On a Private Sightseeing, Lhasa Tour Let Your Spirit Be Your Guide

The Buddha Land or the Holy Land is what Lhasa means in Tibetan, and it is here you find the centre of Tibet's economy, politics and culture. It was appointed as one of the twenty-four cultural and historic cities of China. 

Every year more and more people from every corner of the globe visit this vibrant city to explore its mysterious culture. Take a guided tour around Lhasa for a once in a life time experience to the unique scenery, mystical religion or engage in a sightseeing tour around many of its spectacular monuments. 

Explore the amazing the Potala Palace on an escorted tour; the palace remains a world famous symbol. This Grand structure is rated the No. 1 place to visit in Lhasa because of its magnificent arts, history and spectacular views from its highest point of Lhasa City. 

Without a doubt, Lhasa city is one of the most dreamt about cities in the world because of its magnificent scenery, cultural and spiritual history and exotic culture. Time spent in Lhasa is sure to give you value for your money.   Read More...

Experience Inner Peace on a Guided Tour of Jokhang Temple

On a Private Sightseeing, Lhasa Tour Let Your Spirit Be Your Guide

The Jokhang Temple is a place to experience inner peace when on a private guided tour. The Jokhang Temple (or Jokhang Monastery) is known to be the holiest destination for Tibetan Pilgrims. Located in the heart of the old town Lhasa, it is the spiritual centre of Tibet.

This 7th Century building has an amazing mix of architecture styles. Also, expect the sensation of serenity when you visit this Temple.

There are great activities to do in Lhasa as you explore the wonderful land. There are off-road tours in open-top jeeps, horse riding tours, hiking, camping, wildlife tours and the list goes on.

Top 10 Things to Do in Lhasa

Potala Palace
1 The symbol and landmark of Tibet is regarded to be The Potala Palace. It is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest palace in the world. Due to the marvellous architecture style, it is also recognised as being one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The Potala Place is rated as the best place to visit in not only Lhasa but Tibet too because of its brilliant arts, history and fantastic views.
Namtso Lake
2 Namtso Lake is located to the northwest of Lhasa. It's staggering altitude of 4718 m, makes this major tourist attraction, China's 2nd largest saltwater lake and the worlds highest saltwater lake - not surprising then to learn it is a popular destination for sightseeing tours. Namtso lake means Heavenly Lake in Tibetan and is considered as one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and used as a spiritual retreat. 
Jokhang Temple
3 The holiest attraction for Tibetan Pilgrims is the Jokhang Temple or Jokhang Monastery. Situated in the centre of the Old Town of Lhasa, it is the spiritual centre of Tibet. It is a beautiful 7th century, four storied building with a mix of the architectural style of Han, Tibetan, Indiana and Nepal. Visitors on guided tours experience the religious side of Lhasa and Tibet and the devotion of Tibetans.
Barkhor Street
4 Take a fascinating sightseeing tour of the Lhasa downtown and Barkhor Street. Like a miniature of Lhasa, visitors will discover another aspect of the Lhasa/Tibetan material life. There is an abundance of shops found along the street that have on display wonderful items including prayer wheels, Tibetan style clothing, thangkas, prayer flags, milk tea and more. An incredible place to take in the local Lhasa/Tibetan lifestyle.  
Sera Monastery
5 The Sera Monastery is known to be one of the 'great three' Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet. It is situated in the county of Lhasa. The Sera monastery is a complex of structures that contains an assembly hall and three colleges.  It is renowned for training scholars many that have attained fame in Buddhist nations. Visitors come to watch the monks debate and take in the culture of Buddhists.
Ganden Monastery
6 Ganden Monastery is the primary monastery in Tibet of the Gelug Sect. It sits on the Wangbori Mountain, which looks like a reclining elephant, in the Dagze area of Lhasa. It is 3,800 meters above sea level and the views are spectacular. With being built more than 600 years ago, this is a great place for history lovers to see on guided tour. Intrinsic architectural, standing Buddhas and stupas, it will please the eye.  
Norbulingka (the Summer Palace)
7 Norbulingka Palace, or Treasure Park' in Tibetan, is located in the western suburb of Lhasa. It has the largest man made garden in Lhasa, Tibet.  Norbulingka was built by order of the Qing Magistrate after the seventh Dalai Lama liked and often visited the area to meditate among nature and animals. It was the used by successive Lamas to solve political problems and hold festive celebrations. On guided tours expect to feel at peace.
Mentsekhang (Tibetan Traditional Hospital)
8 Mentsekhang (Tibetan Traditional Hospital) is the centre for the treatment, training, research and production of Tibetan medicine located in Lhasa and covers an area of 4000 sq meters. The history of Tibetan medicine dates back as far 2,300 years ago. This centre is also responsible for training Tibetan doctors, teaching the medical theory that is portrayed on Thangkas as a teaching tool. A fascinating place to visit on guided tour.
Tibet Museum
9 Take a guided tour of the Tibet Museum which you will find in Lhasa. The building that houses the museum is worthy of the tour alone for its magnificent architecture.Find within the museum a rich collection of prehistoric cultural relics including Buddha statues in different postures, gold albums, imperial jade seals, gifts granted by emperors, colourful tangkas, and local scriptures. Visitors can also see a variety of folk art.
Chakpori Hill
10 The spired peak of Chakpori Hill is 3725 m and ascends up a winding path offering a panoramic view of the ancient city and its beautiful landscape. Expect to amazed at the many Buddha, Gods a Scriptures that are engraved onto the cliff. Explore the well preserved Grotto that holds a history of over 1,000 years and the 69 stone statues that are carved into the rock. Known to be a favourite place of the Dalai Lama!

Travel Tips for Lhasa

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