Book a Private Tour of India It Is the Gem of Southern Asia

On guided private tours of India, explore unusual places such as the impressive temples, magical monasteries, mesmerising castles, lost kingdoms, surprising markets and some of the world’s most famous typical monuments !! 

Book a Private Tour of India it is the gem of Southern Asia and has to be on your bucket list for 2017 !!

Everything you need can be found between the golden seashores of the Indian Ocean and the snow-capped hills of the Himalayan mountains!

This beautiful country is a sub-continental place that consists of about 1.2 billion people!!

With all the choices India offers to tourists, it isn't difficult to see why a trip to India is a unique attraction for visitors.    Read More...

Book a Private Tour of India It Is the Gem of Southern Asia

India is known as the world’s seventh-largest country extending from the high hills of the Himalayas to the unique planes of Kerala, and from the holy Ganges to the beaches of the Thar wasteland.

It's more than one billion population are separated into two thousand cultural groups and speak over "200 different languages."

India has an infinite variety of societies, scenery, ancient monuments to take a guided private tour of and places to understand more about.

From the fantastic spiritual components, unique places, and diverse scenery, there is a great collection of India sightseeing opportunities and a Private Tour of India will never stop to amaze and captivate any guests.

Top 10 Things to Do in India

Taj Mahal
1 The Taj Mahal in Agra is a great mausoleum of white-colored stone, designed between 1632 and 1653 by the purchase of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his preferred spouse. The white-colored domed marble mausoleum, the Taj Mahal contains several other magnificent structures, showing private pools, and large decorative landscapes with blooming plants and shrubs. Taj Mahal is must-see first place on an Indian private tour.
2 Varanasi is located on the shores of the mighty River Ganges. Varanasi is divine to Hindus, Buddhists as well as Jains and is also considered amongst the most ancient endlessly inhabited towns worldwide. In lots of disciplines, Varanasi epitomises the best and most unfortunate facets of India. It could also be slightly too much to handle. You must explore Varanasi with a local private tour to not miss anything!
The Ajanta Caverns
3 The beautiful Ajanta caves were abandoned around 660 AD and unfortunately were left to fall into disrepair.  Many years later a British team found them, and they were then restored to the glory they are today. The beautiful wall paintings inside the cave show many images of how the inhabitants saw the world around them.  Surrounded by stunning snow covered mountains and the jungle below could still be filled with wild beasts!
4 The fort of Jaisalmer is a breathtaking citadel rising from the arid desert. Its mammoth honey gold walls shimmer like a mirage arousing memories of exotic trade routes and camel trains. Inside the fort amongst its meandering streets vendors put on a spectacular display of colourful materials and delicate embroidery which is hard to resist.  Although remote take a private tour to The Golden City! 
Harmandir Sahib
5 Take a culture tour of Harmandi Sahib better known as the Golden Temple and primary tourist attraction in Amritsar. One of the most significant spiritual spots for members of the Sikh faith its use of gold both inside and out make it a stunning spectacle.  Pilgrims from all over India visit this mystical place home to the largest kitchen in the world where free food is served daily regardless of religion or faith.  
Kanha national park
6 Kanha national park is among the most breathtaking wild animal's safari in the whole of Asia and one of best locations to capture a glance of a tiger in India. The lush sal and bamboo bedding jungles, grassy meadows and ravines of Kanha offered motivation to Rudyard Kipling for his favourite novel “Jungle Book” and turn this into one of the top destinations for tourists in India. A Private tour here is a must.
7 Regarded as Goas most idyllic beaches, Palolem certainly lives up to its reputation. Its long, sandy beaches surround a sheltered bay making it a fantastic place to swim or paddleboard. In high season the beach is lined with bamboo huts serving food and refreshments to the backpackers and families that come to relax and recharge their batteries. For the more adventurous hire a motorbike and explore the surrounding forests
Virupaksha temple
8 The Virupaksha Temple in the town of Hampi is one of the oldest structures in the city.  As a working Temple, its beautifully carved gateways and collonaded halls were slowly added over many years.  Originally only a small shrine existed here, but over the years it has grown to become a large Sanctuary.  Witness the daily bath of Lakshmi the Temple Elephant down by the river or for a small coin receive a divine blessing from her.
Lake Palace
9 The Lake Palace was built as a winter Palace by the Maharana Jagat Singh II in 1746.  Its dreamlike appearance sees it ‘floating’ above the lake with its surreal beauty reflected in the surrounding waters. Walls of white and black marble are embellished with precious stones, and its pavilions and tinkling fountains soothe the troubled soul.  Built facing east it allows its inhabitants to perform dawn prayer to the Hindu Sun God Surya.
Kerala backwaters
10 The Kerala backwaters are a sequence of both natural and manmade lagoons extending the whole of Kerala. Originally these canals were used to transport goods and people, but they now offer various private tours of the meandering estuaries. Ashtamudi Lake is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and several now endangered species of marine life. Travel by small houseboat or go traditional on a Kettuvallams, the old fashioned rice boats.
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