Rocking Resorts and Delightfull Day Trips on Marmaris Private Tours

Rocking resorts and delightful day trips on Marmaris Private Tours of this popular resort town.  During high season the number of people can increase to over a quarter-million with tourists flocking to this popular area of Turkey.  

Marmaris guided tours to the beautiful harbor, lined with expensive boats and celebrity yachts is a must do.  A fabulous Marmaris Castle crowns this lovely coastal town.  

With many Marmaris private tour sightseeing opportunities from Rock Tombs, Museums, day trips and boat trips you can spend a lot of time traveling around.  The beaches and beach sports in Marmaris are great and must be booked in advance where possible.

Let the activities begin!
Enjoy a Full Day Trip to Pamukkale from Marmaris
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Visit unique Hierapolis ancient city and swim in Pamukkale's (which means Cotton Castle) beautiful therapeutic waters bubbling all around you on a Pamukkale tour.

13 to 14 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mugla
7 Days Cruise Through the Beautiful Aegean Coast
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Plunge into the turquoise water of incredible clarity or Snorkel around the underwater ruins - the kind of perfection which people dream about on this 7-day cruise.

Price varies by group size
7 days Scheduling Shared Tour Mugla
Get Ready for a Thrill on a Dalaman River Rafting Tour from Marmaris
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Feel the rush of history mixed with excitement with a rafting tour down the Dalaman River, whose Class II to Class IV rapids once formed the borders of ancient civilisations.

12 to 13 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mugla
Marmaris Scuba Diving
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A diving experience for all skill levels from beginners to certified divers in warm and crystal clear waters of Marmaris where you will see fishes and life underwater!

8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mugla
Marmaris Atlantis Aqua Park
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Enjoy a full day in Atlantis Marmaris Waterpark offering a wide range of aquapark attractions for people of all ages! Relax all you have to do is bring on your own swimsuit!

7 hours Mugla
Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour
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Off the beaten track to an adventurous scenic fun-filled Jeep Safari. Climb up the mountains where you can see the stunning views of Marmaris!

7 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mugla
Day Trips to Rhodes
1 Private Tour Day Trips from Marmaris to Rhodes one of the most famous islands in Greece and the world.  The only one-hour boat trip will take you to the Old Town of Rhodes to explore this world heritage site. Your guide will escort you while you are on the Island and fill you in on the cultural heritage of this beautiful place. Most island tours last around 6 hours.   
Daily boat trip to Dalyan
2 Daily boat trips to Dalyan on guided private tours have a huge selection to choose from they all include lunch and soft drinks. It is an excellent way to chill and relax by sunbathing on this famous river tour.  The scenery from the boat is amazing with sheer cliffs and many archaeological ruins along the way.  
Marmaris Museum
3 Marmaris Museum escorted private tours within Marmaris Castle has a wide range of exhibitions of artifacts discovered at Knidos.  Ottoman gravestones, coins, seals, oil lamps, and pottery, are on display there. The Knidos Room in the Museum has a statue of Aphrodite and other mythical exhibitions.  The views from the Castle are a perfect opportunity for super snaps.    
Marmaris Marina
4 The prestigious Marmaris Marina is unique in that it is the safest marina in the regions due to the natural design of the port and the huge wave breakers.  Many luxurious yachts and boats dock here, and you can book a private boat tour around the marina to appreciate the beautiful turquoise waters and lovely bays.    
Cleopatra Island
5 Take a private tour to Cleopatra Island off Marmaris and see this small island beach made of silky smooth white sand and clear sea.  This sand is what makes this island so special as it is formed of tiny seashells crushed by the waters over time and millennia.  Watersports are big here, or you can just laze on the beach and dream of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony as this was their secret place.     
Carian Rock Tombs
6 An excellent example of Carian Rock Tombs can be located on Private tours at the Caunus site, perched between mountains and rivers and partially submerged in marshland. Caucus (Kaunas) is celebrated for its row of Carian Rock Tombs carved into its cliff-face.  Carian rock tombs can also be carved into the rock below ground and sealed with a stone lid.  
Daily Boat Trips
7 If you fancy a day at sea have a walk down to the marina and check out the many boat guided tours that are available. A huge selection to choose from they all include lunch and soft drinks, it is an excellent way to chill and relax by sunbathing out at sea. if your lucky enough you'll catch the dolphins swimming and jumping down the side of the boat.
Marmaris Scuba Diving
8 Marmaris Scuba Diving Tours can be booked through your private tour guide from your hotel. Whether you are a professional or amateur the team will cater for everyone on these day trips, and you will be well looked after.  Usually, your hotel pick up is after 9.30 you will get all the gear, two dives, and lunch. Any tourists that go on these trips often say this was a highlight for them. 
Bar Street Marmaris
9 Marmaris has a huge selection of bars and fabulous restaurants. However, everyone heads to the famous Bar Street at least once on their holiday where in the summer you will find the place heaving with people, a mix of Turkish and tourists trying out the many nightclubs and bars. The music is pumping, and everyone is dancing until the early hours. You can have a bar crawl guided tour.
Traditional Turkish Night
10 Experience Turkish culture and traditions on a private tour Turkish night show.  Many of these tours are all inclusive with dinner and local alcohol included. From whirling dervishes, traditional live music, folk dancers, and belly dancers these Turkish nights are unique and great fun.  Some of these traditional dances have been passed down from generation to generation and performed with pride by professional dancers.    

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