Be Keeled Over by the Beauty and Charm of Kemer on a Private Guided Tour

The beauty and charm are apparent as soon as you start your private guide tour of Kemer which is part of Turkish Riviera. Located less than 50 kilometres from the major city of Antalya, this little city has a large marina, pebble and sandy beaches, quaint and fascinating town with a stunning backdrop of pine forests.

There is no shortage of things to do and places to see when you visit Kemer. The golden sandy beaches are in abundance with crystal clear waters which caters for a variety of water sports activities such as paragliding, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing and boat tours.

Other sightseeing places include the ancient city of Olympos, archaeological site and museum of Phaselis, Mount Tahtali, Chimaera (known as the place of flames) and so much more. 

Finally, after a fun filled day at the beach, doing water sports activities or seeing the many sights on guided tours, the town has delicious restaurants, lively bars and popular nightclubs to keep you entertained till sunrise.

Let the activities begin!
See the Underwater World on a Scuba Diving Tour from Kemer, Side and Alanya
See the Underwater World on a Scuba Diving Tour from Kemer, Side and Alanya
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Try something exciting and learn a new skill on this full-day thrilling tour which will give you a taste of the wonder of the underwater world on the Mediterranean Coast.

Price varies by group size
10 to 11 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Antalya
Chimaera, The eternal Flames
1 A fascinating sightseeing tour, not far from Kemer, is that to the Chimaera, known for the eternal flames on a rocky landscape. It is a natural phenomenon with a dozen of flames coming from the rocks with no obvious fuel to keep it going. The flames have been venting from this rocky slope for thousands of years burning a sort of methane gas. Take a nighttime tour if possible as the flames look dramatic in the dark.
Mountain Tahtali
2 The views are spectacular and panoramic from Mountain Tahtali which are amazing to see on a sightseeing tour. Enjoy this extraordinary adventure by going to the top of the mountain on a cable car ‘Sea to Sky’. These mountains have an altitude of 2365 metres and are the closest mountains to the sea. Ideally, the best times to venture to the top is at Sunrise and Sunset or when the there is a full moon.
The Ancient city of Phaselis
3 Take a guided tour of  Phaselis, an ancient city not far from Kemer. These ruins date back to the 7th Century and have seen the Persians and Romans rule it. Nowadays the ruins that we see are from the Roman and Byzantine periods. There is still archaeology digs ongoing to unearth ruins underground. The natural beauty surrounding this ancient city has a national park status. Be sure to visit the museum.
Goynuk Canyon
4 For lovers of outdoor sports and nature then a sightseeing tour to Goynuk Canyon is the ideal choice. Regarded among the most beautiful natural wonders in Kemer with stunning waterfalls and pine forests. There are great activities to do here such as hiking through the pine forest, walking trails and swimming in the lagoons under the cascade of the waterfalls. There are also rock climbing tours for the more adventurous.  
Beldibi Cave
5 Another excellent guided tour to take when visiting the city of Kemer is to Beldibi Cave. Located some 19 kilometres from Kemer, it is among the most popular caves to explore in the region. This cave is an important prehistoric centre for the Antalya region. This is an archaeological site which is open to the public all year round. See the human, deer and goat paintings on the cave walls as you explore it.  
Olympos, the ancient Lycian City
6 Visit the ancient Lycian City, Olympos, on a sightseeing tour and enjoy the history, beach and nature that you can find here. During the Hellenistic era, this ancient city was established. You can see Roman baths and fortified castles which were built by Rhodes, Genoese and Venice chevaliers. There are many myths to learn on a tour regarding the gods such as Zeus. This is a place to suit everyone.
Boat Tours of Kemer
7 The waters along the coast of Kemer offer great locations to see on boat tours. There are full day boat tours, short tours and sunset boat tours. The full day boat tours bring you to two or three secluded coves where you can swim and relax, dive and snorkel. They are well organised with a delicious lunch on board too. These tours are great on very hot days as the sea breeze as you sail is cooling.
Kemer Diving Tours
8 Another adventurous and exciting thing to do when in Kemer is to go on a scuba diving and snorkelling tour. These extremely professional tours have qualified diving instructors to help the novice divers as they descend into the deep waters of Kemer’s coast. The underwater world has so many fascinating things to see and explore such as coral reefs and tropical fish. This is certainly an enjoyable and interesting tour.
Fishing Tours in Kemer
9 For a more leisurely morning, afternoon or evening go on one of the fishing tours available in the city of Kemer. One excellent place to go trout fishing is in the Taurus mountain river of the traditional village Ulupinar. The beautiful, peaceful and serene surroundings are amazing, picnic on the banks under the shade of the trees and when you have caught enough fish, take a dip in the refreshing waters
Jeep Safari and White Water Rafting Tour
10 Combine two great activities in one for an exciting day when you take a Jeep Safari and White Water Rafting Tour. Your tour starts in the jeep, travelling through mountains and villages on off beaten tracks until you reach the rafting base at Koprulu River. The white water rafting is crossing the Koprulu River Rapids for 13 kilometres. Qualified instructors give you the appropriate gear and safety talk.

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