Thermal Spas, Ruins and Azure Waters on Private Tours of Aydin

Take a private tour of Aydin, Turkey and immerse yourself in thermal spas, archaeological ruins, and azure waters.  Aydin is a province and one of the major cities found in the Turkish Aegean region. The social and economic infrastructure of this city is constantly growing.

This is an industrial city, but agriculturally it produces some of the best quality olives, figs, cotton, and strawberries thanks to being located in the center of the fertile lands found in Menderes Valley.

There are many captivating and exciting places to see and things to do in the Province of Aydin. Apart from the many fabulously entertaining summer beach resorts, there are archaeological sites, museums, ancient landmarks, lakes and isolated beaches.

No matter where you go in Turkey, the traditional cuisine is mouthwatering, and there are countless restaurants found here. Fish restaurants are very popular, and the chefs and waiters are very skilled in deboning your fish in front of you, it is almost like an entertaining act!   Read More...

For Fantastic Scenery as Well as Healing Take a Private Tour to the Thermal Spas of Pamukkale

Thermal Spas, Ruins and Azure Waters on Private Tours of Aydin

A private tour to Pamukkale is a must when you are in the Province of Aydin, Turkey, these thermal spas are mineral-rich waters flowing down brilliant white travertine terraces located near the city of Denizli, it is a spectacular sight.

Other cities that have so much to offer tourists on a visit to the Province of Aydin are Kusadasi, Altinkum, Didim, Didyma, Miletus, Nazilli and Guzelcamli.  Kusadasi is the most popular city in the Aydin Province with tourists flooding in from all over the world. It is also a major cruise ship stopping point with some of the largest cruise liners sailing in.

Top 10 Things to Do in Aydin

Guzelcamli National Park
1 Take a sightseeing tour to Guzelcamli National Park otherwise known as Dilek Peninsula-Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park. This fascinating national park surrounds the entirety of the Dilek Peninsula and a large delta of the Buyuk Menderes River. There are fabulously isolated coves to relax and swim in or excellent hike in the mountainous land which is divided by canyons and valley. This is a great place to go for a day out.
Temple of Apollo
2 An excellent guided tour to take when in the Province of Aydin is to the Temple of Apollo in Didyma. What remains of the large Temple was built by the Greeks in the 2nd century and is the most visited temples in Turkey of the Hellenistic era or at least one of them. There are 120 columns surrounding the temple and steps all around the base. It is a fascinating archaeological site and a great tour for anybody interested in History.
Aydin Museum
3 In 1959 the Aydin Museum was established and is a wonderful guided tour to take when visiting Aydin. The three main halls of the museum are dedicated to archaeological and ethnographic artefacts and ancient coins. All items on display have been excavated from ancient cities such as Magnesia, Harpasa, Nisa and Tralleis. The items include sculptures, columns, relics, and ancient stone carved artefacts.
Ruins of Tralles
4 On a guided tour of Aydin, visit the Ruins of Tralles. The excavation of this area began back in 1888 and many ancient artefacts and relics were discovered. These are now on display in the Istanbul Museum of Archaeology. The ruins named Do Goz on this site consists of three large arches and a gymnasium from the Roman period. There is also the structures of theatre and a stadium for which special permission is needed to see.
Lake Bafa
5 Located along the borders of Söke, Lake Bafa is both a lake and a natural reserve. You can enjoy a peaceful sightseeing tour of natural beauty here. The lake is from the water floods of the Great Menderes River and it is full of a variety of water plants and fish. The sides of the lake have pine trees, olive groves and tamarisks. Found in the natural reserve are various species of birds such as dwarf cormorants, pink flamingos and more.
6 Kusadasi is primarily a holiday resort town along the Aegean coast with lots of things to keep you entertained. There are sightseeing tours to Pigeon Island and the museum inside the old Byzantine Castle there. Sit in one of the great waterfront cafes or bars and watch the large cruise liners as they creep into the port. Haggle away the day in the large Wednesday market or spend a day on horse or jeep safari tours.
7 The town of Didim is regarded as the resort centre for Altinkum, a small holiday resort on the Aegean coast. Didim is a more traditional place by comparison to the holiday resort. It is upon entry to Didim you see the Temple of Apollo on a guided tour. Enjoy a meal in the traditional lokantas which are restaurants or at night wander into any bar and listen to live music while sitting on the floor cushions drinking raki.
Miletus Archaeological Site
8 Once regarded as one of the major cities in the ancient Greek world, Miletus is a great place to take a guided tour. It declined due to the silting of the harbour. History tells us that St. Paul stopped off at Miletus on his way back to Jerusalem on his third missionary journey. The ruins to see when you are here is a Byzantine church, the Temple of Apollo and an important inscription that relates to Jews.
Söke Bazaar
9 Soke guided private market/bazaar tour brings all you bargain-hunters to your idea of heaven.  Everything is sold here from genuine fake designer clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery.  The most fabulous food stalls and spice markets with every spice you can imagine.  The colourful fruits and aromatic spices are dazzling, but the most fun is haggling with the traders.          
Nysa Ruins
10 Not too far from Aydin are the Nysa Ruins and another interesting place to visit on a guided tour. This unique city was built on the two sides of a ravine. A bridge connected the two sides of the city and an amphitheatre was built over the stream. The excavations have continued and there have been many interesting buildings unearthed and many artefacts found. The history of the ruins is amazing to hear about.

Travel Tips for Aydin

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