On a Private Tour of Adiyaman Discover the Real Hisn-i Mansur

On a private tour of Adiyaman discover, the real Hisn-i Mansur.  Adiyaman tours in the southeast region of Turkey are based near the central Firat (Euphrates) River known to have roots going back as far as the Paleolithic Age. Adiyaman used to be called "Hisn-i Mansur" until the Republican era and it hosted many civilizations throughout its history from the Persians and Hittites to Alexander the Great. This region is classed as one of the most historical areas on any private tour in Turkey.

The region has many historical sites and tours including the famous Mount Nemrut custom guided private tour. The archaeological excavations of 1978, reaped a lot of historical treasures, objects, and artifacts from the site dating back to ancient Islamic Turkish heritage which is all now housed in the Adiyaman Museum.

The magnificent museum exhibitions have many coins from the Roman and Seljuk times. Historical sites within the center of the town include the Fortress, Old Palace Mosque, Carsi Mosque, Kap Mosque and the Grand Mosque from the 14th century.

Let the activities begin!
Mount Nemrut National Park
1 Private custom tours of Mount Nemrut built by Antiochus I is a must in this region.  The conical shaped massive ruins are spectacular, and when you reach the top, the views are fantastic on a clear day.  There are three terraces in the sanctuary on the East, North and West sides. The engineering of this structure was a huge endeavor for the times when it was built and a symbol of Antiochus the first's power.  
Pirin Ruins
2 Pirin Ruins is an extensive area of rock tombs with a deep well with access via a set of steep steps that takes you right down to the tombs.  There's a lot of work going on to make the place more visitor-friendly so just bear that in mind.  Your tour guides will take you to several tombs, some are in good shape others no so much, but it is still an exciting trip.  You can explore the caves and do a little rock climbing it is great fun for children and adults alike.
Severan Bridge
3 On a guided private tour to Mount Nemrut, you will stop off at The Severan Bridge (Cendere Köprüsü).  This late ancient Roman bridge constructed of 92 stones, each weighing about 10 tons positioning them was an engineering triumph for that time.  Tour guides stop here to have a break with some refreshments and a swim.  Ladies, please wear shorts and a top while swimming as the locals in this area are very conservative.        
Kahta Village
4 Kâhta is a small village in the attractive countryside at the foot of Mount Nemrut.  The village has a thriving business providing food, accommodation, and transport in the form of minibusses and taxis to travelers on guided private tours of the Mountain.  The local business people here are very accommodating serving tradition Turkish food 
Perre Ancient City
5 The ancient city of Perre had been a vital junction road to the Kahta, Urfa, and Samsat.  A settlement during the reign of the Kings of Commagene, Perre, became witness to the epic golden age under the Roman Empire when it was an important stopover for merchants and travelers.  A private tour guide will take you to the most impressive remaining ruins of approximately 200 rock tombs.
Adıyaman Archaeological Museum
6 The single-storied Adiyaman Archaeological museum building contains a complete archive, photo-lab and work area in the basement.  Private tours of the exhibition halls are great; the displays are impressive from Copper Age pottery, Neolithic arrowheads, jewelry from the iron and bronze ages as well as statues, ceramics and stone vessels from the Roman and Hellenistic eras.
7 Private guided tours of Besni, one of the oldest settlements in southeastern Anatolia will take you to the original city that once surrounded the old magnificent Adiyaman Castle.  As you walk around the grounds, you will see all that remains today are mosques, baths, a minaret, a fountain, and a bridge, this tour is full of culture and history and is a highlight for many travelers.    
Atatürk Dam
8 The Atatürk Dam, formerly the Karababa Dam, is a rock-fill dam on the Euphrates Riveron between the borders of Şanlıurfa Province and Adıyaman Province in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.  As you pass over this vastly impressive structure, you will get a feel for the sheer mass and engineering prowess that went into building this dam.  Adıyaman Province
Arsemia Ören Ruins
9 Private guided tours of the Arsemia ruins will show you what was once the summer capital of the Commagene Kingdom.  Built by King Antiochus I in honor of his father King Mithridates I, its mountain location became an important military stronghold.  A relief dating back to 50 B.C. depicts what is known to be the first recorded handshake between King Mithradates and Hercules.    
Kraalcus Tumulus
10 While taking your guided private tour to Nemrut, you will pass by the Karakus Tumulus.  The final resting place of the Commagene Royal Family, the four Doric columns surrounding the site still stand, but some of the tops of the columns are missing.  Karakus Tumulus are unique and usually on most Nemrut tours.   

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