Uncover Uplifting Urumqi and Its Treasures on a Guided Adventure Tour

Uncover uplifting Urumqi and its treasures on a guided adventure tour. Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China and is referred to as a piece of emerald embedded at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains.

It is home to 49 minority ethnic groups and is an important stop along the Silk Road. When it comes to tourist treasures, Urumqi is sure to outshine many other provinces and cities. Take a guided tour to the Silk Road, the oldest and longest trade route connecting Western China to the Mediterranian. Home to much of the cultural treasures and relics, visitors get to see and buy many of the souvenirs offered by the ethnic minority groups along the way.

Or take a guided horse back riding tour to the inspiring Red Hill. Explore the many landmarks such as the greenery, pagodas and shrines that are found here.

A short stay in Urumqi is enough to give you a very good idea of old and new China. Expect to feel refreshed and revitalized after visiting this mind blowing city.

Let the activities begin!
8 Day Silk Road Highlights Tour from Urumqi
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Silk Road Highlights Tour views the must-see sites on the Silk Road including Urumqi, Turpan, Kashgar, Jiayuguan. You will acquire quick information in a short time.

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Xinjiang Regional Museum
1 Explore the Xinjiang Regional Museum on a privately guided tour, and you will not be disappointed. Located in Urumqi city, it is an integrated museum that is decorated beautifully in Uygur style and is home to more than 5,000 history relics and arts. There are three exhibition halls: The Ethnic Exhibition, the History Relics Exhibition and the Mummy Exhibition. Each exhibition offers its own unique and wonderful story.
Heavenly Lake
2 Heavenly Lake holds an ancient story that it was once a fairyland where heavenly queen lived. It ranks as the top resort in Xinjiang and Urumqi hence its popularity for sightseeing tours. Summer is best as the weather is warm and cruises/ boat tours are at a peak. Enjoy a guided tour of this marvellous place and soak up the beauty of the flourishing plants, inverted reflection of snow mountains and the blooming flowers around the lake.
Red Hill
3 Red Hill is known as a symbol of Urumqi, due to its unique reddish brown colour. It holds a legend of a dragon who killed someone and eventually parts of it became Red Hill. It is 1.5 km in length and 1 km wide. It attracts visitors on sightseeing tours from far wide to explore the park developed around it and watch the ethnic performances that are shown daily. At the peak of the hill, the whole city is before your eyes.
Shuimogou Park
4 Shuimogou Park is located 5 km northeast of the city of Urumqi and is a stunning place to see on a private sightseeing tour. It has a total area of 36 sq km and is recognised for its beauty and fame. There are cultural scenic spots as well as natural scenic spots. Found within the park are green forests, rivers, flowers and delicate structures such as pavilions and temples. A great place to relax.    
Tian Shan Mountains
5 Tian Shan Mountains are also called the Celestial Mountains or Heavenly Mountains. This large system of mountains is one of the seven mountain systems in the world and is situated in the Eurasia region. Visitors travel here from Urumqi on private guided tour, mostly in the summer months when the weather is not so cold and go horse riding or enjoy Kazakh folk customs. The famous Heavenly lake is a popular attraction here too.
Peoples' Park
6 When it is time to take a break from sightseeing tours of Urumqi and the busy city. Enjoy having a picnic or capture some photography of its nature when visiting this park. There is a lake to sit and soak your feet and a small playground for young children. In the centre, there is an old aeroplane with some signs telling its history. It is a green oasis with pristine gardens and a ceremonial pagoda.
Southern Mosque
7 The Southern Mosque is found in downtown Urumqi in the Xinjiang province. It is an important historic heritage site of this province and was built in 1919. It accommodates up to 1,100 Muslims. What is most interesting about this building is the architectural features that are found in the minaret. Unlike other mosques, it has a bathing pool, a guest reception and most of all, a grand and exquisite prayer hall.
The Southern Pasture
8 The Southern Pasture is found at the northern foot of Karawuquntag Mountain 75 km south of Urumqi. Among the most popular attractions is the West White Poplar Gully. When venturing through this narrow verdant gully with a guided tour see the lovely snow-capped peaks, dragon-spruce trees, waterfalls and wild flowers. This is an ideal place for a horseback adventure guided tour with local Kazakhs.  
Silk Road
9 The famous Silk Road is the world's oldest and longest trade route. It stretches from western China, central Asia, and Europe. It got its name "Silk Road" because  China silk comprised a large proportion of the trade along this ancient road. There many guided tours from Urumqi to take this route and experience the adventures of this old trade road.  Along the Silk Road the scenery is both spectacular and intriguing.
Khan Tengri Temple
10 Take a private guided tour of the Khan Tengri Temple which is located in the south gate of Urumqi. This is a fascinating tour as there is everything from traditional Islamic art, modern architecture mixed with old, mosques to see and even shopping malls. It is said that this temple helps to bring happiness to warriors and the Kypchak people and provides purpose and wisdom in the lives of people.

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