See the Famous Giant Pandas on a Charismatic Private Chengdu Tour

Chengdu, the capital of the southwest Sichuan Province, is located to the west of Sichuan Basin in the middle of the Chengdu Plain. The city has a total area of over 12 thousand square kilometers with a population of over 11 million. City guided tours to the famous Chengdu Zoo are a must do to see the adorable giant pandas and many other animal species. 

Sichuan Province has a reputation of being the Heavenly State, Tian Fu Zhi Guo in Chinese is a place which is richly endowed with natural resources.  See the Min and Tuo Rivers on private Chengdu boat tours; they are two branches of the Yangtze River which connect's to 40 other rivers. With an abundance of mineral resources, the land is very fertile and perfect for planting.

Traveling in Chengdu can be great fun, not only is there the amazing places of interest, but the city also has many activities. There are various hot and spicy dishes and tasty snacks to get your taste buds tingling.  You can go shopping on Chunxi Road, spend a relaxing afternoon in a teahouse, or watch a Sichuan Opera at night.    Read More...

Take a Private Escorted Tour to the Tranquility of the Wuhou Temple

See the Famous Giant Pandas on a Charismatic Private Chengdu Tour

The Memorial Temple of Marquis Wu is dedicated to Zhuge Liang the Wuhou of the Kingdom of Shu from the three Kingdoms period of 220 to 280.  Zhuge Liang was famous for his noble character and intelligence, many memorials are on show in his memory in many places, but the most famous one is in Chengdu. 

Located to the south of Chengdu, the temple has an area of 37,000 square meters, the construction date is unclear, except that it was built next to the temple of Liu Bei, the emperor of Shu. It was then combined with the Temple of Liu Bei at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty.

This magnificent temple is one of Chengdu's major attractions take a sightseeing tour and inside you will find numerous statues dedicated to Emperor Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and other influential people of the Shu Kingdom, and you will also find ancient inscriptions and tablets that are most famous in China.

Top 10 Things to Do in Chengdu

Chengdu Zoo
1 This spectacular sightseeing tour of the largest Zoo in the southwest of China is fantastic. Here you will find over 3,000 animals from over 300 species, including the famous giant pandas, South China tigers, takins, and leopards living here.  There are more than thirty animal houses that are distributed throughout the zoo, which is surrounded by lush green trees, bamboos and beautiful flowers. 
Wuhou Temple
2 The Wuhou Temple in Chengdu's south suburb is the most famous and influential of all the temples. Dedicated to Zhuge Liang who lived here from 181 until 234 AD. He was one of China's most celebrated historical figures; the temple is now known as the Wuhou Memorial Temple. This tour is one of Chengdu's major attractions and contains many statues of the influential people of the Shu Kingdom.
Sanxingdui Museum
3 The Sanxingdui Museum in Nanxing Town is definitely worth booking a private guided tour to visit.  The museum is about 40 kilometers from the city and exhibits the many excavations of the ancient Shu Kingdom. It is a significant archeological discovery which has changed people's understanding of ancient history and culture. This is a trip that is not to be missed as you will see some of the amazing cultures here. 
Sichuan Opera
4 Tours to the Chinese opera are uniquely different to Western Opera in many ways, mainly because it rarely involves a start to finish scenario or a plotline dialogue, but it consists of several parts that include circus stunts like acrobatics, fire spitting and clowning as well as dramatic, story-telling which, like most operas everywhere, are sung. You will also see the dazzling art of face-changing, which uses masks that can be changed at incredible speed.
Zigong Dinosaur Museum
5 The museum covers an area of around 66,000 square meters and is built on the famous “Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Coenosis Relics.” The fossils cover the different types of known dinosaurs existing in the Jurassic Period which is around 205 million to 135 million years ago. Tours of the museum will show the most dinosaur fossils of the Jurrasic Period held in one place. It is also the first specific museum for dinosaurs relics and fossils. 
Dujiangyan Irrigation Project
6 A private sightseeing tour to these ancient waterworks just northwest of Chengdu is very informative. An incredible feat of engineering and construction it is a wonder of the world and also a UNESCO world heritage site. These waterworks are still used to irrigate 5,300 square kilometers of land in the region. It was used to control the flooding of the Min River and to irrigate a dry area around Chengdu.
Jinli Old Street
7 Expect to be thoroughly taken in by the glamor of the folk customs in the Sichuan Province on this sightseeing tour. Green tiles are placed in order, and the bluestone ways twist forward, making you feel as if time has turned back and you are in the past again. With local features including tea, dishes, wine, and the many brocades appear before your eyes one after another this street is quite a feast for the eyes.
People's Park
8 This park has a long history, and although some people may not like crowded areas, one of the charming things about the People’s Park is the broad mix of individuals and activities going on. Just a few feet away on your walking tour, you’ll see the locals drawing pictures, fortunetellers, snack shops, toy stores, candy art, people playing cards/badminton, people singing karaoke and much more.
Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum
9 The famous Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum is the largest Teddy Bear museum in the world and is well worth having seeing on a guided tour. The precious limited edition Teddy bears are very popular al over the world. It is a great attraction for families with children; you can learn the history and the culture of the teddy bear with plenty of exhibitions and also a 3D film themed with Teddy bear.    
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
10 At just 6 miles from downtown Chengdu, this custom tour is the best place for visitors to see the giant pandas. These amazing animals are used as the emblem of China; the cuddly and cute giant pandas live nowhere else in the world outside captivity. The giant panda which is used as the famous WWF logo and is also known as ’national treasure‘ in China.

Travel Tips for Chengdu

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