Travel Through Tianjin on Private Guided Tour and Basque in Its Beauty

Tianjin is known as the metropolis in northern China and is one of the five national central cities of the People's Republic of China. This makes Tianjin an attractive destination and sees domestic and international tourists taking private guided tours all year round. Due to its natural resources and significant historical heritage, it has brought even more visitors in recent years.

Tianjin is a great place for anyone who likes architecture or the history of ancient China. Here, one can delve into the past with sightseeing tours to the many museums, temples and monasteries or join in on a custom tour to the  Great Wall of China at Hyuangya Pass and have an experience of a lifetime. Many hotels, hostels and guesthouses will meet your different needs and, as a bonus, Tianjin hosts all types of entertainment that will help to relax both your body and mind.

Tianjin climate sees four seasons, with hot, humid summers and cold and dry winters.

Let the activities begin!
Ancient Culture Street
1 This is a collection of streets with traditional Qing-style architecture and décor. Venture through the typically Tianjin style streets and be immersed in the delicately carved bricks and watercolour paintings. Take a guided tour to explore the unique attractions such as the handicraft tools, calligraphy and fine artworks. It is also a perfect place for handicraft tools if you to want to try out some chinese artwork for yourself.  
Tianjin Folklore Museum
2 Take a guided tour through the Tianjin Folklore Museum, where visitors can also see the Tianhou Palace ( it is a place where people go to pray for blessings). The museum holds over 2,000 items and exhibits the development of customs and traditions from a variety of aspects of daily life, clothes, trade and arts. The museum exhibits a reproduction of some folk customs such as a wedding and displays the ceremony. 
Dule Temple
3 A great place to take a sightseeing tour is the Dule Temple which is a temple built over a 1,000 year ago. The Dule temple not only attracts tourists for its museum but also because it is one of China's oldest wooden constructions and it has also miraculously survived 28 earthquakes. In the centre, there is a pavilion sanctified in honour of Guanyin,  a Chinese Goddess of Mercy. It was first erected in the Liao Dynasty.  
Great Wall of China at Huangya Pass
4 Have an experience of a lifetime with a custom tour to the Great Wall of China. Although the great Wall of China at Huangya Pass is situated outside of Tianjin City, it is within the same municipality. The Great Wall has a great significance dating back to the original construction to 556 AD. Visitors can enjoy walks along the terraces and turrets, visit the museum houses and capture great photographs.  
Beining Park
5 Brimming with seasonal colours Beining Park is an endless display of cherry blossoms. The Park is a great place to take a walk and have a picnic when you want a break away from the busy city.  Many ponds are connected by a long arched bridge where visitors flock to capture great photos. Dominating the park is the Zhiyuan Pagoda, towering more than 70 feet. The perfect place to take a break while on sightseeing tours.
Tea houses Tianjin
6 Tianjin has some of the most beautiful tea houses around which are great to visit on a custom tour.  Learn the ancient ritual of preparing, smelling and tasting the tea. Typically, the waitress (cha si) gives a presentation and invites the onlookers to come and sample the tea. It is something different to when travelling around the sites. These Tea Houses are a recommended experience when in Tianjin.
Temple of Great Compassion
7 Take a private guided tour to experience a taste of Buddhism when you visit the most famous local landmark in Tianjin, the Temple of Great Compassion. It is a splendid temple dating back to the Qing Dynasty and was famous for housing the skull of a famous Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang however, the relic was presented to India in the 1950s and is now held in a Patna museum. The temple was built in 1658 and is a fascinating place.
Tianjin Museum
8 Take a guided tour of the Tianjin museum, the second largest building in Tianjin. It is of impressive size and is built with a design in the shape of a giant swan. Visitors can enjoy the exhibits and displays of the museum's extensive collection of over 15,000 pieces. This three-storey building is home to vast collection of relics and objects that offer an insight into the economic, political and social background.
Antiques Market
9 Have a love for antiques? Then stop off at the Tianjin antique market when on a sightseeing tour of the city. It is packed with a large selection old items with collectable and nostalgic value. It is a great place to find old stamps, coins, old jewellery and even items connected to Chairman Mao. The best time to visit this unique marketplace is on a Sunday morning when it is in full swing, but it is open daily.
Tianjin Golf Courses
10 Most of the golf courses in Tianjin are within driving distance and are excellent quality. They all are pleasantly priced and offer great scenery too. The driving ranges are also a popular feature in the Tianjin larger golf clubs, along with the clubhouses, restaurants, caddies and equipment hire. Some of the main golf courses are Aroma Golf Club, Tianjin Island Country Club, Fortune Lake Golf Club and Yangliuqing Golf Club

Travel Tips for Tianjin