Discover the Grandeur in Majestic Datong on a Private Guided Tour

Once the ancient capital of China, today's Datong has been re-created by an overambitious Mayor with a mountain of cash. There is a lot of grandeur waiting for you to discover in this majestic city on a Datong private guided tour.

This unique city is located in northern Shanxi Province and with walking tours Datong you can explore inside the extravagant city walls and see for yourself the work that has gone into their restoration and has allowed the city to regain its Ming dynasty splendour.

Visit the Huayan Temple, the largest and best-preserved monastery of the Liao Dynasty in existence in China with a Datong cultural tour, or take a Datong sightseeing tour to the Hanging Monastery, built on the cliffs of Mount Hengshan, one of the five most sacred mountains in China.

The town is a gateway to many historic sites such as the Yingxian Wooden Tower, and the famous Yungang Grottoes with their stone sculptures and ancient history. These and much more are waiting for you when you take a guided tour of Datong.

Let the activities begin!