You Can't Beat Bodacious Bodrum Private Sightseeing Tours

You can't beat bodacious Bodrum private sightseeing tours to this stunning and vibrant turquoise colored coast.  This holiday destination has a marina full of bobbing yachts ready to whisk you out onto the Mediterranean.  

The ancient attractions on Bodrum guided tours of the town are filled with traditional old whitewashed houses and quaint alleyways and side streets with shops and traditional bazaars.  During the summer, this town buzzes with energy as tourists come from all over the world to soak up some sun and enjoy Bodrum's charm.  More than any other Turkish resort, Bodrum private tour boat trips are unbeaten for fun and fantastic sightseeing.

If you visit out of season though, you can still catch a little hint of the old village atmosphere from the locals.  Although over a million tourists head to Bodrum's beaches, boutique hotels, trendy restaurants, and clubs each summer, it never seems to lose its charm.    Read More...

Bodrum Private Tour Boat Trips for Fun and Fantastic Sightseeing

You Can't Beat Bodacious Bodrum Private Sightseeing Tours

Bodrum Mediterranean coast custom private tour has many things to dom and see, but for many tourists that visit here, it's all about soaking up the sun while enjoying the gorgeous coastal views.  Cruising on a yacht or booking a boat trip with a private tour is the number one activity for visitors to Bodrum.  

The hidden magical coves and steep forest slopes are spectacular, with little sand beaches, and lots of scattered small islands these tours are perfect for exploring and enjoying the beauty of this province.  

Top 10 Things to Do in Bodrum

Castle of St. Peter
1 There are perfect views from the battlements of Bodrum's magnificent Castle of St Peter.  Built in the 15gth century by the Knights Hospitaller and dedicated to the famous St Peter.  Guided tours of the museum housed within the Castle are very informative with lovely antiques and relics.  The exhibition rooms are very small so book in advance and come along early.    
Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology
2 Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology guided private tours are arguably a unique experience in the only museum of its type in the world.  This museum can teach others around the world how to bring ancient exhibits to life.  Models, maps, drawings and amazing dioramas are creatively displayed with videos and information panels.      
Mausoleum (Halicarnassus)
3 One of the Seven Wonders of the new Ancient World, the Mausoleum was the greatest achievement of Carian King Mausolus. The only classical elements to survive are the tomb chambers and pre-Mausolean stairways, the narrow entry to Mausolus tomb chamber and an enormous green stone that blocked it.  The site has relaxing gardens, with excavations to the west and a covered arcade to the east
Myndos Gate
4 Bodrum guided city tours will take you to the Myndos Gate, built in the 4th century (BC).  These are the restored remnants of the only surviving gate from what were originally walls probably built by King Mausolus.  In front of the twin-towered gate are what is left of a great moat in which it is said that many of Alexander the Great's soldiers drowned in.
Bodrum's Ancient Theater
5 Bodrum's Ancient Theater sightseeing tours of the ruins located on the road to Turgutreis.  The theater was constructed in the 4th century (BC) into the hillside and had a capacity of over 13,000 spectators.  Many gladiators fought hard, lost and won in this ancient arena.  This history of the Ruins are incredible, and your tour guide will be on hand to tell the tales of this ideally placed Theater.       
Phalarope Aqualand
6 This aqua park is fabulous for adults and kids. There is a bar pool area for the adults with music and nightclub feel. For everyone, there are numerous rides from easy to scary !!the wave pool is brilliant. There is so much to do, just want to sunbathe! its an ideal day out and you can spend the whole day here.  Book your tickets with your private tour guide in advance for this waterpark.     
Bodrum Bazaar
7 Bodrum Bazaar tours will bring all bargain-hunters to their idea of heaven.  Everything is sold here from genuine fake designer clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry.  The most fabulous food stalls and spice markets with every spice you can imagine.  The colorful fruits and aromatic spices are dazzling, but the most fun is haggling with the traders.
Bodrum Old Town
8 Bodrum Old Town guided tours are the most entertaining and informative areas in the city.  The pedestrian alleyways here are lined with vines draping down the whitewashed and stone-cut cottages that look like picture perfect.  It's a very charming place for a late afternoon wander, and there are plenty of cute boutiques and cafés in this area.  
Day Trips to Kos Island
9 Bodrum Private tours to Kos Island which is only 12 miles off the coast of Turkey is a great boating day trip.  Your tour guide will take you to some of the best examples of Greek archaeological finds with temples, castles and magnificent ruins.  The beaches, cafes, shops and painted white houses are beautiful and unique to this island.    
Port Bodrum Yalikavak
10 Bodrum Port (Yalikavak) on city sightseeing tours are great; you can take a short cruise or a day trip around this stunning coastline.  It's clear blue Mediterranean sea calls most visitors to Bodrum as yachting and sailing are big business here. The day trips visit islands, hidden coves, and hidden beaches so you can sunbath and swim in the beautiful waters of the med.     

Travel Tips for Bodrum

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