Explore the Beautiful and Zesty Zhangjiajie on Private Sightseeing Tours

Located in the west of Hunan Province is the beautiful city of Zhangjiajie which made its fame from the movie Avatar.

On private sightseeing tours of this city, see the picturesque scenery, major tourist attractions such as the National Forest Park and the Yangjiajie Nature Reserve. Famous for its limpid streams, precarious peaks, karst caves and dense forests, Zhangjiajie attracts millions of people every year.

Take an adventurous tour to visit the Tianmen mountain, where you can explore the limestone caves and walk across the worlds longest and highest glass bridge. Or go on a guided tour of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, where you can explore the beautiful landscape and all its beauty. Other great places to see include Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve and Suoxiyu Nature Reserve.

The 'Wulingyuan Scenic Area' is a famous natural heritage site that is located at the base of the mountainous regions of Zhangjiajie. 'Original Picture on Mountain and River of China' is one of its references and considered to be Mother Nature's Oxygen Bar.

Let the activities begin!
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Glass Bridge and Baofeng Lake Private Tour
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Spend a full day to explore the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, challenge the world's longest glass bridge between 2 mountains and have a wonderful boat ride in Baofeng Lake.

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Zhangjiajie
Zhangjiajie Private Trip of Tianmen Mountain, Sky Walk and Tujia Custom Discovery
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Spend a full day to experience the world's longest cable car to the top of Tianmen Mountain, enjoy the glass skywalk and the culture of the Tujia ethnic minority group.

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Zhangjiajie
Zhangjiajie Private Trip of Tianmen Mountain, Sky Walk and Glass Bridge
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Take the world's longest cable car to the top of Tianmen Mountain, experience the Sky Walk, and challenge the world's longest glass bridge between 2 mountains.

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Zhangjiajie
Private Day Trip of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Glass Bridge
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Explore Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, hike onto Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, and challenge the world’s longest and highest Glass Bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.

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8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Zhangjiajie
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
1 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park was recognised in 1982 and the first national forest park in China. It is a superb and just one component of Wulingyuan Natural Resort. On a guided tour, explore the fascinating 3000 pillar-like formations stretching out from the earth and all the peaks in their various forms. A perfect place for capturing good photographs, the Zhangjiajie National Parl vivid formations can be everywhere. 
Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve
2 Tianzi Mountain is a terrific place to go on a sightseeing tour. It is a mountain reserve that lies on the highest point of the Golden Triangle. This natural and primaeval place is a magnet for people who like to go mountain climbing and adventure. The highest peak is 1262.5 metres and has an area of 67 square metres. A great way to see the mountain and surrounding landscape is by taking the cable car up to the top.
Yangjiajie Nature Reserve
3 After Zhangjiajie, Yangjiajie is a newly found nature reserve in the northwestern part of Zhangjia, adjacent to Mountain Tianzi in the north. Locals and tourists alike flock here to explore this region. It is a good idea to take a guided tour as there are many attractions and can be confusing. Some great attractions to see while here are Wusehua (flower in five colours), Vine King, Shuyaoshi (three trees are grown on a cliff).
Suoxi Valley
4 Located in the Northeastern province of China sits the fair land of  Suoxi Valley. Due to its collecting waters, mountains and many attractions it makes this beautiful place a hotspot for tourists. To get the best out of your time here go on a sightseeing tour to explore the waterfalls, forests, and lakes. Venture in the limestone caves for some thrill seeking. Tourists are also lucky to see the many native animals in their habitat. 
Yellow Dragon Cave
5 The Yellow Dragon Cave is a massive limestone cave. It has a length of 7,6 km and a height of 140 m. It was discovered by villagers in 1983 and opened to the public in 1984. It is said to be the most beautiful cave in all of China. Take a guided tour to explore this natural beauty. It is comprised of two wet stores and two drought stores, two underground rivers, four waterfalls, thirteen caverns and 10,000 stalactites and stalactites.   
Baofeng Lake
6 The Baofeng Lake is a fantastic place to visit when in Zhangjiajie. It was formerly known as the Shijiayu Reservoir but was changed to Baofeng Lake when opened to tourists. It covers an area of 30 hectares and is 72 meters deep. Surrounded by mountains, Baofeng lake is filled by streams and is unpolluted. On a boat tour, you get to experience the peace, beauty and tranquillity of this amazing landscape.  
7 Take a sightseeing tour of the lovely landscape of Yuanjiajie, and you will not be disappointed. Surrounded by high summits that are divided into deep valleys, Yuanjiajie is a naturally formed platform mountain. Visitors come here to take in the scenery and capture great photography. There are fantastic views of the grotesque rocks and lesser peaks, each one that stands in its peculiar shape.
Ten Mile Natural Gallery
8 Located in the Suoxiigu Natural Reserve is the Zhangjiajie Ten-mile Natural Gallery. The Ten Mile Natural Gallery has a length of 5.8 km, peaks on both sides and stream flowing through it that forms its natural sculpture. Take a guided tour to experience the fascinating scenery, the quartz sandstone peaks, flowers and birds. Visitors can come and relax among the picturesque scenery daily.   
Tianmen Mountain National Park
9     The newly developed  Tianmen Mountain National Park is a major attraction for tourists, situated only 8 km from Zhangjiajie. Explore the many rare tree species, the primitive forest, medicinal herbs and the abundance of Fauna on a sightseeing tour. Also, visit the Tianmen Cave that is a natural water eroded cave with the highest elevation in the world. Enjoy climbing the cave walls or walking across the 100m long glass skywalk. 
Zhangjiajie Glass Bottom Bridge
10 With a short distance from the Wulingyuan Scenic Area sits the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. It is a newly developed tourist destination that is famous for sightseeing tours. It has limpid streams, deep cliffs, cave and mirror like lakes. Here visitors get to see and walk the Zhangjiajie Glass Bottom Bridge that is the highest and longest glass bridge in China. It is built over a 300meter deep valley, great fun for thrill seekers. 

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