Take a Shanxi Province Private Tour and Witness a State Rich in Culture

A province rich in tourism including many historical sites, Shanxi is known as a province rich in history so when you take a Shanxi Province Private Tour you will Witness this culturally Rich Chinese State. Explore the House of the Huangcheng Chancellor on a Shanxi province walking tour and be amazed to find that it is actually a town which contains a group of castle-style buildings.

A sightseeing tour of the Shanxi province to Hukou Waterfall, the second largest in China and the largest yellow waterfall in the world is a must. A Shanxi province historic tour to the world-famous Hanging Temple will leave you in awe as you explore this marvellous piece of architecture built on a cliff.

Finally, no visit to this region would be complete without a guided tour of the Shanxi province and the awesome Yungang Grottoes with their unique caves and stone carvings.

Let the activities begin!