Mugla Private Custom Tours With Traditional Turkish Camel Wrestling

Mugla private custom tours with traditional Turkish camel wrestling in the many villages of the province. Bodrum, Fethiye, Dalyan, and Marmaris are the most popular tourist holiday destinations here as they cater for all holiday activities, from sightseeing to sun lounging.  The city of Mugla is full of high-quality holiday villages, hotels, and guesthouses making it a perfect for a relaxing trip.

One of the most unusually exciting and traditional activities to visit on guided tours of the Mugla province is the Camel Wresting which is organized during winter months in several districts and villages of the province.

Mugla guided tours are a perfect way to see this region at its best, it has many historical sites, Caunos, Lagina and Euromos to name but a few. The unspoiled beaches and bays are host to every watersport you can think of, and the bright blue shimmering waters are beautiful and inviting.     Read More...

Guided Tours of Mugla's Marvelous Sporting Traditions

Mugla Private Custom Tours With Traditional Turkish Camel Wrestling

Many countries and their regions have sporting traditions from bullfighting to horseracing well The Mugla Provance tours promote the unique winter camel wrestling tournament.  Camel Wrestling is primarily restricted to the Aegean area now, however, many years ago it was a much loved favorite sport in Anatolia and the Turkish region in general.  

The concept is easy enough the camels are proudly paraded around the villages by their owners testing anyone to have a go.  It is mainly a comedic opportunity than a sport and runs more like a festival and a parade. 

Top 10 Things to Do in Mugla

1 Over a million tourists flock to its beaches, restaurants, boutique hotels and clubs each summer, Bodrum private tours (Halicarnassus) are very popular with international visitors.  The fantastic Marina, Bodrum Castle, beautiful beaches, bazaars, cafes, and the labyrinth of backstreets will have you wanting to come back time and time again to beautiful Bodrum.   
2 The modern resort town of Marmaris in the high season gets busy with over a quarter-million people descending on this popular private tour holiday destination.  Marmaris boasts a beautiful harbour lined with spectacular yachts and boats and is crowned by its unique Castle.  From Bar street to the beautiful beaches Marmaris is a must see destination.   
3 The seaside city of Fethiye was leveled by an earthquake in 1958 subsequently rebuilt is it now a hub of the western Mediterranean. Tours of Fethiye's famous natural harbor are a delight, especially on a popular night cruse when you pass the coastal city and see it at its best. On a walking tour of butterfly valley, the views of the Aegean coastline are fantastic.         
4 Turkeys paragliding capital Ölüdeniz custom private tours are incredible.  With sheltered clear blue lagoons and a beautiful national park with stunning sandy beaches, this region has it all for any holidaymaker.  Ölüdeniz is a diverse destination, you can have a lazy holiday beach hopping or if you are more adventurous try the fantastic beach and trail activities.    
Lake Bafa
5 Landlocked Lake Bafa is nature at its best, with about 50% salt water it is the last trace of the Aegean's inland reach.  It's a peaceful place, with many traditional villages on the lake's far eastern shore.  Private tours of this rich natural habitat and home to many species of birds, butterflies, owls, chameleons, eagles and much more are a must do.  
Lake Köyceğiz
6 Custom tours of Lake Köyceğiz are available so book a seat at the edge of this stunning placid lake.  The atmosphere here is one of quiet reflection and fresh, easy summer days.  Hotels in the area are not five stars but they are ok for one or two night stays you will never forget this place as you watch the beautiful sunsets and walk along the shoreline.   
7 Tours of the ancient ruins in Milas are usually overlooked by most tourists.  As you travel through this region, there is a build up of high-rises that do nothing for the landscape but take the chance and stop off and visit this fascinating quaint little town.  The center is jam packed full of little old houses, mosques and ancient ruins.     
Butterfly Valley
8 Tours of Butterfly Valley are unique in that it can only be reached by water taxi.  Mother nature did great work here as the canyon is spectacular and perfect for a day lounging on the beach.  You can swim and dive from the rock or take a hike around the island and spot some beautiful nature.  There is a BBQ held daily for visitors or have a cocktail at the beach bar.   
9 Datça Tours take's tourists and holiday makers down winding Turkish roads with windmills dotted everywhere and surprising scenery to this lovely harbor town.  Datça is a great base for private sightseeing tours of the area.  With a  string of lovely waterside restaurants that seem to spill out onto the beach is charming. 
10 Dalyan is a laid-back riverside sleepy town, but the main street is packed with bars and restaurants catering for locals and tourists alike. Dalyan is the starting point for guided tours to Kanos and Marmaris, but it has ruins and sightseeing opportunities on its doorstep waiting for the intrepid tourist to find.    

Travel Tips for Mugla

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