Why Would You Wish for a Washington Dc Private Tour? Why Not!

Why would you wish for a Washington DC Private Tour? Why not!, Possibly the most important state in the United States of America as it is home to the acting President in the famous 'White House'. All the biggest decisions that can affect the world are made in the Oval office here.

There are a lot of political, famous buildings and monuments to see in on a sightseeing tour of the city of Washington such as Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial and Capitol Hill. But don’t let that put you off if you think politics is boring, there is so much more to see and do in Washington

The Smithsonian Institute is a great place to take a guided tour and it will take more than one tour and a few day to see it all. The complex is made up of 19 buildings which house museums, art galleries and the National Zoological Park. The chain of movies 'Night of the Museum' is based upon the exhibits in the Smithsonian.   Read More...

See Washington D.C. By Your Very Own Custom Made Tour and Be Engulfed by Huge Monuments and the Beauty in This Amazing City

Why Would You Wish for a Washington Dc Private Tour? Why Not!

A little-known item of information about Washington D.C is that the very friendly people here love their wine and drink more wine per person than anywhere else in the United States.

The social aspect of Washington D.C is great,  after a long day touring the sights, there is always a lovely place to have a meal, go for an entertaining drink or dance the night away.

Some of the best music venues are in Washington D.C and always check who is playing when booking your breakaway here; you never know you might just get to see your idol!

The oldest fish market found in the United States is here. It was opened in 1805 on Maine Avenue and is still operating to this day. You will find fabulous fish restaurants nearby!

Top 10 Things to Do in Washington DC

The White House
1 On your guided tour of the White House, you are shown around the house and lawns. It is fascinating to see all the memorabilia in the rooms or hanging on the walls and your entertaining guide telling you little unknown facts you never knew before. There is a big difference in the atmosphere if the acting president or their family is on the premises when your tour is there and security is always on high alert.
The Smithsonian
2 There are many different guided tours to take at the Smithsonian. It is a massive complex that was first founded in 1846 and the largest museum, education and research complex in the world. There are 19 museums and galleries, nine small research facilities and the National Zoological Park. The collections found here are from all over the United States and shows the rich heritage of the nation. A brilliant place to tour.
The International Spy Museum
3 There are not enough words to emphasise how excellent this museum is. It is so unique in its contents and a must on guided tour. It has the largest collection of international spy/espionage artefacts on show. Some of the things you see are real items used by spies that you thought were just made up in James Bond movies. There are displays that show and tell how spies shaped history and how they continue to have an impact today.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
4 A heartwarming and a bit sad guided tour to take is the one to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial but well worth seeing. The controversy of the Vietnam War sparked many a debate over the years and this memorial is a fantastic acknowledgement to the men and women who died serving their country during this war. The 58,000 names are listed chronologically on the memorial and there is the statue to ‘The Three Servicemen’
U.S. Capitol
5 The Capitol building is regarded as the meeting place for the American people and their government to decide on the legislature of the nation. This is where Congress comes to vote new laws in or veto them. The architecture of the Capitol is stunning and it is home to an important collection of American Arts. Even though this is an important working building, it still allows visitors to come and view it on guided tours.
Lincoln Memorial
6 This memorial was completed in 1922 to commemorate President Lincoln, the16th President who was assassinated and who was the most important person in the United States to believe that ‘all men are equal’ back in the late 1800’s. To this day the memorial still represents to people a reminder that every day we must work towards a 'united, equal and free' society. An incredibly powerful place to visit!
7 Found between the White Hose and U.S.Capitol building, is Newseum. An interactive museum with powerful exhibits, the 9/11 Gallery with broadcast antennae from top of the world trade centre, Berlin Wall Gallery with actual bricks from the wall and much more. Since opening in 2008, there have been 6 million visitors on guided tours. Everyone at Newseum works together to make sure the freedoms of the 1st Amendment stay strong & protected.
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
8 On a sightseeing tour, you will see this formidable memorial. Dr Martin Luther King Jr was a very prominent leader of the civil rights movement in the 60’s. His influence was through speech and he did not believe any violence was necessary. His most famous speech was made on the steps of Lincoln Memorial after leading a march in 1963 where he says ‘ I have a dream’. He stood for freedom, opportunity and justice for all.
United States Botanic Garden
9 These gardens are found quite close to U.S. Capitol building and are breathtaking. There is an excellent collection of plants from everywhere in the world and a guided tour is very enjoyable. As you are brought around you will see exhibits from the desert, Hawaii, medicinal plants and tropical plants to name but a few. It is a very refreshing tour to take in among the bustle of the city.
Madame Tussauds Washington D.C.
10 The third Madame Tussauds to be opened in the United States and like all the others a great place to go on guided tour. Get up close to your idols and be mesmerised by the detail and how real the models look. The range of people to see are all the American Presidents and First Ladies, pop icons, sporting heroes, cultural icons and movie stars. An afternoon leisurely ambling through Madame Tussauds is a good time spent.

Travel Tips for Washington DC

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