Have a Cuppa in China's Top Tea Culture Cities on Guided Tour to Wuhan

Enjoy a cuppa in China's top tea culture cities on guided tour through Wuhan. Venture into some of the tea house where a waitress will demonstrate the ritual of the preparation of tea.  

This intriguing city that is located in central China has a lot of history and still holds onto many traditions and customs. Although a little less modernised than other parts of China, it is one of the main centres of high tech, education and finance. 

Wuhan is a good place to start a sightseeing tour to the Yangtze River Basin. Step back in time with fantastic custom tours to the Mulan Heaven Lake or get climbing at the Yellow Crane Tower as cars and trains whizz by underneath you.  Alternatively, sit back and breathe in the beauty at Mount Wudang, the No.1 Celestial Mountain in China on a private tour. 

Visitors can budget quite well here as the prices for meals and transportation are low. This impressive city has a certain charm about it. Locals are friendly and accommodating and are always prepared to help. Fantastic Wuhan has something to offer everybody and sure to impress.

Let the activities begin!
Yellow Crane Tower
1 Located at the snail hill in Wuchang Wuhan city is the famous Yellow Crane Tower. It is one of the four most famous renowned towers in southern China and holds a lot of history and each floor has an impressive display. Visitors can spend a day here on a sightseeing tour, climbing the tower, enjoying the outlook, shopping and trying out some of the tea houses or relaxing in the beautiful gardens surrounding the tower.
Wuhan East Lake
2 The East Lake is the biggest city lake in China. An incredible 73 square meters of scenic beauty that is divided into six tourist districts. It is a perfect place for relaxing boat tours and has so much to offer regarding fun and adventure with a broad range of water sports activities. Get the camera ready to capture pictures of the animals and plants that surround the lake as they are sure to please the eye.  
Hubei Provincial Museum
3 Take a guided tour to Hubei Provincial Museum, one of the most famous museums in China. It has a vast collection historical and cultural relics. On a guided tour you get to view over 200,000 relics that are forbidden to be exhibited outside of China as they are declared national assets because of the archaeological importance they hold. Get a true feel of ancient China through the fascinating relics under this museums protection.
Guiyuan Temple
4 As one of the four biggest temples for Buddhist meditation in Hubei, Guituan Temple is also an important temple in China. Famous for spreading Buddhism throughout the country, this magnificent structure boasts stunning architecture, excellent sculpture and a fine collection of Buddhist doctrine. Take part in a guided tour here to learn about the history and the artefacts because Guiyuan Temple is sure to please any visitor.
Heptachord Terrace (Guqin Tai)
5 On the south bank of Moon Lake is the stunning-Heptachord Terrace (Guqin Tai in Chinese). Famous for its story of Zhong Ziqi, who heard the music of Yu Boya, a famous musician, the two became good friends until Zhong Ziqi Passed away leaving Yu Boya with heartache and he never played music again. On a guided tour visit the terrace which was built in honour of the sincere friend, its beautiful layout and stunning scenery.
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge
6 Take a guided tour of the Wuhan Yangtze river Bridge that attracts millions of tourists each year. Ascend the bridge by elevators to take in the scenery and capture great photo ops. This impressive landmark is 1670.4 m in length, has 8 piers and 9 holes. There are 2 levels one for cars, the lower for trains. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Wuhan from standing at the top of the tower and the view of the splendid Yangtze River. 
Mulan Heaven Lake Scenic Area
7 Go on a magical and enjoyable sightseeing tour to the Mulan Heaven Lake Scenic Area. This 4800 hectares of astounding beauty is pleasing to any visitor. This lake is separated into a scenic and leisure resort. Explore the lush forests for adventure or take in a little education at the landscape of wetland ecosystems. Either way, any visitor will benefit from their time at Mulan Heaven Lake Scenic Area.  
Mo Hill
8 Take a sightseeing tour of Mo Hill which is an important part of East Lake. This is an area of natural picture perfect sceneries as well as man-made cultural landscapes from the Chu Dynasty. There are four characteristics special to Mo Hill which are unique gardens, the abundancy of plants, rich Chu culture and stunningly beautiful mountains and rivers. Its cherry garden is among the best in the country  
Mount Wudang
9 Mount Wudang is known to be the No.1 Celestial Mountain in China located a few hours from Wuhan and popular for sightseeing tours. It has 36 cliffs, 7 peaks, and 24 valleys. The main peak is called Heavenly Pillar Peak and stands at a massive 1612m high. The natural beauty found here is sublime. It is regarded as the origin of China Taoism as it is where Taoist came to cultivate when it was believed to be the home of Gods. 
Madame Tussauds Wuhan
10 Yes, that's right Madam Tussauds wax museum. This museum covers a whopping 1,551 sq meters and exhibits over fifty wax figures. Some figures include Johnny Depp, Rhianna, Albert Einstein and much more. There are many local celebrities too. Each figure costs over million Chinese yuan each and are so vivid they even have real hair, freckles and pores. For something different from cultural sightseeing tours, this is the perfect place. 

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