Eureka! Your United States of America for a Custom Made Private Tour

For a eureka moment take a custom made tour to the United States of America.

Endless possibilities, adventure and once in a lifetime experience, that is what you get when you take a private tour of the United States of America.

It does not matter what type of holiday or tour you want; there is a state that will tick each box on your list. You can go from one extreme to the other here, for instance, go to one state for snow peaked mountain trekking and another state for lazing in the sweltering heat of the sun on a beach all at the same time of the year.

America is vast, so much so, there are time and seasonal differences in different parts of the Country.

As a tourist destination, USA is one of those places you just have to visit and go on custom made tours, at least once if not more times. It has some of the best places to go on private tour of, like Disneyland, Hollywood, Niagara Falls as examples of the hundreds or more things to see.   Read More...

Eureka! Your United States of America for a Custom Made Private Tour

In the USA, it is impossible not to find food to fall in love with. There is such a mix of different cultures and nationalities that the variety of good food is endless and the servings so big you are in heaven. 

Of course, let us not forget that fast food chains like McDonald’s came from America and spread throughout the world. We have so much to thank America for!

The social life in the United States is as big as the country. Weekends are spent watching American Football games or Baseball as all Americans are passionate about these and the atmosphere is exhilarating, well worth adding going to a game on a list of things to do on a private tour of the USA.

The options for nightlife are too many to list but just know there is always great things to do no matter what hour of the day it is. You are spoilt for choice for private tours with so many customs made tours to pick from.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in United States

Grand Canyon
1 The Grand Canyon is among the best known national parks, not only in the USA but the world. Continuously being carved by the Colorado River for six million years, the Canyon stretches over 277 miles long, 18 miles across and is an extraordinary natural wonder. Take a sightseeing tour to see the best panoramic views of the rim and the white water rapids. It is overwhelming because no picture does this canyon justice, it has to be seen.
2 The ‘Magic City’ is what many people call Miami. Why? because it is a mystical, spellbinding place to take a tour. There are glamour and beauty at every turn. A city tour will bring you to Lincoln Road for a shop till you drop, good food and 'people watch' day. Then you have to experience the sunset from the beaches, stunning and very romantic for couples. The nightlife is everything you expect
New York City
3 The fast, exciting city that is New York. A city tour of New York is just a small thing to do in a city of amazing things. An example of a perfect day for most; Start the day shopping in such stores as Barney’s or Bloomingdales, afterwards go to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building and finally at night a Broadway show and candlelit meal. This is the ideal breakaway city to go and lose yourself in.
Washington, D.C.
4 Famous for the city that is home to the President of the United States, Washington D.C is the capital city of America. A sightseeing tour in this city is exceptional with getting to see the Whitehouse, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument to name a few. A guided tour of the Smithsonian is an absolute must; you will be astounded with the quantity and quality in this famous national museum. Lots of entertainme
5 There is a gentle side to Orlando with nature reserves and museums and then there is the real Orlando which everyone knows and loves with theme park Capital of the world to entertain the inner kid in you and of course your own children. Be a prince/princess in Disneyworld, play quidditch in Wizardly World of Harry Potter or experience an adrenaline thrill in Universal Studios. Have a fantastical and magical tour of Orlando!  
Las Vegas
6 When you think of Las Vegas, you image a wild and exciting time in luxury hotels and casinos and you will be right! A stunning city of fabulously built themed hotels with the most amazing casinos, replicas of famous worldwide landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and an Egyptian pyramid. An electrifying and vibrant nightlife with famous musicians doing a year-long residency in top hotels. Not to mention, a quick place to get married!  
7 Possibly best known for being called the ‘Windy City’ Chicago can surprise any tourist. There is such diversity in the city from the bustle of midtown to the relaxing beaches of Lake Michigan. Chicago is multicultural and the harmony among every culture is impressive and heartwarming. There are lots of things to see and do while on a sightseeing tour and the wonderful social aspect and nightlife just makes any visit more enjoyable.
San Francisco
8 If you ever wanted to visit the Golden Gate bridge, then you need to visit San Francisco. As fantastic as this bridge is to see, there are many other things to admire too. The fact that this city is built on hills is unusual and you may have seen the best cars chases on TV or movies racing through these streets. Thankfully there are lots of cable cars going up and down them. The architecture of many houses is beautifully Victorian.
San Diego
9 Take a private tour through San Diego and you will see so much. This city is home to the very well known San Diego Zoo, the Museums of Balboa Park, Legoland and stunning gardens and sandy beaches. A guided tour of the Harbour is a must, to see the active fleet of the Navy and the USS Midway, an aircraft- carrier turned museum. There is always fine food and great entertainment to be found in San Diego to end a perfect day.
New Orleans
10 On the Mississippi River you will find New Orleans. This city is like no other,  known as the ‘Big Easy’ due to the easy going nature of the locals. This is party city with round the clock nightlife, a huge live-music scene and the most delicious, mouth-watering spicy food. But mainly if you go to New Orleans try to organise a tour during the worldwide known Mardi Gras festival, only then will you know what it is like to party! 
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