan
7 While on a sightseeing tour of Lake Michigan you see one of the five Great Lakes of Northen American and the only one that is entirely in the United States. It has great beaches with important dune regions that you can learn about at the Gillette Sand Dune Visitor Center. There are dozens of lighthouse spaced around all of Lake Michigan and the Michigan Maritime Museum that are worth seeing. The sunsets are stunning!
McDonald’s First Store Museum in Des Plaines
8 Take a sightseeing tour to Des Plaines and you will see McDonald’s First Store Museum which despite its name is a replica of the ninth McDonald’s store. It was here that Ray Kroc opened the first franchise of what is now known as McDonald's and it was the ninth store opened where he had finally all the elements he wanted in the store. The original first McDonald's was torn down in 1984 and the ninth store replica was built as a museum.
Willis Tower Chicago
9 On a guided tour of Willis Tower, you are touring an 110 story and 1,450-foot skyscraper located in Chicago, the tallest building in America. In 2009 the Skydeck debuted a new exhibit experience whereby visitors can step outside into the ledges glass boxes that extend out 4 feet. From here you can see four states; Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. It is a breathtaking and spectacular experience and one every person should do.
Shedd Aquarium Chicago
10 Take a guided tour of Shedd Aquarium, the largest indoor aquarium in the world. There are more than 32,000  animals in this aquarium that combines the best of early 20th century characteristics with 21st-century advances in animal care, environments and interpretation. Not only do you see the animals but also you get to explore the world’s ocean, river and reefs. There are lots of exhibits, shops and restaurants too.

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