Göreme on Guided Private Tours See the Gorgeous Golden Valleys

Göreme on guided private tours see the gorgeous golden valleys and hills.  The moonscape sweeping golden valley hollowed out from the hill's has gotten a new lease on life in recent times.  

No longer know as a strict farming community, Göreme has charm and character and moved very quickly with the times.  Don't be surprised if you are stuck on the road behind a tractor or waiting for animals to pass by it is still the charming gem it always was but with a modern twist due to its epic nightlife.  

On a Guided Private Tour of Göreme's Open-Air Museum you will see a revealing testament to Byzantine life, if you wander out of town, you will find some little villages like Ürgüp with stunning landscapes and rock-cut churches everywhere.  

It is no wonder Göreme sightseeing tours continue to make all its visitors welcome with its relaxed lifestyle and stunning views.   Read More...

Sightseeing Private Tours of Ürgüp Rejoice in This Rural Retreat

Göreme on Guided Private Tours See the Gorgeous Golden Valleys

Book sightseeing Private Tours of Ürgüp See and Rejoice in This Rural Retreat.  When Ürgüp's Greek population was expelled from the area in 1923 the town's many fine stone-cut houses were going into total dilapidation then Ürgüp private tours trade started to take off in the area and changed everything about the town. 

Over 90 years later the stone-cut houses have been lovely restored and with pride converted into charming boutique hotels and luxurious pensions.  Ürgüp is the classic example of how this semi rural retreat completely changed itself without risking the loss of its culture and character to bring tourist to the area to explore the heart of Cappadocia on a guided private tour.

Top Sites and Activities in Goreme

Rose Valley (Güllüdere)
1 Take a sightseeing private tour of Güllüdere Vadısı (Rose Valley) and walk the trails that are strewn with fairy chimney vistas.  If you can only do one tour in this area, do this one.  Take the path through the orchard and then cross the tiny bridge over the gully to enter the church's dark lower chamber.  Climb the staircase, and you'll find a white stone nave studded with sturdy columns carved out of the rock. 
Goreme Open Air Museum
2 On a Göreme guided private tour visit the Unesco World Heritage Site, the Göreme Open-Air Museum, one of the main highlight of any Cappadocian tour itinerary.  The Byzantine monastic settlement that once housed an average of 20 monks is stunning, and as you make your way through the site, you will see how they cluster together with the Byzantine artistry, chapels, rock-cut churches, and monasteries.
St Basil Church (Aziz Basil Sapeli)
3 With your tour guide, make your way up the cobbled pathway from The Open Air Museum until you reach the Aziz Basil Sapeli, dedicated to Kayseri-born St Basil, one of the most famous saints in Cappadocia.  See the Maltese Cross, frescos of Mary holding the baby Jesus and the painting of  St Theodore and St George slaying a (faded) dragon.        
Church of the Buckle (Tokali Kilise)
4 When you leave the guided private tour of the Open Air Museum, take a visit at the Buckle Church (Tokali Kilise).  One of Göreme's finest and biggest churches with an underground chapel and stunningly recently restore frescoes showing the plight of Christ.  Also, see the new church on the upper floors which runs the same theme and decoration of the old church, uniquely beautiful.      
Dark Church (Karanlik Kilise)
5 Another Church in the Open Air Museum private tour has to be the most lovingly restored and famous.  With very few windows in the church, the lack of natural light preserved the bright colours of the magnificent frescoes and detailed artwork inside.  Again recently restored the little church is the highlight of private tours in Goreme.      
Virgin Mary Church
6 Custom guided private tours of The Church of the Virgin Mary will take you up the steep hill to the south of Kiliclar Church approximate 250 meters from the open air museum.  The vivid colours of the frescoes inside are stunning. However, some of them were vandalised, but you can see the loveable touches in this eleventh-century church.   
Goreme National Park
7 This place is so mysterious and magical and so tranquil and relaxed. The scenery is absolutely stunning, and these fantastic fairy houses and suggestive rock formations must be seen on a private tour. There are numerous valleys each with historic churches.  The history, culture, unique geology, archaeology is just breathtaking. So many caves homes, ancient churches it is awesome.The photo opportunities are incredible.
The Snake Church
8 The Snake Church in Goreme on private sightseeing tours will take you to this barrel-vaulted beautiful unspoilt 11th century Church.  As you walk through the Church Entrance, you will see that it is divided into two sections, with narrow rooms, there are many original ornate paintings and decorative wall art of many Cappadocia saints.    
St Catherine Chapel
9 Private guided tours of The Chapel of St. Catherine which dates from the 11th century with its Greek-cross-shaped nave, dome centre and barrel-vaulted cross arms.  Situated between Carikli Church and the Dark Church the Chapel has two burial niches and nine-floor tombs inside.    The Nave of the Chapel has some lovely decorated walls and unique carvings.
The Hidden Church
10 Discovered in 1957, take a guided private tour of this hidden Church discovered while excavations of the area were being conducted.  Many of the decorative features are on the outside of the Church directly on the main body of the rock.  During the archaeological dig, there were many muslin cloths scattered around the area, and it is believed they were used to decorate the walls.     

Travel Tips for Goreme

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