Astounding Alanya Private Tours Visit Turkey's Las Vegas by the Sea

Astounding Alanya Private Tours visit Turkey's Vegas by the Sea. Predominantly visited by Scandinavian and Dutch holidaymakers the former bastion is now a thriving, energetic seaside resort.  

See this city come to life on a night guided private tour; the downtown area is alive with dynamic bars, eclectic restaurants, and unique nightclubs.  The nightly boat cruises are amazing and well worth taking (book these in advance to avoid disappointment) or maybe stroll along the waterfront and check out the activity at this bustling, busy port.  

The Alanya Castle private tour is one of the most popular tours with travelers because of it's spectacular views and exciting sites to explore. This is a city split in two with its lively tourist trade on the one hand and many traditional cultural ruins to see on the other. 

Alanya private tours will show you the even mix of conventional and modern lifestyles that the locals live in this unique place.  

Let the activities begin!
Experience Paragliding With a Tour Along the Turkish Coast
Experience Paragliding With a Tour Along the Turkish Coast
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Launch yourself into the air from the top of the mountainous terrain of Turkey and glide high above the gorgeous seaside town of Alanya on this exciting adrenaline tour.

Price varies by group size
2 to 3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Alanya
Tour the Manavgat River with a Cruise and Shop in the Grand Bazaar
Tour the Manavgat River with a Cruise and Shop in the Grand Bazaar
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This tour from Alanya includes a cruise down the Manavgat River, the chance to swim beneath the famous Manavgat waterfall with lunch and then shop at the Grand Bazaar.

8 to 10 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Alanya
Damlatas Cave
1 Take a guided private tour of the Damlataş Cave located in Antalya's Alanya district.  More than 15,000 years old and discovered accidentally while construction workers were building a new pier, this amazing cave welcomes thousands of international and local visitors every year. With its golden beaches and historical relevance, Damlatas Cave is a must do on any sightseeing tour to Alanya.  
Atatürk House Museum
2 Atatürk's House Museum sightseeing private tour will take you back in time with many original features and lots of character.  Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was quoted as saying Antalya was one of the most beautiful places in the world and he stayed at the house during his many official visits.  The most important room in the Museum is where personal belongings of Atatürk are kept and exhibit to the public.
Alanya Castle
3 Wrapped in 6.5km walls; take an Alanya's Seljuk-era sightseeing tour, and you will see the impressive castle, it will strike you with the sense of the magnitude of this beautiful site. Climb through the steep streets of the Tophane district, and you will get a sense of the Castle's sheer scale and control.  The spectacular panoramic views of the Cilician mountains and the city are breathtaking, and a total photographers dream.
The Harbour (Tersane)
4 Take a sightseeing private tour of the harbour and walk along the wooden promenade that runs south all along the old harbour walls from the Tersane to the Red Tower.  The Tersane is the only remaining Seljuk-built shipyard in Turkey.  Watch the waves slosh through its restored stone arches; it's is peaceful and beautiful.  The walkway carries on further along the shoreline to a small quaint guard house, the coastal watchtower during the Seljuk era.
Red Tower
5 The octagonal shaped building from the 13th century is a symbol of work by the Selcuks and a must seen on any sightseeing private tour.   Built in 1226 by Ebu Ali Rehç El Kettani, and made from distinctive red brick, the upper sections were fired because stone blocks were difficult to lift at a certain height at the time ergo the name 'Red Tower'.  The dimensions of the tower are huge, and with its five floors and 85 steps to the top.
Kleopatra Plaji (Beach)
6 Famously named after the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, it is said that on her travels she docked in Alanya and took a swim in the peninsula.  The waters are so clear here it is perfect for snorkelling as you can see the large variety of fish or try some diving and explore the Fosforlu Cave.  With many facilities there to book guided private tours, it is a great spot to visit and get some sun.  
Archaeological Museum
7 The museum has one exterior and 14 interior exhibition halls where prehistoric and historical artefacts are on display from the Phrygians, Lydians, Greeks and Byzantine periods.  Take a guided private tour and see the exhibits which include a Bronze sculpture of Herakles from 200AD and an extensive coin collection. Another area of the museum houses ethnographic artefacts from the  Ottoman and Seljuk eras.
Ehmedek Village
8 Book a custom private tour to Ehmedek and go back in time to the Ottoman times.  The 16th-century Süleymaniye Camii which is the oldest mosque in Turkey is surrounded by old wooden houses which date back to when this are was known as the Turkish Quarter.  See the vaulted covered market and 13th-century mausoleum.  To see the history of this area up close this is a must see.  
Alanya Water Park
9 When you or your travelling buddies (Kids) have had enough of culture that is the time to arrange your private tour and go to Alanya Water Park.   This large water park, near Alanya's centre, has plenty of wet and wild fun with cafe's, 15 slides (for both little ones and adults) and fantastic pools with sun loungers.
Fosforlu Cave
10 Most sightseeing boat trip tours stop at the Fosforlu Cave to go swimming or diving and to explore the cave with its glittering waters.  It is said that the cave gets it's name for the magic in the water but to be honest, the shimmering effect is a reflection of the moonlight on the caves. This is a great place to chill and soak up the sunshine.

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