Custom Çanakkale Private Tours Are Full of Mythology and History

Custom Çanakkale private tours of the Gallipoli Battlefields are not only a launching pad for the Gallipoli Battlefields you will visit the ruins of Troy and many more sightseeing trips.  The clock tower dating back to 1897 and the sweeping waterfront promenade are very popular with locals and tourists on sightseeing Çanakkale private tours.  

With the influx of students attending the Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, this small city has made its mark in the region, and many more tours in the area stop off at here.  This quaint city is steeped in mythological history from Hellespont and Hero to the legend of the Golden Fleece and Helle.  Çanakkale tour guides will take you on walking or coach tours around this beautiful ancient city telling many historical stories of Troy and Gallipoli.

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Gallipoli Full Day Trip from Istanbul
855 reviews

Experience sombre battlefields and historic World War I memorial sites, during this Gallipoli Day Trip from Istanbul.

Price varies by group size
9152 customer recommendations
14 to 16 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Istanbul
2-Day Troy and Gallipoli Tour from Istanbul
820 reviews

The 2-Day Troy and Gallipoli Tour from Istanbul gives you the chance to go back in time and discover two of Turkey’s most memorable sites.

Price varies by group size
8761 customer recommendations
2 days Scheduling Shared Tour Istanbul
Mix History with Sandy Beaches On This Aegean Flavours Tour
745 reviews

Begin in Istanbul and end in Dalaman with this in-depth cultural and Aegean flavours tour where you will mix history and sandy beaches and includes a 4 days mini cruise.

Price varies by group size
7959 customer recommendations
10 days Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Istanbul
Private 2 Day Troy, Gallipoli and Pergamon Tour from Kusadasi
4 reviews

This 2-Day Tour from Kusadasi visiting Troy, Gallipoli and Pergamon, is a great way to explore and discover the history of Turkey.

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28 customer recommendations
2 days Scheduling Private Tour Aydin
2 Day Troy, Gallipoli and Pergamum Tour from Kusadasi
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This 2-Day Tour from Kusadasi to Istanbul visiting Troy, Gallipoli and Pergamum, is a great way to explore and discover the history of Turkey.

Price varies by group size
2 days Scheduling Shared Tour Aydin
7 Churches in Asia Minor (06 Night – 07 Days Turkey)
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The Seven Churches of Revelations or the Churches of Apocalypse that are in the book of John refer to seven major cities through Western Turkey.

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Scheduling Private Tour Istanbul
In the Footsteps of Saint Paul: 8 Days Asia Minor Tour
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You can get closer to the Bible by visiting these churches by Seven churches of Asia Minor tour. The ruins have an obvious message.

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Battlefields of Gallipoli to Ephesus on a 4 Days Tour
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This is a great 4 days tour where you will start at the battlefields of Gallipoli and end in one of the ancient wonders of the world at Ephesus and witness some great history.

Price varies by group size
4 days Scheduling Private Tour Canakkale
Troy Wooden Trojan Horse
1 Made famous by Wolfgang Petersen's 2004 movie "Troy" the actual Trojan Horse used in the film is on display in the city and has boosted visitors and tourism to the Çanakkale region over the years.  The massive structure and sheer scale are incredible, and the information on display including a model of the ancient city of Troy underneath is awesome.      
City Of Troy
2 The Ancient City of Troy guided tours are a must when you are visiting the region of Çanakkale.  Known by many as a fictional city it was founded by famed treasure hunter Heinrich Schliemann in the 1870's.  Your private tour guide will bring you to the spot where the famed Trojan War started, standing at the ruins you will be inundated with information and history about this amazing place.     
Dardanelles Straits Naval Command Museum
3 Çanakkale Military Museum custom private tours will bring you through the Kordon Park where exhibits of many cannons, military artefacts and guns are on display in the gardens.  As you enter the military museum, you will be confronted with an incredible variety of war relics and artefacts from the Gallipoli battles of World War 1.    
Çanakkale Naval Museum
4 Çanakkale's Naval Museum private tours takes you to this lovely park situated across from the Gallipoli Peninsula and the Dardanelles Strait. The Ottoman building inside the park has excellent exhibits giving information on the Gallipoli campaign, and outside there is decommissioned old military equipment.  If you want information from a Turkish perspective about the Gallipoli battle, this is the place for you. 
5 Behramkale or Assos is located to the south of Troy and was founded by colonists from Lesvos in the 700's.  The highlight of custom tours to this town is the ruins of the Temple of Athena.  The crumbling city walls and necropolis (cemetery) are popular tourist attractions because of the history and the breathtaking panoramic views.      
Archaeological Museum Çanakkale
6 The Çanakkale Architectural Museum private tours will show you the best exhibition of artefacts, fresco's, statue's and more on the Troy / Assos period and information about the Gallipoli War.  The most famous museum in Çanakkale it has a lot to offer the many visitors that attend it every year.  The historical and cultural exhibitions are second to none, but it is the intricate pieces of glass and pottery that bring this museum to life for most visitors.
Kilitbahir Fortress
7 Private tours of The Kilitbahir Fortress are included in the Çanakkale Gallipoli sightseeing tours.  The Fortress was part of a more extensive defensive compound, parts of which have been restored and are now used as a museum with exhibitions from that era in history. The fortress was restored in 2015 for the centennial commemorations for the Gallipoli campaign.  
Northern Gallipoli Battlefields
8 The Northern Gallipoli Battlefields are small and very confined it's possible to see most of the sights in this area on a day trip with guided tours.  Now a National Park, it is very well preserved and cared for, there are walking tracks, and you can see the old eroded remains of the trench lines.  Some visitors found shrapnel balls! When they were walking around the site.  
Southern Gallipoli Battlefields
9 The Southern Gallipoli Battlefields Park sightseeing tours are a great stop off as this section of the park is strewn with monuments exhibitions depicting a trench battle.  The bronze statues and marble monuments in this part of the park are amazing, the bronze soldiers in trenches frozen in time mid-battle with their rifles at the ready are fabulous.  
Gökçeada Island
10 If you have done enough sightseeing, then book a private tour to the beautiful Gökçeada Island where you can rest up in the sun for a couple of days.  The long white sandy beaches have an aroma from scented olive groves, and the lush forested slopes are picture perfect. If you are up to it, you can explore some old Greek villages, full of abandoned old stone houses. 

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