On a Private Tour of Colorado Springs, See Great Adventures Spring Up

See what great adventures spring up when you take a private tour of Colorado Springs, the State of Colorado second largest city.

It is located at approximately 6,000 feet above sea level and is paradise for both locals and tourists because of the pleasant weather, countless religious or national monuments and lush green forests.

The outdoor activity and sights are especially what tourists come to see in Colorado Springs. The Natural Beauty of Mother Nature’s gems such as Garden of the Gods and Seven Falls are breathtaking.

While you go on guided tour of trails through the National Parks, you will see the large variety of rare and wonderful flora or fauna such as elk or mule deer walking around in plain sight.

With so many historical and cultural museums, art galleries, castles, parks, natural beauty landmarks and not to mention the vast quantity of daredevil adventures, everyone's tastes and requirements are met on a visit to Colorado Springs.

Let the activities begin!
Full Day Colorado Springs Private Tour From Denver
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Visit the gateway to Western America and see some of the best mountain scenery in the USA. Ghost Town Museum also included.

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6 to 7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Colorado
Garden of the Gods
1 One of the most unique and stunning sightseeing tours is to Garden of the Gods. It is an area of jagged stone towers that jut up from the earth around 300 feet high with giant boulders and rock piles scattered around the landscape. A registered National Natural Landmark with a Visitor and Nature Center which is also a museum on the geology of the park. Here, is very popular for rock climbing, mountain biking and jeep and Segway tours.
Pikes Peak
2 Pikes Peak in Pike National Forest is a fabulous sightseeing tour to take. It is 14,115 feet high and is only second to Mount Fuji for being the most visited mountain in the world. The best thing about getting here is that you don’t have to climb to the peak if you don’t want to, it is accessible by Pikes Peak Highway or, alternatively, why not take the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. This is a three hour scenic round trip.
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
3 Take a guided tour of the only Mountainside Zoo found in the United States. It is located in the south-west of downtown Colorado Springs on Cheyenne Mountain and is home to the largest Giraffe herd in the world. Visitors can purchase lettuce to feed the Giraffes from unique walkways built, so you are at eye level with the 17-foot tall animals. Also apart from the amazing views and animals, there is an antique carousel. 
Seven Falls
4 For exceptional beauty, take a sightseeing tour of Broadmoor Seven Falls which is also known as the ‘ grandest mile of scenery in Colorado’. Located near Colorado Springs Seven Falls is a waterfall that cascades 181 feet in seven distinct steps down the cliffs of Pikes Peak. For the energetic, you can climb onto Inspiration Point by climbing 224 steps. To reach ‘eagles nest’ observation platform there is a mountain elevator.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
5 Take a guided tour of the only multi-discipline arts institution in the United States, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre. From starting off as an Art Academy in 1936, it is now an art gallery, art school, theatre and museum. It is possible to start your day in the Art Gallery, then the museum, have some lunch in the cafe, take part in a workshop for the afternoon and then, end the night watching stand-up comedy or a concert.
North Pole Home of Santa’s Workshop
6 For something completely different, especially on holiday during the summer, is a private tour of North Pole Home of Santa’s Workshop. This is an enchanted theme park where you get to meet Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and their elves in their home or workshop. Enjoy great rides such as the Christmas Tree Ride or Antique Carousel. Take the Aerial Tram or miniature train for views from high or low. Purchase unique gifts from cute village shops.
Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site
7 Take a guided tour of Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site and be spirited back in time. Learn and see what life was like in the American Indian Area, Galloway Homestead in the 1860’s, 1880’s Rock Ledge House and Chambers Farm and much more from other eras. Experience the rigours of homesteading, the perils of 19th-century agriculture and the sophistication of early 20th-century estates. It is extra special here around annual festivals.
Red Rock Canyon
8 Take a sightseeing tour to Red Rock Canyon which is a series of canyons and ridges that were sculpted by the erosion of uplifted rock strata. There are fabulous views from the ridges and canyons as well as sheltered enclaves. Walk or hike the trails over and through varied terrain, go horseback riding or cycling. Climbing is very popular, but you need to be registered with the Garden of the Gods before doing so.
Peterson Air & Space Museum
9 On a guided tour of Peterson Air & Space Museum, you are entering the oldest aviation museum in Colorado and one of 12 United States Air Force Field Museums. The vast museum complex is spread over three of four original airfield structures that were built between 1928 and 1941. The museum is named after a World War II US Army Air Corp pilot, 1st Lieutenant Edward J. Peterson who was from Colorado.
Ghost Town Museum
10 A great sightseeing tour to take for all the family is to Ghost Town Museum. This museum was created to preserve a piece of Colorado’s Wild West heritage in 1954. Walk through preserved towns from the wild west era, have a drink in the saloon or buy something from the General Store. The historical authentic old west artefacts are amazing to see and learn about.  Children get a turn of antique arcade games or to do some Gold panning.

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