Remain Young at Heart in Yángshuò With a Private Sightseeing Tour

Go on a unique trip to the East Asian nation which offers many attractions, sights and experiences. While China can seem overpopulated and busy at times, you may think it would be difficult to find a place that offers relaxation, serenity and calmness. A private sightseeing tour or leisure tour to Yángshuò will give you all these things and much much more. 

Take a boat tour along Li river to experience the natural beauty or a guided tour of the Shiwaitaoyuan Scenic Area to learn about the architectures of ethnic minorities. Another 'must do' when in Yángshuò is to try the delicious and very tasty cuisine. The food is one thing you can be sure will not disappoint consisting mainly of beef, pork, fish, and the Niang form of cooking.

Yángshuò shows the natural side of China that most people dream about seeing or experiencing. The best and safest way to explore Yángshuò is an experienced tour guide so that you get the most from your tour and miss nothing!

Let the activities begin!
6 Day Southern China From Hong Kong to Guilin
6 Day Southern China From Hong Kong to Guilin
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Explore Southern China and enjoy the bustle of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, then take a bullet train to picturesque Yangshuo and Longji.

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Li River
1 Take a boat tour along the Li River. Tourists have a great chance to take in the breathtaking scenery such as the peaceful green fields, villages, the mountains and farms. There are also the cows and buffalos grazing on both sides of the river bank. With a history of more than 1,400 years, tourists will get to experience the old towns beautiful attractions and take in harmonious Chinese traditions and customs.  
Xingping Village
2 Xingping is found up the Li River in Yángshuò, an ancient fishing village with a lively international community that attracts many tourists each year. It is a more authentic and quieter Chinese experience as the village has been inhabited since 265AD and holds many of its old traditions. A guided tour around this village has so much to offer such as the challenge of climbing to the bird's eye view of the karst outside the village.   
West Street (Xi Jie)
3 Take a guided tour of the oldest street in Yangshuo, Xi Jie, a marble paved street lined with western cafes, boutique shops, restaurants and hotels. A perfect place for anyone that is interested in the traditional architecture of China; it still has the same structure as it had when first built. By day people tend to relax at the outdoor areas of the cafes and at night it is a lively hot spot with busy restaurants and clubs.  
Baisha Ancient Town
4 The ancient Baisha town is a picturesque landscape that is composed of ancient bridges, the tall Karst mountain, the Yulong River and famous for farming cumquats and exporting them throughout China. A hot spot for photographers to capture good photos. Apart from the scenery, you can take an adventure tour out on a bamboo raft down the river. Visitors also see local fishermen practising the old method of fishing using cormorants.
Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Feng)
5 Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Feng) is home to one of the most impressive limestone karst. It has an elevation of 977ft and a height of 611ft which makes Green Lotus Peak one of most notable karst mountain formations along the Li River. The peak attracts tourists all year round who come to climb the mountain on activity tours and capture great photos. It's partly famous for a Chinese monk, Jianzhen, who helped spread Buddhism, coming here.
Water Caves
6 The karsts that are formed all around the landscape of Yangshuo is certainly a vision, but the cave mountains that are hidden within these natural landmarks are equally amazing. You can take guided tours to explore the caves by ferry then walking, climbing and sometimes even crawling. However, you are then rewarded with a mud bath and swim in this natural underground pool complete with a waterfall.
Ping'an Village
7 To get to the village of Ping'an, you travel to Longli in the hills northwest of Yangshuo. Take a sightseeing tour to this beautiful landmark to enjoy peace and serenity. Ping'an village lies among these rice fields. You will get a chance to explore this lovely town with traditional wooden houses tightly packed together, friendly locals and animals. Ping'an village is where the Zhuang minority call home, and their way of life is very simple.  
Moon Hill
8 Moon Hill is probably the best known and most famous of Yangshuo’s limestone formations. It was given its name because of the moon shaped hole that sits on the top of the karst. Take a sightseeing tour to climb the 800 marble steps to the top and experience the most spectacular view in the province. Get your adrenaline pumping with rock climbing the karst mountain and challenging the dangerous overhangs.
Fuli Bridge
9 Located about 12 kilometres outside of Yangshuo is the Fuli Bridge. The Fuli Bridge is a 500-year-old stone bridge and is the tallest single arch bridge in the province. Single arched stone bridges were the most common type of bridge built back in the day due to their strength and sturdiness. Tourists usually visit here as part of a sightseeing tour and spend up to an hour walking around the area. 
Impression Sanjie Liu
10 Something different in Yangshuo is the Impression Sanjie Liu which is an outdoor night show, unique and entertaining. Directed by Zhang Yimou, you will be captivated by this open air spectacle. Watch from terraces, performances in which the fishermen from the nearby villages depict a story of culture and history of the Yangshuo people. Complete with sound, impressive lighting and special smoke effects, these shows should not be missed!

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