Take a Private Custom Tour to the Tombs of Captivating Changsha

Situated near a valley along the Xiang River, Changsha is where you can view the famous tomb excavation site of Mawangdui on private guided tours. This great historical Changsha tour of the relics and the well-preserved mummified remains of a Western Han Dynasty are fantastic. Some of the thousands of relics found here include silk products, paintings, potteries, bamboo slips used for writing, and weapons which are all exhibited in the Hunan Provincial Museum where you can take a private custom tour.  

On a private Changsha, tour visit the entertainment venues in the city and see a mix of performances with traditional flavor and a little modern flare. People here are known for their acting and have created many traditional folk art performances of their own including operas, storytelling, and acrobatics a must see on Changsha city tours.

The bright lights of KTV squares, discos, clubs and the dancing squares light up the city at dusk. The city is lined with all sorts of bars and pubs including Romantic and quiet bars,  show bars, and western style restaurants which serve feasts of beautiful food.

Let the activities begin!
Yuelu Academy
1 In an area of 21,000 square meters lies the Hunan Yuelu Academy at the foot of Yuelu Mountain. Tour guides escort you through the Entrance Gate with a flush gable roof and an inscribed tablet which reads 'Thousand Year Old Academy.' Once you have entered, you will find the Hexi Terrace with a Chinese character for ‘Happiness and Longevity.'  Over the Main Gate is the official inscription for the Yuelu Academy.    
Mawangdui Han Tombs
2 Take a private guided tour to Wulipai, Changsha where these beautiful tombs can be found.  The Mawangdui Han Tombs were for the aristocrats of Changsha State in the early Western Han Dynasty. The coffin chambers were well laid out, and over 3,000 cultural relics have been excavated from the tombs, including a  thin gauze cloth, weighing 49g, exquisite silk writings, a women corpse that had been well preserved for over 2,000 years.  
Changsha Ferris Wheel
3 This 120-metre high Ferris wheel is located right beside the Helong stadium. Up to 6 people can sit in one cabin, and there are 48 cabins, each ride is around 20 minutes. The ride is slow so you can take time to enjoy some Changsha sightseeing which is spectacular on night tours. The safety measures of this ride are to a high standard and are impeccable.           
Kaifu Temple
4 Take a private escorted tour to Kaifu Temple, which is located to the north of Changsha.  It is one of China"s key Buddhist monasteries, these amazing Temple grounds are over 48,000 square meters. The monastery has a four and three layer memorial arch with a red wall standing 3 meters high. At the gate look out for the horizontal plaque reading "Ancient Kaifu Temple."
Xiangjiang River
5 Xiangjiang River is the largest river in Changsha and the Hunan Province and is one of the biggest tributaries of Yangtze River. It flows through the city of Changsha and is referred to as the mother river of Changsha.  A private guided tour of the scenic Xiangjiang River Belt extends from the south Heishipu Bridge right to the north of the Moon Island. 
Hunan Provincial Museum
6 Hunan Provincial Museum founded in the 1950's and located in the Kaifu District of Changsha City, joining the Martyres’ Park. Private guided tours will show the many collections that include cultural relics excavated from the Mawangdui Tombs, bronze collections of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, relics of Chu Dynasty, pottery and porcelain works, calligraphy works and paintings.  
Yuelu Hill Park
7 A private Mount Yuelu tour will show you the beautiful Hengshan Mountain which is located in the western suburb of Changsha, Hunan. It is around 300 meters high above sea level, with many ridges and peaks extending to several kilometers. The park is a lovely walk, where you can get away from the crowds and one of the best historical spots in Changsha.
Changsha Window of the World
8 Take a private guided tour to the window of the World which located on the banks of the Liuyang River, in the northeast of Changsha.  Here you will find green plants everywhere, with the gardens in different styles, which makes it the Window of the World and very charming. There are more than 100 great attractions from all over the world in the park.  
Tianxin Pavilion
9 Changsha is known for its long history, so there are many historical sites, and Tianxin Pavilion is one of them. Tianxin Pavilion stands on the ancient walls and is an unusual sight located on the old rampart of Changsha and built by the general of the army Yang Xi in 1746.  Rebuilt in 1983, with brown tiles, painted pillars, and corridor, the main pavilion is supported by 60 wood pillars, 32 copper bells and ten kissing dragons. 
Orange Isle
10 Orange Isle in the center of Changsha is where you can take a private sightseeing tour to the heart of the Xiang River. Orange Isle looks like a black silk ribbon lying in the middle of the river and has been a popular attraction for many years. Orange Isle also connects the Mount Yuelu in the west and the downtown in the east, and is 5km long with a width of 50-200 meters and a total area of 70kms.

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