Discover the Ani Ruins on Private Sightseeing Tours of Kars

Discover the Ani Ruins on private sightseeing tours of Kars and other remote sights and villages in the surrounding the area.  Kars Kafkas University students significantly supply a lively vibe to the city.  

The pastel-coloured stone buildings dating back to the 19th-century Russian occupation are unique.  When you take your Kars escorted tour you can easily mistake it for a Russian city due to the influence in the architecture and setup of the city and the mix of cultures from Turkmen, Kurdish, and Russian. 

The cuisine in Kars in unique in that the mix of cultures has trickled down from generation to generation incorporating all cultures into individually different dishes. 

Let the activities begin!
Ani, Kars
1 Ani is situated on the eastern border of Turkey. Unfortunately, it is a crumbling site of the once great city of Ani or The city of a thousand and one Churches.  The once magnificent walled city was home to 100,000 people and was the hub for trade.  While the ruins are in some disrepair, some of the interiors still have remnants of the original frescos and artwork.  The scenery from the area is beautiful, and while the ruins may not look too pretty, they are worth a visit.     
Castle of Kars
2 Guided tours of Kars Kalesi (Castle) takes you to the magnificently situated Castle built in 1153.  The walls of the original city were built around the castle so that it had a commanding view of the city below. Originally it had 22 towers and four gates, and it was very imposing now only seven towers, and two gates remain.  Walk around with your guide, and they will fill you in on the history of the site.  This is a great trip and a lovely way to spend a day in Kars.     
Kars Museum
3 The Kars Museum was established in 1959 has secured many works of art to exhibit there.  Custom guided tours to see the collection of art which was donated or purchased by the museum are great.  Kars Museum is a general museum with various Ethnographical Culture Possessions and Archaeological artifacts such as iron and bronze age axes, cauldrons, gold and silver daggers and many vessels and utensils.  
Mazlumoğlu Hamamı
4 The Mazlumoğlu Hamamı Baths are totally accessible to the public, the ruins are in disrepair but the building still stands, and you private tour guide will be happy to tell you all the history of the ruins.  Many guided tours will have the Baths on their itinerary, and while it may look simple from the outside, the interior still has some of the original artwork on the walls and frescos.  This site is simple, but the historical element is great, and the guides have super stories about the area.   &nb
Kümbet Mosque
5 A lot of tourists will know The Kümbet Mosque as The Church of the 12 Apostle due to the carvings of the apostles on its dome.  This place of worship has passed from Church to Mosque to Church and now is Mosque doubling as a Museum.  Ladies need to be covered up before entering.  There are some beautiful items on display here but remember this is a place of worship so respect the traditions.    
Lake Çıldır
6 Guided Kars tours will take you to the largest lake in Turkey called Lake Çildir in the North of Kars.  Famous for a fantastic fishing area, the views are spectacular here in the summer months. When the lake freezes over in the winter, you can book a sleigh ride across the lake which many tourists find great fun.    

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