Konya Private Guided Tours See the Spinning Turkish Dervish Dancers

Konya private guided tours see the spinning Turkish dervish founder Mevlana Rumi's tomb in the Mausoleum at Mevlana Museum. Konya is one of the most religious places in Turkey, and people flock here to see the famous Rumi's, Tomb.

This central Anatolian city has many attractions, take a Konya sightseeing private tour and go to the "around the world in 80 days park" to the lovely town of Sille with its beautiful quaint houses or visit some of the beautiful Mosques and Ruins. The monuments and museums dotted around the city all have their own unique spin on the history of this area.

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Full Day Historical Konya Tour From Cappadocia
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This full-day Konya tour from Cappadocia shows you the highlights and some magnificent sights of the significant historical city of Konya in the south-west of Turkey.

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13 to 14 hours Scheduling Private Tour Cappadocia
Full Day Private Konya Tour Rumi Shrine
Full Day Private Konya Tour Rumi Shrine
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This tour is a daily departure tour in Konya. It is included a professional tour guide and visiting of Mevlana Museum, Beysehir Lake which is natural beauty in a day.

8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Konya
In the Footsteps of Saint Paul: 8 Days Asia Minor Tour
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You can get closer to the Bible by visiting these churches by Seven churches of Asia Minor tour. The ruins have an obvious message.

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Discover Turkey on this 15 Days Western Discovery Tour
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Discover Turkey on this 15 Days Western Discovery is a combination of the favourite places that are mainly found on the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas of Turkey.

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15 days Antalya
1 Sightseeing tour of the settlement mound of Çatalhöyük is one of the most important excavation sites in the world.  It is the biggest Neolithic settlement sites dating back 9,000 years. Archaeologists are still working on the site, so access limited but the Museum alongside will explain the importance of the site.  See the site and the clear building outlines and deep levels of the buildings.     
Mevlana Museum
2 The Mevlana museum is set in lovely rose gardens making your way through to the Dervişan Kapısı (Gate of the Dervishes).   Guided private tour of the compound takes you to the Mausoleum where the Mevlana Tomb is located.  The founder of the whirling dervish Sufism sect many people visit this site and tour the exhibits on dervish life.       
Alâeddin Mosque
3 Private tours of the site of Konya's former citadel in the city center is where the locals of Konya gather for an evening drinking tea.  Overlooking the Mosque is the old city wall and the excavated site of the Alaeddin Kaykobads Palace.  Built in the 13th century the Alaeddin Camii has over 40 antique columns supporting a stunning wooden ceiling.    
Karatay Madrasa
4 This old medrese building founded in 1251, was recently restored and is now a museum exhibiting Seljuk enamel tile works.  Touring a tile museum may sound a little boring, but it is a major tourist attraction in Konya.  The beauty of the building and the internal walls are covered in beautiful  Seljuk tiling.  There are ceramic exhibits from nearby archaeological sites. 
Konya Archaeological Museum
5 Guided tours Konya's museum might shock you at the start because the museum has never been updated, so it's a bit dusty and old.  However, this Museum has the best collection of Çatalhöyük relic's directly from the archaeological dig.  The Roman sarcophagi with intricately decorated finishes are stunning.  The atmosphere in the museum is that of old school charm.     
Aziziye Mosque
6 Konya's guided tours will take you inside Konya's bazaar area is the Aziziye Mosque built in 1676 by the Mustafa Paşa (an Ottoman Court Adviser) and rebuilt again in 1867.  The mosque's architecture is heavily inspired by the Baroque period with a painted colorful interior, minarets and a prayer nook.        
7 The former Greek settlement of Sille on a private tour will take you to visit this tiny quaint village on the edge of the city of Konya.  There are lovely little wooden beamed original houses and ancient cave dwellings off the cliff ridge which are great photo ops.  On this city tour, you will also visit St Helena and Küçük Kilise Byzantine Churches.  
Selimiye Mosque
8 In front of the Mevlana Museum is the large domed Selimiye Mosque. Private tours of the Mosque commissioned and built in the mid-1500's by Sultan Selim II.  This city tour is an ideal photo opportunity as the view of the Mosque and the Museum behind it is fabulous or relax at one of the coffee shops and watch the world go by.   
Ince Minaret Medrese Wooden and Stone Carving Museum
9 The Ince Minareli Medrese (Seminary of the Slender Minaret) lost the minaret in its name when lightning hit it in the 1900's.  Built in 1260 in honour of Seljuk Vizier Sahip Ata, the design features beautifully sculpted decoration on the portal.  The building is now a museum, with an extensive collection of Seljuk-era stone and wooden sculptures that include unique animal reliefs.
80 Binde Devr-i Alem Park (Around the world in 80Days Park)
10 Based on the movie around the world in 80 days the 80 Binde Devr-i Alem Park has lots to offer on their guided tour.  There are miniature sculptures of all the wonders of the world, prehistoric animals, and favorite cartoon characters.  It's a fun day for little kids and the family especially it's like a wonderland for them, and all the exhibits are accessible. 

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