Çorum Private Tours of the Charming Chickpea Capital of Turkey

Come to Çorum on private tour and see the charming chickpea Capital of Turkey With Hittite Origins. Çorum town is situated between the Black Sea, and Central Anatolia is said to be one of the earliest civilisations in Turkey that left their mark on the bigger city of Anatolia.  Private guided tours of Çorum Museum will show you settlement areas from the early Hittite era (Alaca Town, Bogazkale, Alacahoyuk and Yazilikaya). 

Well renowned for their production of delicious chickpeas and noted as the chickpea capital of Turkey Çorum is a unique place.  This is a provincial town, but if you want to see village/town life, this is a perfect example.  Çorum guided private tours to visit Hittite, and pre-Hittite ruins is a must to here and the main reason most tourists come to this region.

Let the activities begin!
Hattus Ruins Corum Region
1 Guided private tour to Hattusas from Corum take approximately one hour drive, but it is worth it when you get there.  Once the capital of the Hittite Kingdom, it is said to have had at least 15,000 inhabitants.  As you walk around the site and amaze at its engineering you can't but wonder why they choose to build at this remote area far from trade routes, historians still can't answer this today.    
Lions Gate at Hattus Ruins
4 The two stone lions (Aslanli Kapi) on the Hattusa ruins were set to protect the city from danger and evil spirits.  This is thought to be one of at least six gates in Hattuşa's 4000-year-old defensive walls. Private tour escorted tour guides will show you the best-preserved parts of Hattuşa's fortifications from here, stretching south-east to Yer Kapı and from there to Kral Kapı.  

Travel Tips for Corum