With the Range of Attractions a Cappadocia Balloon Ride Is Unmissable

Tourists visiting this region of Turkey will always book private tours & Cappadocia balloon rides to fly over and see the range of attractions and unique volcanic peaks, rock churches, fairy chimneys and valleys. There are many Cappadocia tour packages to choose from because the main sightseeing highlights are very spread out in this area so book and decide before you go.

The rock churches and valleys are a suburb, but the underground city of Kaymakli is terrific and seeing the ancient sites, and interlinked valleys between Goreme and Cavusin is a must for any visitor on Cappadocia tour packages.  Read More...

Explore the Remarkable Colours and Landscapes of Goreme on a Balloon Ride

With the Range of Attractions a Cappadocia Balloon Ride Is Unmissable

Cappadocia tours from Istanbul are very popular for tourists as they will usually do an overnight stay to include a Balloon Ride and the underground city of Kaymakli. The most unusual caves are found around the Goreme Valley with the fantastic rock Churches and chimney stacks. Views of the orange cliffs created from volcanic eruptions, wind and water erosion over many millennia are spectacular.

The orchards and vineyards are carved into the stone landscape and have many hermit hideouts concealed by the churches which date back to the Byzantine age. The rock of the plateau and the pinnacles of soft volcanic rock were efficiently worked with primitive tools so the residents could make safe, secure homes for themselves relatively quickly.

 You could call them "cavemen," though their civilisation was far too advanced for this term to really apply. Christians who fled Roman, and later Arabic, persecution came to this area and found refuge and safety in the rock caves of Cappadocia.

There are hundreds of caves in the valley to see on Cappadocia private tours, but we know of no tourists who get to see them all (YET), but the highlights are on most if not all the tours available. The most appealing and popular cave communities and ancient sites are in the Goreme Valley and Urgup area.

Top 12 Attractions and Things to Do Including a Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Balloon Ride over Cappadocia
1 Book, a Cappadocia Balloon Ride, soaring and flying over the peaks and valleys, see the sunrise over Cappadocia’s famous and unique fairy chimneys and enjoy an unbeatable 360-degree bird’s-eye view of the stunning landscapes over Goreme. The photo and video opportunities in this region of Turkey will take your breath away; many Cappadocia tours include hot air balloon ride but book early for reasonable rates.
Goreme Open-Air Museum
2 Goreme Open Air Museum is so mysterious and magical the scenery is absolutely stunning, and these fantastic fairy houses and suggestive rock formations must be seen on a Cappadocia private tour. There are numerous valleys each with historic churches and sites. The history, culture, unique geology and archaeology is just breathtaking. The views of the many cave homes, ancient churches are awesome.
Kaymaklı Underground City
3 Cappadocia tour packages of the Kaymakli underground city which was built on the hill known as the Citadel of Kaymakli and was opened to visitors in 1964. The people of Kaymakli village constructed their houses with nearly one hundred tunnels forming the underground city. The locals of the region sometimes use the most convenient places in the tunnels as storage areas and cellars which they access through their courtyards.        
Derinkuyu Underground City
4 Derinkuyu underground city is very unique; how they managed to build seven floors beneath the surface and then they could live there is a little spooky yet mesmerising! They were cattle kept below ground as well, and it is so hard to take it all in initially. Try a guided tour to learn the full history behind this underground city. This tour may not be suitable for people who have claustrophobia. 
Red and Rose Valleys
5 There are a lot of quaint walking trails to choose from, and you can walk for hours, and everything is conveniently signposted. You will pass by small cafes where you can take a rest and have a drink, and enjoy the fabulous views. The stunning red formations made by the volcanos is just breathtaking. Many Cappadocia private tours will teach you the history behind the volcanic eruption and culture. 
Zelve Open-Air Museum
6 The Zelve Open-Air Museum Cappadocia tour is fascinating; once housing one of the largest communities in the region is a fantastic cave town. Honeycombed with religious chambers, secular chambers and dwelling houses, this foot of engineering and craftsmanship is situated about 10 km from Goreme. The Avanos road is where Christians and Muslims lived together in perfect harmony, until the mid-1920s.  
Pasabag (Monks Valley)
7 Visit Pasabag in Cappadocia where remarkable earth pillars can be seen in the middle of a vineyard (Pacha's vineyard also called Monks Valley). A chapel dedicated to St. Simeon (Simon) and a hermit's shelter is built into one of the fairy chimneys with three heads which is a sight to see.  Your private tour guide will elaborate on the story of St. Simon which is fascinating when you are on your tour of Pasabag.    
8 Uchisar Cappadocia tours will take you to the highest point in the region to the top of the Uchisar Castle.  It provides a magnificent panorama view of the surrounding areas with Mount Erciyes in the distance.   There are many rooms hollowed out into the rock are connected to each other by tunnels, stairs and passages. At the entrances of the chambers, there are millstone doors similar to many underground settlements of the time.     
Ihlara Valley
9 Private tours of Ihlara Valley's natural landscapes are worth a visit.  Formed many thousands of years ago and situated in Cappadocia, the 14-kilometre massive gorge reaches over 100 metres deep in some parts and have to be seen to be believed.  Archaeologists and historians believe communities of people lived here for centuries as they uncovered many human dwellings and cave churches on their investigations.    
10 Ürgüp tours will show this beautiful rural retreat hidden away in unspoilt hillsides. Downtown Ürgüp is very modern but still holds onto its village feel, used mainly as a gateway for Cappadocia tours this is a great quiet and restful place to start your holiday. Quaint little stone cut houses that in the 1920s were left discarded and slowly degrading but were transformed once tourism took off. 
Ozkonak Underground City
11 Ozkonak town of Nevsehir sightseeing tours will take you to the Idis Mountain slopes. The structure of Ozkonak central passage leading you underground to the tight corridors connecting all the chambers. You will see sleeping areas, tombs even a winery with rolling stones as doors. The ventilation system is unique and how they communicated is incredible, but your private guide will show you how it worked. 
12 Hollowed out of the rock in the Roman era the twin valleys of Soganli are pyramid shaped rocks and pinnacles and are scattered all around the area. Known as a major monastic centre at the time the pinnacles were churches and chapels with living quarters for the many monks residing there. The Snake Church, Hidden Church and Black Hat Church are highlights of this magical place and a must see. 

Travel Tips for Cappadocia

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