Nanjing the Cultural Oasis of Southern China Perfect for Custom Tours

Nanjing is ideally situated on the south bank of the beautiful Yangtze River, and it is the capital of the Jiangsu Province. Nanjing is one of the most rewarding tourist destinations in China and a cultural oasis for sightseeing tours. It is known as the capital city of six or ten dynasties in ancient Chinese history and is the only city sharing the same name Jing as in Beijing., it has a brilliant and long cultural heritage.

There are many imperial architectural complexes such as the many palaces, mansions, temples, sacrificing sites and mausoleums which are all right up there with the marvellous cultural spots in Beijing. Nanjing has a significant amount of modern Sino-western mixed architectural styles and is well-known for its superiority throughout the China. Nanjing has a lot of high-quality tourist resources, and in China, Nanjing is one of the best cities for private guided tours.

There are so many custom tours and private sightseeing tours available all year round in Nanjing that you will be sure to see all the wonderful sights.

Let the activities begin!
Nanjing Museum
1 Combining Chinese and western architectural styles, Nanjing museum holds a colossal amount of knowledge of the history of China. The jade exhibition guided tours include the famous full-size suit of armour made from small jade tiles. You will find full sized mannequins in traditional costume, and there is also an exhibition of lacquer ware. Select subject lectures are also held in the museum, ideal for those who love Chinese history. 
Xuanwu Lake Park
2 Xuanwu Lake sits in the city centre of Nanjing and is one of the famed lakes in the South of Yangtze River. It is close to the ancient city wall and well known for its beautiful surroundings. With its tree-lined avenues, the lake occupies 3.7 square kilometres and tours are available of one of the best entertainment centres in the city. It has an amusement park for kids on the islands of the lake and gets very busy on weekends. 
Gate of China
3 The great gate of China is one of the most sophisticated city gate structures in the world; it is referred to as a precious cultural relic.  It is just one of the 13 original gates of Nanjing.It was built to hold 3000 soldiers and has twenty-seven tunnels that were used to store large quantities of food and weapons. It is a great place to take lots of photos and a perfect private guided tour for all the family.
Jiming Temple
4 The Jiming Temple is one of the most ancient temples in Nanjing and a super private city tour.  It is a renowned Buddist temple and was put the list of key national protection in 1983.  Guided tours of the temple that was built in The Three Kingdoms Period (220-280) and has a history of more than 780 years. And the opening hours are 07.30 - 17.00 (04.30 to 17.00 during the intense period, which usually refers to the 1st and 115th days of the lunar month)    
The Presidential Palace
5 The Presidential Palace, originated at the time of the Ming Dynasty,(1368-1644). It served as a royal residence and is now the biggest China Modern History Museum. It had housed the Office of the President of China before the republic relocated to Taiwan in 1949. By visiting the Presidential Palace, on private sightseeing tours, visitors can get a feel for the real China and the intimacy of this city.    
6 The Lingu Temple is a Ming dynasty temple was first built in 514 and a perfect private guided tour. The Beamless Hall of this temple was constructed with bricks and rock, which is rarely seen in traditional Chinese architectures.  To the north of the big Beamless Hall stands the Linggu Pagoda built in 1929. After a long climb to the top, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view over the wooded countryside.
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum
7 First constructed in 384 the current structure of the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleumas it stands dates to the 1800's Quing Dynasty. The entire surroundings of the temple are historic, and one of the most visited and loved sights on private guided Nanjing tours.  It faces the Northern bank of the Qinhuai River and sits along with the souvenir shops and restaurants along the Fuji Miao Pedestrian Street.  
Changzhou China Dinosaur Park
8 This a great day out for all. Known and the Oriental Jurassic Park, this part theme park and museum is packed with all the works. There is an exhibition area that is landscaped with a waterfall, forest, cliff and caves. And visitors get to experience what it was like in the Jurassic Period when dinosaurs dominated on the Earth.  Changzhou Dinosaur Park is a must see private sightseeing tour.
Nanjing Underwater World
9 The Nanjing Underwater World is the only ocean theatre that has a dolphin performance as its theme. It holds up to about 1000 people.  It has a lot of animals such as polar bears, penguins, foxes and other species. Visitors can attend the sea lion, and dolphin shows with tour guides. There is a  large Underwater Leisure Square that has beautifully decorated food mall that offers lots of exotic cuisines. And there is a souvenir shop that sells gifts and toys.
The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre
10 The Memorial Hall was constructed in Memory of those who died during the Japanese invasion when they took over Nanjing in 1927. The building itself combines a modern outdoor memorial with an indoor museum. The design of the memorial hall is awe-inspiring, and the museum offers informative tours on the tragedy and exhibits numerous photographs and artefacts.  

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