Soak Up the Beauty of Beautiful Xiamen on a Guided Sightseeing Tour

On the southeast coast of China is beautiful Xiamen a popular destination for all tourists to explore on sightseeing tours. It is famous for its attractive seascape and major seaports and hence why it was given its name which means " gate of China'. 

Xiamen is a made up of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, the north bank area of Jiulong River and Tongán County and connected by the Xiamen Bridge, Goji Seawall and other bridges. This city is also called the Egret Island because of the many egrets that inhabit there.  

Xiamen sees a subtropical monsoon climate with moderate weather all year round making it an ideal destination. Take a tour around this beautiful city and explore the many attractions Xiamen has to offer such as the Wanshi Botanical Gardens or the Nanpuuo Temple or go sightseeing to the Wuyi mountains and the Island Ring Road. 

Xiamen is full of beautiful scenery, fresh air and a clean environment. It is the great place for any visitor; as it is filled with Chinese culture and tradition with different festivals all year round. However you decide to tour around Xiamen, you are sure to be pleased.

Let the activities begin!
Gulangyu Island
1 Gulangyu Island is also known as “Drum Wave Islet”. Located off the coast of Xiamen city, it is a car free city and a popular place for a sightseeing tour. This little island covers 1.78 square meters and is home to about 20,000 people. Renowned for its beaches and winding roads, visitors can also explore the town with its varied architecture. This special island is on the list of China's most National Scenic Spots.
Oversea Chinese Museum
2 Take a guided tour of the Overseas Chinese Museum located at the foot of Fengchao Hill. This comprehensive museum is the only museum is that was set up which offers highlights of the history of overseas Chinese. Covering more than 3,000 sq m, the museum has over 7,000 exhibits.  See the special exhibitions such as the Ancient Technological Achievements of Chinese, unearthed Mummies in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolian Folk Relics. 
Nanputuo Temple
3 Take a guided tour of the Nanputuo Temple in the southeast of the of Xiamen Island where you will be surrounded by the beauty of the sea and the Wuloa peaks. Explore the holy building and halls such as the  Devajara Hall (the Hall of Heavenly Kings), the Mahavira Hall (Daxiongbaodian), the Dabei Hall (the Hall of Great Compassion) or a Pavilion to learn about the practice of Buddhism. See Monks of the Temple practicing prayers and chants.
Hulishan Fortress
4 The Hulishan Fortress was built in 1891 surrounded by walls made of granite and striking gate and is found at the southern tip of Xiamen Island. Its buildings are distinctively maintained to the military style of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. On a guided tour delve into the barracks, a tower, a secret tunnel, castle and much more. See a German-made Krupp Cannon, the largest existing coast cannon of its kind in the world.
Haicang Bridge
5 On a sightseeing tour of Xiamen West Port,  see the Haicang Bridge. This is Asia's first largest floating steel-box suspension bridge and the worlds third largest. It is well known as a flying rain-bow in Dongdu, a city bridge linking Xiamen Island with Haicang and an inner bay high-way. It is spectacular looking at night. Take a tour of the Bridge museum, the first of its kind in China and be introduced to all things bridge related.
Wanshi Botanical Garden
6 Also known as the Xiamen Botanical Garden, the Wanshi Botanical Garden is a meticulously designed botanical garden around the Modanyan Reservoir. Enjoy a pleasant sightseeing tour where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of more than 20 botanical zones, display rooms and cultivated grounds. The best scenic spots are the Morning Bell of Heaven, the cloud locking stones and the Jade Scepter Rock and the Peace Stone.  
Zhongshan Road in Xiamen
7 Take a walking tour along Zhongshan Pedestrian Street, and you will not be disappointed. Zhongshan Pedestrian Street is a busy and bright road, teeming with vendors and over 200 shops. Travelers tend to shop until they drop here and then relax with food in one of the many restaurants. It is also packed with entertainment.  During the week is a better time to explore here as it gets quite busy on weekends.
Sunlight Rock
8 Visit Sunlight Rock on a sightseeing tour, it is the most famous picturesque spot in Xiamen. It is also known as Dragon Head Hill by the Chinese and Camel Rock by Foreigners. Facing the Tiger Head Hill which is across on Xiamen Island bay, as you approach Xiamen's harbour, they look like guards. Sunlight Rock is made up of two very large horizontal and vertical rocks which form Gulangyu Island's highest point.  
Wuyi Mountains
9 The Wuyi Mountains has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage since 1999 and is regarded to be among the most magnificent places in southeastern China.  Tourists can also explore on adventure tours the Wuyishan Nature Reserve that is famous for its abundance of dense forests, waterfalls, deep canyons, animals (many of them endangered), flora and fauna. It's a great destination for any nature lover. 
Island Ring Road in Xiamen
10 Xiamen Island Ring Road is 43 Km in length and is a 4-6 lane seaside road. It is a popular place to go on bike riding tours and take in the scenery of the beautiful seashores. Go on a sightseeing tour from Baicheng Beach all the way to the Xiamen Conference and Exhibition Centre, a tour that is about 10 Km. On the way, there are many interesting sights such as the Hulishan Fortress and the parks along the ring road.

Travel Tips for Xiamen